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  1. Did you hit on rubber mats/rubber tees? Are you sure your club is .335" or is it .350" and the shaft was .335"? (Still not likely to cause catastrophic failure.)
  2. I second the PX Evenflow. I am using an 85g 6.5 in my driver that was a 3W shaft. I find the flight has flattened out for me significantly and the spin has come down. I have tried the 65g in normal length, 75g normal length tipped, and this 85g 3W shaft. The 65g launched higher and spun more. I play 75g in my FWY but I think the one I tried in the driver was tipped too much and I wasn't getting the feel or ballspeed I wanted. The shorter shaft is a touch shorter distance obviously but it I am FAR more accurate, I hit the center of the face way more often. I get more roll with the
  3. Graphite Design caters to the Japanese JDM and LPGA and Senior markets and often have multiple R flexes, like R1, R2 as well as 40-50g options. They make great stuff across their product lines. Definitely worth checking them out.
  4. Welcome to the one place in Florida that doesn't have a ton of golf options. For whatever reason, I-95 from Jacksonville to south of Vero Beach there are not a ton of courses. My recommendations would be Venetian Bay club which is close to NSB and has a fun layout. I have not played Hidden Lakes or NSB Golf Course but I see times and the reviews seem to be ok. Nothing amazing or resort-ish conditions, just public golf. North in Daytona there is LPGA, i recommend the Hills course over the Jones. Especially with how dry its been, the Jones will be very difficult with fla
  5. Its probably closer to the 950 or 1050 shafts but the irons get progressively lighter from wedge to 3i. Longer clubs light. Shorter clubs heavy. I'd anticipate slightly more spin and launch than tour105.
  6. Poker chips, challenge/collector coins and any other CNC machined collector garbage are unacceptable as a ball markers, way too big. Keep your manhole cover in your tiny corner of the house your wife still lets you put crap you "collect" and keep it out of my sigthline. I'd prefer you use a flat plastic disk that my ball could potentially roll over and not deviate course at all. But a small coin is fine, like penny, dime, if you must. No 50cent piece, or Eisenhower dollars. And if you forget and use a tee on the 1st green...dig something out before hole 2.
  7. I believe this is Nippons release of the Ping stock AMT 2.0 shaft which Nippon makes for them. I am unaware if any tweaks were made. My guess is its just the Ping AMT but with Nippon branding/logos.
  8. Oak Valley, Oak Quarry, Soboba Springs, Industry Hills. Lower end I always enjoyed Montebello CC. Oddball suggestions, Brookside Koiner course at the Rose Bowl. Not everyday you get to play a course in the shadow of a famous stadium. Course isn't any super special, but Pasadena is pretty cool too for after round festivities. Other, not so great course, I'd recommend is Los verdes. Its busy, long rounds, deep on the peninsula. but the views are fantastic. You can add in the Par 3 course at Terrenea or pay $$$ and play Trump National L.A. Eitherway you're goi
  9. You may have already travelled but local to Vero i'd say check out Sand Ridge. 36 holes, always in decent shape. has a mixed feel of old and new, especially the Dunes course. But they're both solid tracks. Further south, The Florida Club is high on my fave list. Fox Club was ok. Port St Lucie Trail is ok. Champions Club at Summerfield is good, I like the layout. Turf Club at St. James was ok. Consistent greens, not as fast as people say they are. course was dry. VERY friendly off the tee, wide open landing zones.
  10. I'd say if you're happy with 105X ssx1 in irons then Tour125S in wedges may be a solid choice. The wedge 125 also could be a decent option. I played 125 in my irons and the 125 wedge specific shaft felt lighter and crisper, like an S200. I wanted more of an S400 feel. But if you like 105, the ligher crisper feel might be what you like. I think the iron version of the Tour125 would be a touch lower spin, maybe a little lower flight, than the wedge specific 125. I would not point you to 120 at all. Much different feel, stiffer mid & tip will feel a lot different on shorter chip
  11. I have owned many of these sets purely by buying them on eBay when they pop up. Nippon was nice enough to give me a few to try back in the 2014-2015 timeframe when I went to the Riviera tournament and their van was there...but I don't actively ask or have a hook-up to get what I want. I have yet to try the GOST hybrid, the Tour115 or the new Regio wood shafts. I have been trying to get my hands on a Nippon putter shaft for some time with no luck. I did ask once for 6i version of the retail shafts and I sent them around the country to GolfWRX members to try, and then forward on. I
  12. He replied to my request. Asked for my design. I sent it. Then he never replied. I need to follow up.
  13. Most of the resort courses are not that difficult if you play the correct set of tees. Waldorf Astoria stands out as a bit more difficult due to the green complexes. Falcon's Fire has a lot of room off the tee on many of the holes. There's a few with water on the back but they are also shorter. Shingle Creek isn't eating anyones lunch. They have mounds that help bring errant tee shots back into the fairway.
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