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  1. Bridgestone Irons Adams Idea Pro 18 Sonartec wedges Golf balls, gloves, and other misc. Rich
  2. I will let you know, the balls may be gone, and the putter is gone. Rich
  3. No, the work I was supposed to do on his house was cancelled for today, I will see him tommorow about the bow, and I will let you know. Rich
  4. AirMuscle isn't available, and the Maxfli fire tours, I only have 2 of them left, but if you want therm that bad, give me another pm, other then that, All pm's replied. Rich Most of the stuff is still available I also have: Sonartec t35 PROTO wedges 54.10 and 58.09 Newport 2 PP(may be traded) Adams Idea Pro 18 w/ VS Proto 80 S More items will also be added. Rich
  5. That cameron is gone, but I have a Pro Platinum Newport 2 same condition. Rich FlyFisher, I am sending you a pm Rich
  6. j33 15 sold PM on what you have fishing gear wise Rich
  7. Well, that one is gone, but I have the exact same flavor, 1.00+ shipping :beach: Rich
  8. Quitting the gameWell, I am quiting the game, gonna start hunting and fishing alot more(first 2 passions) and I am selling some of my stuff more may be added later. Only trades are Hunting(tree stands, guns if you can ship guns, bows, etc...) and Fishing gear. Bridgestone j33r 460 8.5 w/ V2 76X w/ crossline grip and H/C Great driver, I love it, will sell for 215 shipped(will add some goodies, that I won't need anymore) Bridgestonbe j33 15(may already be sold) w/ Evolution S great condition, it is a ROCKET LAUNCHER SOLD Bridgestone j33 CB's 3-pw stiff shafts, Great condition, short irons hav
  9. I'm heading to Steve and Barry's tommorow to pick up some shirts, and maybe some pants(if they look good) Rich
  10. Change your title and insert a spoiler so people that are taping it for later can be "surprised" with the outcome of the second round Thank you Rich
  11. I just bought an Adams Pro, and it is awesome!!!! When this comes out(and to a store around me, hopefully) I will have to try it, it will be pretty tough though, I love the Adams Pro Rich
  12. I just got mine, and it is a definete keeper(and if you know who I am, or read my WITB, I change clubs, often) I love the compact head, no offset, and nuetral weighting. The VS Proto is a great shaft, and the magnetic headcover is pretty sweet too. I would get it, awesome club!!!!!!! Rich
  13. What course is it at? I am also in Illinois, and I had my tournament cancelled due to rain(it got 6-10 inches or rain, from what the guy said, totally unplayable) I hope you guys are dry, and I hope Kevin plays very well. Rich
  14. I have some updates!!!, I will get pics up later Sonartec t35 54.10 and 58.09 Adams Idea Pro 18 With vs Proto 80 S Newport 2 Pro Plat w/ Winn Pink Ribbon Sonartec SS-07 16 w/ evo Rich
  15. Bridgestone is the best!! the balls are the best, and the irons, PERFECT, great promotion by Bridgestone. Rich
  16. Hey, some people aren't watching it, and they are taping it for later, INSERT A SPOILER!!!!! Rich AND CHANGE THE TITLE!!!
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