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  1. Taylormade 2007 TP Forged irons, the forged equivalent of the US R7 TP.
  2. Just don't use the Tourstage MR23 CBs/MBs. They both have the sweetspot about the diameter of a pencil eraser.
  3. Dynamic gold and Nippon tour120 fit that description. Dynamic gold is more middle of the road on soft butt / stiff middle/tip, but Tour120 kind of takes it to the extreme.
  4. 6iron heads are the easiest "extra" iron head to find since they are demo heads. Can this be used in a 6i? or is it pre-cut shorter and meant for 7i or less?
  5. #1 is Performance. Followed by Feel and Sound. Price is a factor. But looks, meh, overrated. If you can't get passed the looks of this driver at address you have bigger issues.
  6. Came to post on the Precept U-Tri Tour train. Maybe not underrated, just a cult classic pro level ball at a decent price. My current choice, TaylorMade Tour Response is quite a good ball also. For the price, can't go wrong. I'll add TaylorMade Lethal which was kind of passed over, but was a phenomenal ball. Hogan Apex Pro? I think was a ball back in early 2000's that was very very good and underrated. Cally HX Pro 56, Top Flight XL 2000 Exceptional Spin Z-balata, Slazenger Balata, Srixon Z-Star XV, Wilson Duo Spin, Callaway SuperSoft, Tourstage X
  7. Modus 120 is not mid-soft, it is in fact quite stiff. The butt/handle is softer, which is closer to the whiteboard (Tensei White) type profiles. PX LZ has a softer midsection which creates the "loading zone" its named for, so this is closer to a blueboard profile. (Tensei Blue.) You sound like you want something that is a blend of both, call it softer handle, mid/high kick point, stiffer tip. I'd recommend you check out Graphite Design GP. Or if you like old school stuff, maybe an Oban Devotion.
  8. Do you full swing wedges or only play partial power shots? If you often go full speed on a wedge, then maybe stick to your iron shaft. if you like to play more touch shots, the softer shaft can feel nice and load a bit easier for more spin, and I think it makes it easier to trap it low with extra spin. I also feel like a bit of heft helps you continue the swing through rough and sand on slower soft shots. I tried RIP iron shafts once and they were very light for their stiffness and the biggest yardage loss was out of the rough. it felt like the clubhead had no power behind it, like
  9. Played The Fox Club after Christmas. Tim Herron and his son were behind me. Course is interesting, formerly private, lots of work going on to clear brush around course. Could use some cartpath work. Bunkers were being filled in with soft fluffy DEEP sand. Had some good holes, some tough holes, and a few that just felt lazy to fit in the land available. Greens were slick. Local knowledge or a phone app with images of hole layout would be ideal for 1st time players. It was a 70min drive for me from Melbourne, I think I enjoy Florida club more, but for a 36 hole day, those two courses w
  10. Small batch usually offers some combination of flex/weight you can't get retail. They also "individually process" the small batch where the normal retail ones are processed in mass. Here's a quote from THP when they did an interview with PX: "Small Batch is the next evolution of our premium products. Shafts are normal process through grinding for final CPM in large batches. With Small Batch each shaft is individually processed through grinding to ensure a tighter frequency tolerance and less shaft to shaft variation."
  11. Modus is stiff/soft/stiff which is in line with the "blue" shafts out there like Diamana blue. PX Evenflow Blue. Aldila blue shafts like VS Proto, XVS6 Voodoo, NKXV Blue, Synergy Blue, etc. Nippon also makes graphite shafts with the same profile as the irons, the Nippon Regio Formula MB (gold color) is the same profile as the Nippon Tour125. I love the Tour125 and I find the Evenflow Black line to be very smooth, perfect kick/feedback and still low enough spin. I play them in my driver and FWY.
  12. Very cool offer. I myself do not need any assistance but maybe someone out there could use a pick me up. I did something fun the other night, I took my wife out on a date. Got some hot chocolate at Starbucks and bought gift cards. We drove around the town and put gift cards in mailboxes of the lights we liked the best. Maybe you can find your own way of providing a little holiday cheer to people you see and appreciate. Look for the folks that work hard a minimum wage job and hand them some cash or gift card.
  13. I've hit a roadblock in my project also. I have the .stp file, I have the material (321A steel block 4"x4".) The FabLab at my office got a Tormac 770 but they are shut down for Covid. I'm kind of at the point I might just send it out to a shop. I tried to learn to NC Program myself using Fusion 360. I think i could figure it out but it may just be easier to let the shop do it and pay the labor since they will know their equipment and preferences. And not sure how to do the face milling part, I just want a deeper face milling, I like it softttttt. One of my concerns is the setups and my
  14. You could also try Nippon Tour125 which is very similar to SPB. Some of the tour players that moved to Nippon from X100 went into 125X hard stepped. If you are ok with a touch softer then 125 straight in may be a good trial. DG performance with KBS Tour feel.
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