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  1. He replied to my request. Asked for my design. I sent it. Then he never replied. I need to follow up.
  2. Most of the resort courses are not that difficult if you play the correct set of tees. Waldorf Astoria stands out as a bit more difficult due to the green complexes. Falcon's Fire has a lot of room off the tee on many of the holes. There's a few with water on the back but they are also shorter. Shingle Creek isn't eating anyones lunch. They have mounds that help bring errant tee shots back into the fairway.
  3. Used to be you just showed your drivers license with San Diego zip codes. Paid $25, got a SD residents card there in the side office. Didn't require a utility bill. I moved to Florida in 2016 so haven't had one in the last 4-5 years.
  4. I agree with the epoxy shmear or just put a little tape around it to stop anymore fraying. My guess is this is more common than you think and you just don't see it because usually people get grips installed. The person cutting them probably didn't get the blade all the way down and when the excess was ripped off it took a layer or two with it down that fray. I've seen worse, in the tip of a driver shaft, and it had no issues.
  5. I've got some annealed 321 SS and I'm trying to get a putter maker to use it for a custom putter and none of them are interested in trying something new. I applaud the differentiation, but at that price, nope.
  6. EDIT: I read he was travelling northbound. If thats the case, Hawthorne turns left there so he may have just gone straight for any number of reasons. Loaner car, pain meds, who knows. Also, highly possible, due to terrible drivers in LA, someone may have drifted into his lane and run him off the road. Very possible also. Was he traveling north or south? Hawhtorne in that area is pretty steep and if you nod off going south your car will accelerate quickly strictly from gravity alone. Also wonder where he's going early up PV? Rumor was he had a house on the strand in Manhattan beach, if so,
  7. I played Torrey Pines 1 month before the 2008 US Open. Before they decided how they wanted to cut the rough. I had the BEST driving day of my life that day. I played the back of every tee box, so 7800 yards. I could reach all par4's in 2 and par5's in 3 and par 3's were no more than long iron. As a ~4 handicap I shot 92. Mind you I hit EVERY fairway on the fly..some bounced down into the rough, but on the fly, hit short stuff. I don't think any number of mulligans would have made me competitive that day considering I was hitting it 280y off the tee and unless you could shape it on command and
  8. I play Evenflow Black 75g 6.5 in my Sim 3W and an 85g 6.5 cut to 44.5" in my driver. I played with a buddy of mine that had the Ventus 8X in his 3W. It didn't' take long for me to realize I was not a fan. The Ventus felt very heavy in the butt end to me and had a snap/thump kind of feel during the transition ala Whiteboard, or like a Dynamic Gold iron shaft or Nippon tour120. The Evenflow for me, is just that, an even flowing bend that has no noticeable jerk or active set. I nearly missed the ball with the Ventus, hit a lowww on the neck fade that was a dimple away f
  9. I knew a guy back in 2002 that used an Aldila NV 65-R and bombed it over 300y. It was like he overpowered the shaft but that created like an uniform bend that felt good to him and his turn forward still delivered the face square. You must have a very
  10. I have hit the Regio M and the Regio MB based on the 130 and 125 iron shaft profiles. Regio M, based on 130 is a stout shaft. Very stiff in handle/midsection and softer tip. I tried the X75, probably could go with a tipped S75 in a fairway wood. But I would say it aligns well to the tour130 iron shaft and players that like the flight/spin they get from that iron shaft should get the M or M+ a try. Regio MB 65X was in my gamer for about a year back in 2015 ish. Also had a 75X in a fairway wood. Really good shaft. Kind of like the Diamana Blue, has that pronounced mid-sec
  11. I have perfect vision, but I am a blurry ball kind of person too. its just a white dot. Don't think much about the dimples, grass, etc. My PSR looks for a spot 6"-1' in front of ball and lines up to that, but once I'm lined up, its blurry ball. Kind of like when you see those pictures that are a 3D image and you have to unfocus to see it... if you know what I mean.
  12. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/volunteer-admits-to-stepping-on-rory-mc-ilroys-ball-in-embedded-ball-controversy-with-patrick-reed-012334685.html Someone stepped on McIlroy’s ball He also revealed that his decision has since been validated. He said a volunteer admitted to the PGA that he had stepped on McIlroy ball — information McIlroy didn’t have when he took relief, but confirms that his ball had been embedded. “The Tour got an email on Monday that it had been stepped on and the volunteer said something like, ‘I’m so sorry that Rory is being dragged into this scenar
  13. Not buying it. The first pic you there says Nexgen and the same font as the site posted. I don't think we have the whole story here but perhaps someone got licensing rights, or just bought the manufacturing equipment from Nexgen, thats been around for a while, and is rebranding to higher end equipment?
  14. Want that Scratch 1018 leading edge look myself.
  15. Hmm, I guess I approach it differently. You can very much feel the ebb/flow of the round and when you know you need to make birdie or just scrounge for par. 1 - Got to hit the fairway and preferrably left side, especially if pin is on back right. Front pin means you have to be under the hole, typically just hoping for par to move on. 2- Birdie chance, have to hit a decent tee shot with a draw, avoid bunkers. Control spin into 2nd shot, front pin, again stay short. Back pin is a harder hole and just focus on left side for same plateau. 3 - Focus on top for back pin or fro
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