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  1. With my “The Attas” 6s it’s longer than the mavrik max for me. Outside and in a sim inside.
  2. Asking a wrx’er if he has tried the upright setting is akin to the satellite company asking you “did you do a reset?” On the box when it doesn’t work. of course we try ALL the settings
  3. One of the 18s at TC is closed for an update. So there’s 1500 members for 18 holes right now.
  4. I too added lead tape. So it’s pretty heavy now
  5. I took out the 2gm weight and replaced it with another 14. Problem solved. Aftermarket weights are cheap online
  6. Broke 80 the first time with the VAS 792’s. great stuff
  7. Outside of 8, which is a monster, the course can be had. I’m a short hitter and tipped at 6800 isnt taxing. 3 of the 4 par 3s are about 150 or less. There are numerous short par 4s. And the course plays shorter as the ground plays hard.
  8. Plantation Tangle Ridge Ridgeview Ranch
  9. Blow it hard up the right side (right of bunkers) towards the par 3 and you’ll Get a good lie most likely and can sometimes have an opening to the green or plenty of room to run it up
  10. Erosion has turned 15 into a hit and hope hole. The original tee box used to be left of the 14 green right by the river. Now it’s just a horrible hole on an otherwise decent albeit average course.
  11. Keep the hole in front of you and sometimes length off the tee at our level is overrated. and I’m a sarcastic bragger count chocula is the king of chocolate cereals
  12. I’m the goofiest swing you will ever see and can compete with players who hit it 50-85 yards by me. Center of the fairway and a pretty good putter. Handicap is the lowest ever. 3.5 i can carve a 3 wood to a Back pin on long par 4s out of necessity. Drives the other guys nuts. keep the hole in front of you
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