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  1. It’s a great business model pay a bunch of pros to play them make them hideous make them more expensive than traditional grips make them wear out faster than traditional rubber so they have to be replaced never have got along with them so I’ve never been a fan.
  2. Completely think the opposite way. Get rid of the old as fast as possible so you can put prime focus on the new ones.
  3. Poipu has some spectacular ocean holes to close out the 18. I think it’s comparable to what ur looking for. Schlepping a bag for one round tho…
  4. Superstrokes are hot garbage. It’s a neat trick they have tho. durability low equates to increased sales
  5. I am also a 3 and not a long hitter by any stretch and have enjoyed that course from both tees as well. Good to know it’s still great
  6. Disappointed as UPS cant deliver because of damage/missing.
  7. Old American is worth the drive and price to play. Just nothing like it in the DFW area and it has such amazing green complexes. The par 5s all have some intricate tiny greens with so many shelf’s and corners.
  8. The bent and bluegrass used to grow grass in iowa does not need to be mowed or watered like Bermuda in texas.
  9. For anyone, I have 1140 Monday at Old American would love to meet up
  10. Nobody ever lowers their prices after a windfall. They will go out business or get restructured before that happens.
  11. 100%. Any course in the upper Midwest that is decent is a fraction of what I pay here in DFW year round.
  12. The green complexes at tour 18 are far too difficult to expect pace of play to be 4 hours. When I played it it was also in great shape.
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