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  1. I played White Witch in Jamaica while I was on my Honeymoon. The group in front of us didnt' take a forecaddie and never played the course. It rained during the round enough to slick the cart paths. We came around 16 or 17th green on to the next tee box to see the cart in front of us tipped on it side halfway off the path. Apparently the cart landed on the ladies wrist and snapped it. Worst cart wreck I've seen. My buddy tried to avoid a speed bump once going down hill and went wide left...hit a boulder set there to stop you from going off a cliff. it snapped the suspension on the front driver side tire. The course made him pay like $350 for the fix. I hated the course anyways, so had an excuse never to go back after that.
  2. Ive got a Masters le750 one, a red one from Greg and another that is pink, white & blue that is serialized 035. I never did order my free headcover after they sent me the code. Kick myself for that.
  3. I'm something like member #141. WRX is great, probably the GOAT golf forum. There have been some good ones that weren't always wrecked by negativity, but WRX is the best IMO. I wish we would use our collective power to do some more events, meet ups, access private clubs, etc. I tried to get Richard & Ryan interested in a 10yr / 15yr regional event planning, but they weren't interested. Maybe the future can bring us some better organized WRX outings. To everyone, thanks for being here. Everyone is welcome and all opinions matters. Unless its opposite mine, then gfy.
  4. Just get some vanta black and paint the crown. You'll never get a glare and it will be ultra black. Or get some gloss if you want it shiny. Its not really hard to fix what people are nit-pitckicking about when it comes to matte/gloss.
  5. I tried EF Riptide Black & CB when I ordered my SIM Fwy woods in 2020. I was coming from EF Black so i thought the Riptide would be a close match... I found the Riptide Black to be more active in the mid-section than the EF Black. Ballspeed seemed faster, but spin also increased. I found it wanted to drift a little more left than the EF Black which was more straight. I didnt' get too much ballooning, more side-spin. It was very minor and i probably could have lived with it, if I hadn't been so settled into the EF Black, which is still my gamer shaft now. I never did try RipTide 60x in a driver. That might have been a good trial. I tried the 60X Blue CB in my driver and while it felt good, it just didn't perform. I tried it for 2 rounds and sold it.
  6. Habitat, Baytree, Viera East, Duran, Sand Ridge are fun courses, decent layouts. Sand Ridge has 36 holes. Crane Creek and Mallards Landing are value type local courses with a 1960's vibe, but are ok to knock it around in a pinch. I have never been to, but there is also Cocoa Beach CC, Turtle Creek and The Savannahs. Habitat has a fun layout, and decent conditions. Baytree is an old private with decent layout and good greens. Viera East as state is ok layout with large geens. Sand Ridge has a mix of holes and actually a touch of elevation feeling on a few holes. Feels like an old 18h course that split and added new holes. I prefer the Dunes course, but each is a good mix. Usually good greens. If you're willing to go up to an hour, you can maybe squeak in Florida Club or Fox Club in Stuart. I highly recommend those. What I do is go play one in A.M., hit Tiger's restaurant for lunch, then hit the other on the way home. Florida Club is pristine conditions for a public course, flatter layout but good. Fox Club is more unique styling/layout, harder course. Older tour player show up here a lot. Also south I'd recommend Champions Club at Summerfield and Port St. Lucie Trail. Pushing 1hr west, Eagle Creek and North Short are over by the Orlando Airport. Great courses, fast greens. Eagle Creek is the nicer of the 2 IMO. North Shore is links front, parkland back. Each is worth the drive, take 192 to Narcoosee to avoid tolls on 528. I should be available to play Dec27th to Jan 3rd if you want a partner for a round. PM or text, 440-796-195six
  7. I have a mallet style putter from the 30's/40's made with some weird blue-ish pot metal that some local guy in Ohio made. John Bath? It's at my parents house in the basement, I think I got it from a grandparent's barn and it may have even belonged to a great-grandparent and was stored there after that ancestors death. Karsten made a lot of new designs, and improved on many designs. Some were truly new, some were not. The mallet putter I'm sure has been around since way before Karsten, way before Scotty and way before TM TPAXVIII.
  8. 99.5% of golfers have no idea new driver is coming. OEMs want those people to buy up the inventory through the holiday season as gifts, for the annual trip south, with their bonus money, etc. Which is why the embargo lifts 1/4. Delay the hype until after the holiday season depletes inventory and aligns with what we all consider the true PGA season....not this fall carry over crap they do now.
  9. What about playing it a little shorter to throttle the distance gap? Focus on results, not the loft number. If you go shorter, you might find you get better dispersion, better control.
  10. I just put an ebay purchased extension in a driver shaft 1" and it was bending significantly under my left hand. (RH'd) My recommendation is buy something that is strong. I saw someone had a 3D printed once that came in 2 pieces and can be printed to exact ID of shaft end. That might be the way to go with some solid plastic, not hollow thin garbage.
  11. Callaway woods, hate the feel/sound. Their irons are fine. Titleist fairway woods have never been kind to me. Haven't considered even trying one since probably the 975F. Ping woods feel hollow / light, and their irons are fugly. Not angry at some of their hybrids though. For some reason, Cobra has been off my radar for a long time. I think I had some S3 Pro CB/MB combo's I ended up selling to a friend. But that's the only Cobra I owned since the late 90's. I have hesitation at some woods just because I don't think they are up to par with the big names. Even something like Srixon woods i'd pass on. Hogan Wilson, Mizuno, Honma, any Cleveland post the Launcher COMP 460. And generally any brands you find only in places like Dick's or Sports Authority...like Tommy Armour, Top Flight, Tour Edge. I play Srixon irons, but never plan to try their woods. I'd play Hogan, Wilson, Mizuno, Honma irons. But not their woods. Just feels like I'm going to be leaving something on the table with them.
  12. 2001-2007 Cleveland Launcher Steel w/ Fuji Pro95 2008-2009 Taylor Made V-Steel w/ Aldila Voodoo XPP8 2010-2019 Taylor Made Tour Burner w/ GD P9003 2018-ish Taylor Made M1 trial w/ GD P9003 2020-2021 Taylor Made SIM (OG) w/ PX Hzrdus EvenFlow Black...and these may stay for 5+ years also. Crazy good.
  13. Try a hybrid shaft in your 4i. I play ZX7 5-GW and I have a Nippon GOST in my 5i. I found I got more consistent distances from the hybrid shaft. I just sanded it down a smidge to fit into the .355" hosel. I do use a 4h and 3h right now, but may switch that up to a 4h with a longer length, and go back to a 5 wood. Trials are about to begin. 200y was my gap issue for a long time (3,4,5 irons were bunching up at 185y,) but the new 4H is up 185y-200y and the 3H is like 200y-215y. But now I'm struggling with 225y, but my 3wd is too good off the tee on most par 4s to drop it, so I'm gonna look into consolidating the hybrids and get a 5wood so i can get higher into shorter par 5s.
  14. And yet Scott E Garrison, who runs a PGA Tour van with many top names on it, uses sand from Augusta's bunkers as shaft beads. Back to OP, Also, some people use JB Weld because they don't know better or its what they have. That stuff is requires tons of heat. Also, some shafts are forced into the head, or people slam them down to seat them. Usually due to improper hosel cleaning or prepping. It happens. If its a steel shaft, just twist that baby out. Some strong rotational jerks to get it twisting, then spin it out. But if you're not breaking down the epoxy bonds with enough heat, you're not doing yourself any favors.
  15. I use most my: Butane mini torch Hooked razor blades for grip cutting Graphite shaft puller that locks into my bench mounted vice Hosel diameter check tool (card or metal bar with slots cut.) Grip tape, solvent Epoxy Ferrules Sand paper Bench Grinder fine tooth hacksaw Pipe cutter swingweight scale 48" ruler Digital Scale Paper towels & plates Cheap tees for mixing / inserting wet epoxy Drill bits to remove old epoxy and clean out hosels cordless drills shop vac
  16. Modus 120 is very soft in the butt section which translates to softer feel. But the overall shaft is firmer, which is why people like Henrik Stenson get along just fine with 120X. PX LZ has a stiffer butt, softer middle, stiffer tip which is more like the Nippon Tour125. I don't find it nearly as smooth as any Nippon out there. Was not impressed the few times I tried it. More of a snap/jerk feel than a snap/release feel. And boardier. I dont' get along with Tour120 all that well since I have pronounced late release / lag and the soft 120 feel doesn't jive with me. But the shaft is not soft, it feels soft.
  17. I use Butane. I have had both but the butane is pinpoint and seems to get the job down the best on graphite shafts. Small handheld units are very light and you can easily maneuver it around the hosel when in the puller already. Its also easy to recharge when needed. And its fine for steel. I also find it quieter so you can hear the graphite bonds breaking down with the little snap, crackle, pop sounds and know when enough is enough to start applying tension on the puller.
  18. Yup, super stiff shaft for Hank Keuhne. A modified early Diamana. I believe right before the R7 TP Quad shafts that are famous, like BLEEx, CARTx, IVERx and the amazing SHAQx!! I have a Se Ri Pak shaft in those same graphics.
  19. I would not call 125 a DG copy, and I would even say 125 is closer to a KBS Tour since it is more stiff/soft/stiff profile. That active middle section makes it feel smooth and takes out the stiff tip vibration. But the stiffer handle provides great feedback. Mid launch mid spin. I know a lot of DG converts that liked 125 the best, both for weight and for feel. They launch higher and spin more than DG for most, but it is a more consistent window for me. DG could be super low bullet or a ballooning spinner. 125 seems to just hit the same window mid/mid everytime. 120 is more of DG type shaft. Softer butt, firmer middle/tip. This one feels much softer than it is. Seems to be a good option for people that like to trap the ball. Also seems to be flatter flight and is more low-mid/low-mid launch & spin. Tends to not agree with people that have lag in their downswing unless they flex up.
  20. I think this is also more of an issue for diggers/hitters than it is for pickers/sweepers/swingers. If you're bending your shaft tips, I'd be willing to bet you have wrist/elbow pain more frequently as well.
  21. I've found it very accurate at shooting literally anything. I have shot some bunker lips, even just a small ripple in the fairway and the yardage comes back. I've found myself using the rangefinder more often that I thought I would. I mean, i used my phone app for years, and still do for the overhead layout shot of the hole..but the Cobalt Q-6 is out every round. I guess its time to start looking for a magnet or clip for the cart frame.
  22. True Temper XP105 is pretty close but might have a softer tip and more spin. The DG 105 would be slightly different but comparable for a loaner set. I'd think this might be closer in spin to Nippon Tour105 but might be lower launch / softer handle.
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