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  1. Iron heads don’t matter as much as shafts. Same with woods. Some of the best putters are odyssey at a fraction cost of most
  2. I’m not disparaging having the yips and finding a cure. That’s awesome. it’s not derogatory at all. but I stand by super strokes being hot garbage. Anything that wears quickly is trash.
  3. I get that. It’s a cry for help. I’ve had full swing yips so I get it.
  4. I feel this way about claw putting grips and reverse overlap it’s a cry for help.
  5. Using “gamers” to describe the set you play with. Just stop. that implies you play competitive golf. Even $100 Nassau’s with your buddies isn’t “competitive” it’s just braggadocio
  6. Waterchase is often overlooked thanks to being a par 5 away from texas star. Both similar in that there is very little to no housing on each and both sporting the best public greens pound for pound.
  7. Tangle Ridge Heritage Ranch Split Rail Waterchase Tierra Verde Southern Oaks Grapevine
  8. If you have stayed there or played there before I would use that angle. It’s worked for me on more than 1 occasion
  9. •superstroke putter grips are trash •Snell golf balls don’t get enough love •you don’t hit a driver as far as you think you do •regular flex shafts feel better
  10. Head to head obviously but he saw the cat lurking and stepped on the gas. Up until the 2019 masters he was considered a terminator. Now he’s just any other great player near the lead.
  11. At one point Phil was -10. After that he played the rest at 4 over and still won by 2. The best scores came from way back Sunday and that didn’t mess with the outcome. He earned it.
  12. He could here the roars. He could see the board. Being paired with tiger was never the issue when he was tied for the lead. The competition always folded.
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