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  1. Just looking for any user experiences on Jigen eRook driver heads ... either eR2 or the original eRook ... been doing a bit of reading up on these and they seem to be high spec'd ..Fairly expensive even for used ..but willing to go the extra mile if worth it ...Any users info will be much appreciated .
  2. Here is my current bag set up for this year , a little bit of the old along with the not so old , I apologise for the Gene Sarazen R20 & My Slighter Portland , but I just cannot find anything better ..)) Hope you enjoy Steven
  3. Could not agree more with the original post , in fact many sellers in Japan use Ebay as well as ZenMarket sites , to sell the same product at vastly differing prices ( as I found out to my cost on my first foray ) , ZenMarket being the cheapest option even including all the additional charges ..IDNK why ? I have purchased premium / top end goods at a fraction of the price that even I was expecting to pay & including shipping which was described in detail in the original post . The only issue I had was , just do not be expecting things to happen quickly in Japan from your initial purchase to shipping ... that seems to take an eternity ... but the wait is worth it .. Trying to get Japanese equipment here in the UK is almost impossible off the shelf , but this opens up a whole new world & if you are patient and have an eye for quality you can pick up a bargain .... eg Brand new in wrapper Yamaha 2018 UT was picked up for £90 = $125 .. retail would have been close to $250-$300 .. I will keep my other bargains secret .. untill I post up a WiMB ... Give it a look guys , well worth a dabble into the Japanese market Steven
  4. Guys , looking for a decent quality single prong divot repair tool, that I know are available out there , but as I am in the UK , we seem to be at the tail when it comes to getting decent range & quality merchandise ... i essence what I am looking for is a good quality divot tool , single prong with a fairly substantial life .....If you can post up a few pics of what you have , I an make a judgement on what I like & what I will be prepared to do to get one ... A friend of mine was at Eastlake last fall & picked up one from the pro shop ..been trawling ebay but to no avail what I am looking for must only be available at the course / in pro shops .. Any assistance greatly received . Steven
  5. mmmmm so Leonard or Van De Velde would have been better champion golfers...after seeing Leonards antics at Brookline ...lets discount him from the reconing as being a honorable golfer .... I would have no issue with Van De Velde , but Lawrie shot best of the day on the Sunday & played the 18th perfectly other that hopping the burn in regulation ... case submitted ....))))))
  6. Agreed ... even the newer RMX series , from Yamaha , are muted in comparison to the rest of the major OEM offerings .
  7. Hi , thanks to Vessel for this unique opportunity . Current H/C 4.5 ( 5) Residence - Scotland ( Forfar) ...near to St Andrews/ Carnoustie Current Bag - Sun Mountain H20 stand bag The reason I would like to test , is that having seen the Touring Pros using the tour bags that look so damn good , I would love to have a chance to put my sticks in a quality Vessel ..... Being from over the pond , I know that I will not get the chance , however I would be made up , if I was given the opportunity to put the straps on my back & walk the fairways feeling proud a s punch ! Regards Steven .......
  8. How do I start this up ? Sure that there would be a thread on the great Korean ambassador .
  9. To be honest with you , I have been using Rosemark Grips for the past two years ( The 1.25) here in Scotland & it gets mighty wet here & I have never had any issues with slippage.... In my opinion the best grip out there for using on a putter . Only issue if any , is That of the ID of the bottom of the grip, it does not fit the shaft tight .. need to fill in, I wrap amalgamating tape prior to shafting up & then trim off with a stanley blade
  10. You may want to have a look at the IROD range of shafts from UST Mamiya . I have an original Irod from 2013 & it gets it up quick & down softish .. I am sure that they have only become better since then ..
  11. I did send off to George to have refinished .... a good job was done on it , but IMO the feel once refinished for me is not there , I have subsequently bought another one of the same putter & the feel is as I would expect .... my advice would be to refinish in as close to the original .My sienna 4 was powder coated black & fitted with a new insert ..it looks great , but just does not feel right .. Regards Steven If I can locate pics of the putter I will send on to you before & after refinish . George does a great job & never dispatches it unless he is certain it is perfect .... & I will use him again for other projects ..
  12. Nice driver , good feeling / sound ...I put a Aldila NV Rip'd stiff 60 g in mine (tour model) ...as good as anything if not the best driver I have had .. Even though these are 4-5 yo , still as good as anything that is current out there ,,,,
  13. The Rangefinder for me , If I am lucky enough , would prefer this over the GPS as I have used GPS since they became available & never had the opportunity to own one , Believe the Rangefinder would help my game with more accurate yardages ...fingers crossed .
  14. I like Golf WRX , because it is the most informative one stop golf forum community on the net . First for news ...in my opinion the best forum site for golfers . Fingers crossed for a new set of sticks ..
  15. Thanks yes they are amazing , even now with all the modern stuff out there . Cheers
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