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  1. Why can't this be an X flex ? I'd buy it asap.
  2. Up for sale today are the following items. Please reach out with any questions. Not looking for any trades at this time. 1. Ping G410 LST 9* Driver. Plays 45" and has a Diamana DF 6x with tour velvet grip. Club is in great shape with slight wear on heel and the pics look worse than real life. Top line and face are clean. Comes with head cover. Asking Sold! 2. Mitsubishi Diamana BF 60x for Titleist driver. 43.75" from tip to grip with Pure grip. Asking $165. 3. Mitsubishi Tensei Pro White 90-TX hybrid shaft. This is the pro, not the Titleist sha
  3. I know, I know search feature is my friend. I have used it and I have been reading incessantly and I am more confused than anything else. I'm trying to understand which profile is likely the best fit for me and yes I'm going to try to get fit with them but not all dealers have the full line. I'm currently playing JPX 900 Forged irons I love and they have the Project X (not LZ) 6.0's and they've been a good fit for ball flight, spin, and consistency. My only problem is I would like something just feels a little better and doesn't tend to "rattle the bones" when not hitting it well. Everyth
  4. Ken Husvar at Victory Custom Golf hands down.
  5. We have a great young group at Gaston.
  6. Two items for sale today. Jordan 11’s in gray. Size 10 and never been worn. Still have tags. SOLDDiamana ZF 70tx fairway shaft. Has a Titleist fairway tip and Plays 43” in a Titleist fairway wood with black/red NDMC. It’s a new build that I paid a lot more for and someone will get a steal. It just could unseat my BF. Asking .SOLD
  7. Ken Husvar at Victory Custom Golf in Clover, SC. He's as good as it gets.
  8. What length does a shaft need to be grip to tip to play 45" in a Ping G410 head?
  9. I'd be interested in head only if you're willing to separate.
  10. I'd be interested in the driver head only if you separate
  11. > @BearQ said: > Awesome shaft availability. However from what I remember the pro white hybrid (no upcharge) through titleist is a made for. > > 818 titleist users also confirmed it doesn’t play like the real deal version. > > Keep it mind or ask titleist! I ended up buying a Tensei Pro Blue hybrid from Titleist and when it came I had the same concern that it was an "X" not "TX" flex. I reached out to my Titleist rep and got the following response. I spoke with Don who is the director of shaft development to get more elaboration on the shaft. Here's what he had
  12. I use it and really like it. I play the Diamana DF in driver, Diamana BF in 3 wood, and this in a hybrid.
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