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  1. Diamana Whiteboard / Fujikura Ventus Blue is probably going to be a popular pairing. Due to them having a similar profile with slightly softer handles. Others could be Aldila Rogue Black, Graphite Design BB...another OG shaft that comes to mind is the Oban Devotion.
  2. If mentally it makes sense to you, and you're going to trust your numbers better, by all means, go bend them. That small of a change is not going to drastically impact your bounce / turf interaction. If its what you want to do...go for it. I wish loft/lie changes were cheaper / more easily accessible to amateurs. Its an expensive process to check and bend all your clubs, but I think a lot of people would benefit from tweaking once they've settled in to a set. A store I used to frequent in California had a Mitchell bench. I could use it for free, just had to ask. Might be time to look into my own for the garage shop.
  3. Potentially the shaft is too stiff and you aren't loading it properly and delivering the face in a way to trap the ball lower and flight under the wind. I had this happen to me with DG X7s. Ball did not balloon by any means, it had no chance too. it just went straight up and came straight down.
  4. The “PGA TOUR ONLY” Aldila Voodoos. One of my all time faves.
  5. Found my old pic. Had to see it in person.
  6. I agree if you're removing material. Aldila's Voodoo had the S-Core tech on the inside which added material to reduce ovalling. I'm not the metallurgist expert so not sure if there is a way to turn a shaft so the seam is not a straight line, but a spiraled instead...and if that would in fact make it stronger. I don't know if that was even what they were doing or implying.
  7. I play Evenflow 75g in 3wood, RDX Black in Hybrids and Modus GOST in my 5iron. They blend very well. I am going to pick up a GOST for my 6i next. Only issue to speak of is the GOST in irons comes out to D0, so need just a little tip weight to get to my preferred D2 in longer irons. Also I have the GOST TX, and would probably drop to X if I had access to that instead.
  8. Yeah, seeing that color splash coming out from someones grip meant they were a probably a good player.
  9. No sir, the OG tour issue diamana was a matte blue finish. Some of them were a little more of a purplish-blue hue also. I can't post a picture of it from work apparently. here is a photo link: https://thumbs.worthpoint.com/zoom/images1/1/1110/10/tour-issue-matte-blue-diamana_1_fd6d617037db245a3e224011da999461.jpg I did see a photo on worhtpoint also of a matte blue ShaqX. I was not aware there were those version, but they are more blue. I guess I like the OG blue/purple one better. Although the ShaqX, IverX, Bleex, CartX etc were phenomenal shafts, but usually they were ION plated or in Taylormade Tour Issue graphics.
  10. Nippon GOST (Matte black over steel!!) Aldila "PGA TOUR ONLY" graphics Voodoo with clearcoat over the graphite. Fujikura Speeder Tour Spec Diamana Matte Blue (honorable mention to ion plated Stinger.) Graffalloy C-Note hybrid Honorable Mentions: Aldila NV "Green Lizard" Proto, Project X Hulk Smoke Green Ion, Graphite Design GP (Tiffany ION.)
  11. ALA the inside of an Ozik HD shaft. remember the hexadecagonal internal structure? Granted, its graphite and intended to be that way.
  12. Since I can't really tell by your picture, is it really a hole? Like you can stick a needle into the inside of the head? It kinda just looks like some plating that chipped/peeled off.
  13. Hmm, not sure either fits me, but I like them. Hulk was too stout, HZRDUS Red was too active. Black is where I live. Sidebar comment, the paint break/shceme kinda reminds me of the old Daiwa/Seiko Roddio Pentacross shafts. (There was a green one.)
  14. I have a TX in a 5iron I tried on a whim. At first I thought it was very stout but after playing with it a few times I find it is closer to a true X-flex for say X100, PX6.5, Tour130X for example. I am thinking of trying a X flex next to see if its closer to my preferred Modus Tour125 / PX 6.0 type firmness. I gotta say, I am very happy with the GOST in a normal iron head. I know it will be expensive but I'm contemplating playing it in my 5,6,7 irons. The swingweight on my 5i is D0 which isn't too bad. I'm going to try some lead tape to get to a D2 and if I like it, I'll add tip weights to the 6i to get it up to D2 also. I may end up ultimately going X in the 5i also but I think the extra head weight might get the shaft a little more loaded.
  15. I have the OG Sim Ti and tried the Sim 2 Ti 5 wood. I found the look at address to be too different, almost like the Sim2 Ti had onset. didn't like it. Sold the 5 wood after a handful of rounds. Been gaming a 19° Sim 2 Max Hybrid instead and getting the results I wanted and more versatility in the rough. The OG Sim Ti is a fantastic wood, and I saw several of them in Ryder cup bags which tells you how good it still is. I want lower flight and spin too so that makes sense I prefer the old to the new.
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