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  1. Have a few rounds and still believe in this setup. I'm going to play it for the season and see no reason why it won't be just as effective. As we came out of the winter, I did immediately notice that the feel was "improved" over what I was expecting. Sort of like a pleasant surprise...an "oh yeah, I made that change". It's weird, so many exotic shafts are debated and we forget about our putters...we don't even talk about the feel that we're looking for from a putter shaft - graphite is an untapped possibility, particularly with the amount of shafts many of us have laying aroun
  2. I'm in a North Face Vector trail runner. Awesome shoe and has greatly improved some emerging foot pain. I have a non waterproof version but planning to add the waterproof next. Highly recommended. The rocker plate tech is the way of the future. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/the-north-face-introduces-vectiv-footwear-bringing-innovative-carbon-fiber-soling-architecture-to-the-trail-301214680.html
  3. I'm a few months into a 47.5" experiment with my Cobra F8. Went from an Atmos TS backwards into an older Fuji Motore TS 6.1. There's some learnings above that are spot on, and this has definitely worked for me, but as is so often the case, YMMV. - Keep it simple. I used a 2.5" butt extension epoxied into an older shaft I wasn't using. Cheap, easy, one night of drying time and a spare grip and you're done. Test it and then see what you find before over thinking it. Make changes, rinse and repeat. - Conventional thinking from "fitters" about dispersion that I've been reading fo
  4. I switched recently to the North Face Vectiv line, specifically the Escape (its a Trail runner). It's not waterproof but they do have a couple that are.
  5. Went 6 years in a Columbia and never had a day when I thought it was the wrong putter. Had a period at the end where my misses were consistently left and decided to switch to an off the shelf used Cure putter. Realized that my aim was excellent with the Edel, but my mechanics were worse than with the Cure. On the greens the difference was immediate...I kept thinking that my start lines were exactly right again. I went back to using a line on the ball to make up for the aiming benefit of the Edel and its been great putting since then. I think combining the Edel fitting and aimin
  6. agolfman

    Blast Golf

    Also have one. I'm pretty neutral on it. I don't get much out of the tempo analysis (2:1). The face opening /closing and loft analysis is helpful however. And one way I've found some additional value is comparing two different putters against each other. Obviously, the one you can square up better may be optimal. Blast should really be talking about this use case more. It's potentially a bigger value prop than they know. The over-all usability of the app/UI is about a 5 out of 10. Could be much better, but it's sort of over designed.
  7. No, haven't seen anything quite that extreme. I'd suggest opening up a ticket through the app with Flightscope. About half the time, they're pretty responsive. You can download the data to them from your app that way.
  8. Quick update here as well. Stretching has helped a lot for my heel pain! It's critical to stretch the high calf muscles, so some of the suggestions above are right on point. Also added some additional stretch for the Psoas muscle (realized it was causing back/hip pain, so that's now improving too). Just regular forward lunges on both sides, which has actually helped both my feet and hips. Aging sucks, but we know that already... Anyway, the reason for the update is because of some trail running shoes I'm trying out. Bought the North Face Vector line (Escape model) on a whim a
  9. That’s a good assessment: they won’t show you the half cup breaks. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but that does it right there. 10 feet and in is the issue...you’re debating left edge or outside left and the book can’t solve that.
  10. Thank you...good suggestions, no harm in trying once the snow melts. Are you using any strokes gained features with the classic version?
  11. Agree with the recommendation for Blast. Good data collector, decent, not great summarization of stats. I've used it to compare two different putters in sort of a "bake off" and it helped identify one with less rotation. I've been happier with it the more I've used it, so that's probably an indication that it's solid.
  12. Sort of a mixed review here. Tried them on two separate courses, courtesy of my Pro's, who were comp'ed to assess them. Overall, a solid and detailed book that is better than not having a yardage book, particularly for tournaments with limited practice round access. For home courses, I found them less useful. There's not enough granularity for the subtleties of a green. These books do a great job on the obvious breaks but most players would find it redundant to what they see. The above comment on the nuances of particular putts is dead on...you get a little stuck wi
  13. Seen a few posts about GameGolf going out/returning to business. Wasn't initially interested until I came across my son's older version in the garage. Got me thinking: is the Classic version still functioning as a viable shot tracker? Would be great (and kind of a bonus), if this could be put in play this year and leverage the progress they've made on SG, data tracking, etc. If not, i'll look into what else might be useful....thanks for any guidance!
  14. For what it's worth, I started to address this with stretching (50yo, recovering caddy...now pushing a three wheeler). Found this site and started to understand the role of calf stretching to deal with an inflamed bone spur in my heel....basically the same as PF. Had done a cortisone shot, ice, rolling various balls and such under my feet to limited success. Found this guy, who is anti surgery and somewhat edgy (good): https://angryorthopod.com/2016/03/calf-stretching/ I'm a couple weeks into stretching multiple times per day and I'm definitely seeing im
  15. Super thread and well said by both Monte and Butch. Just wanted to add this for @betarhoalphadelta. This video points out that "incorporating" change is hard, and it mostly is. But "executing" changes is a spectrum...some are easier to apply to a given swing than others. "Incorporating" the change into your playing mechanics is where it's always pretty hard. These are two different things. Had the same hip issue last year and I remembered @MonteScheinblumsaying (many times) that you have to get to the root cause of where you do something wrong and this is soooo tr
  16. Here’s a shot of the sticks I made. Also ordered some rubber caps to go over the ends. Have worked great in spite of the weather. They are stained (cherry and walnut), painted, and a couple coats of poly to finish.
  17. Did just this a year ago...worked out pretty good. You can buy 48" dowels to start and then do your own paint and stain combo. I did it to match my son's school bag. Worked out great...although he did snap one (lucky i made two pairs). Ordered a pack of twenty or so dowels and picked the straightest ones to work with...they were most definitely not straight as a rule...maybe 30% were usable. Will grab some pictures later and post them.
  18. I have two thoughts on this based on a similar couple of hole locations I'm familiar with. 1. Depending on the distance, over 100 putts, there would be "N" number of "makes". But only if the line and speed was enough to allow for a make, so your yellow line never does that. The red line gives you some number of makes, as meager as they may be...so red line has to be in the mix. 2. Three putt avoidance is one of the critical SG aspects, so speed matters, in terms of the three putt risk. The only good news in this scenario is that the ball will generally find the fal
  19. So, did a little experiment on my RX3F...new shaft. Had a spare (straight) steel shaft and was about to toss try it as opposed to the dual bend neck. Cure Putters was kind enough to send me another hosel insert (which is how they do the adjustable lie feature. As I went to grab the epoxy, I noticed a pile of spare shafts...one was a Recoil 660 in F3. Ran out and got another Lamkin Sink Fit Pistol and now I have two easily swapped shafts for it. Feel is slightly softer, which I wasn't looking for, but the straight in shot is definitely an improvement with the arm lock
  20. I think that speed training is still not really understood by those of us looking to improve. Bryson has said a couple fo times that you have to relearn the manner in which you swing...the above comments regarding tempo are a testament to that. You have to go all out for 30 balls was what I had heard. I've boiled it down to range sessions where I swing as fast as possible and make still make contact. I have no concern whatsoever about direction...then I'll dial a few back to "regular" tempo, which is now a bit faster than previously. Seems to be working as I've been consistentl
  21. Ok, had some success with re-alignment. Might still need some tweaking, but I've moved the X2 to the side that aligns with my target line and I'm getting very good readings. Or, at least readings that are consistent with what I see in the real world. I think that taping off positions and standing back are the "instructions" that should accompany the unit. I know that's pretty obvious, but I do think it's a more important than I realized and now see that a few feet makes a big difference in the club capture. Thank you @Stuart_G!!!
  22. I had these and liked them a lot. Switched to Lamkin Z5, which I think may even better...but I think those also have been phased out.
  23. Thats a fair point. Because its a garage setup, there's a few considerations to deal with (garage door brackets and some storage items...I'll have to experiment a bit. I would like to "solve" the alignment mystery and then reconfigure the setup. I absolutely think there's some weird swing things happening with my indoor setup. Did a warmup the other day indoors and "brought" a crappy swing out to play for 4-5 holes...then worked it out. The mind is a tough competitor!
  24. I've had this putter for two seasons now and taken a good deal of ribbing about it...it's big, ugly, and non conventional. Naturally, I could care less...I'm putting better than with my Edel and really enjoying it. Three weeks ago, I made a slight change after thinking about Bryson's arm lock set up and basically have replicated his stance (lead arm straight and locked) and adjusted the lie angle to its maximum vertical position. If you didn't know, the RX3 has an adjustable lie angle feature that allows it to be set between 62-80*. Honestly, at 80*, it feels like it
  25. Using the VX app, yes. Many thanks for the thoughtful response and suggestion! Good observations here. I think you hit it on aligning/pointing the X2 on the "Aim line" to the target. In a perfect setup, the projector, the projected image, the ball, and the X2 would be on a single line and easily verified. This would put my X2 further "Right" (looking at the screen) than I currently have it...probably by 3' or so. In my case, I have the X2 and the ball aligned perpendicular to the screen, say 3-4 feet off center. The target and my aim are both in the center of my 120" w
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