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  1. TStar yesterday had really slow hairy greens. Not the norm for sure.
  2. As a credential CT Tech, the amount of hardware visible on scans for his back and now leg has to be epic. Get well soon.
  3. It’s not hard to draw a conclusion of DUI when you have a history of addictive behaviors. Let alone a DUI on your record. ive been sober 29 years. I don’t have a special gift like he does. Hope he gets the help he needs.
  4. Usually Sundays after church with my boss and a couple buddies. Such a great course and facility
  5. I can understand why as a golfer people complain about the price of playing there or the pace of play but the last couple of times there I carried my own bag and it was 4:15 both times.
  6. I switched the rear weight to a 12g from 5G and that indeed woke up the driver.
  7. I’ve been fortunate to make it out there more than I deserve!
  8. I feel so inferior because my short hitting butt is hitting driver on 1. It’s Also the straightest club I have.
  9. Split rail was epic. As always
  10. There’s another issue. If the group in front of you decides they’re fast enough and won’t let you through even if you have less players. especially conducive to 5somes who are members and already are feeling entitled because they go out with 5. keeping up with the group in front is ideal but the truth is most groups are oblivious
  11. Mike at Sellingers in Roanoke. You might run into a pro or 2 there
  12. Since most professionals are hitting 5s in 2, think about how many times you have truly been in the green on a 535 yard par 5. 6700 is my sweet spot where I will hit anywhere between 9-14 greens. the male ego is very fragile and the thought of playing a shorter course isn’t even considered for an am golfer until you’re well into your 40s.
  13. I’m on the other side of town in north Richland Hills. If you want I am always available even on weekdays as long as it’s early.
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