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  1. Can’t think of any good courses closing. In fact, I think we are net increase over the past 20 years, and mostly good courses around me. Not many neighborhood development course with poor business models though so that helps.
  2. Not sure about anyone doing this on a random day, but this is done for the solstice events where people complete all four rounds.
  3. I play my 9-4 irons a 1/4 inch short to get back to more traditional lengths. Irons have gotten longer over the years for distance marketing purposes. Just like the lofts. a modern 5 iron is really a 3 iron. I agree you should disregard the numbers on the bottom, just find clubs that work for the distance you want to hit them and appropriate gaps.
  4. You need to update your calculation for the new rules. You are a 6 from the blacks and a 4 from the blues.
  5. Same any day of the week. Lots of people on trips during the week so no reason to change prices. First round is rack rate, second is 50%, third is free, and fourth they pay you $100 if you finish.
  6. I’ve been a member at 2 clubs where 5s are the standard a pace is still 330-345. Not just me. I guess that the point though. Slow people are going to be slow regardless of playing in a group of 2 or 5. The focus needs to be on the slow player.
  7. Nothing has changed materially in the past 10 years. Only thing that’s changed is the loft on some sets of irons and lengths. Manufacturers continue to strengthen lofts and lengthen clubs for distance marketing reasons.
  8. I don’t understand the hate for 5 sums. Probably why I like private golf better. Play in 5s, 6s, 12s doesn’t matter. Just play fast. Love playing in a big group in late afternoon with a fun game going.
  9. I’m with the remove all stickers group. I’m not concerned about resale, and I don’t find it difficult to remember specs. The worst is when I get a new club through the Proshop and it’s delivered with a name sticker on the shaft. Just a waste of time cause that has to come off too.
  10. Those shorts represent a rather recent development and a very small percentage of cargo shorts. You keep pointing out an unfortunate exception. I don't disagree that those aren't bad. However, can you craft a policy that allows those but not the standard cargos I posted above, that will also not be completely subjective and open an establishment up to discrimination claims?
  11. Yes, but there is a strong correlation between pocket count and a disheveled appearance. When crafting a policy and trying to avoid issues of discrimination, its a reasonable approximation of items that will be worn by people looking awful.
  12. For sure, they have some cheap clothes that could form a presentable outfit. Many customers clearly prefer to look disheveled. Doesn't take any more time to put on a pair of pants that fit. Its a choice I don't understand.
  13. How much do you walk now? I find it much easier to find balls when walking than in a cart. The spatial perception is better walking and its easier to travel directly to the ball.
  14. It would be nice is the dress codes could be as simple as "look nice" or something, but clearly that would mean different things to different people. How do you craft a policy that bans undesirable clothing, but also doesn't open an establishment claims of discrimination? This is why things like pockets or inseam length (can't be specific but has to be recognizable from a distance), or material are used. As for cargo shorts, the image below was the standard: This is not a good look for anyone. The new ones are OK, but most policies were crafted in an era
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