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  1. All the reviews I've found list 3 available screw in weights for the Vault 2.0 putter line ... but does anyone know what the actual weights are in grams? I keep reading 15 grams lighter or heavier, but no mention of how much they actually weigh. Thanks in advance.
  2. For those of you that have been luck enough to try all the shafts out there, does anyone know which (or if any) of the stock shafts would closely match the feel and performance of a Tensei White Pro? My first thought was that the T1100 material has the same effect as the boron tip, but I've never been a Project X guy, so any comparison information would be great. Thanks in advance!
  3. To answer your question specifically, I've had both a men's and women's Nike Vapor Fly 3HL for the exact same reason that you are looking at. They were identical ... aside from the women's version being in MUCH better condition. Hope that helps.
  4. Does anyone have more information on the stock 2017 M1 Kuro Kage fairway and shaft specs? The paint/color scheme is the same as the Kuro Kage DC shaft on the driver, but it is definitely not the same build. The TaylorMade website doesn't give a lot of specifics on the shaft, either. It's pretty well documented that TaylorMade tips their shafts 1" for all custom orders unless you specify something else, but I don't even know what I'm starting with on these shafts. Any information would help ... but obviously weight, torque, and bend points would be great. Thanks in advance.
  5. Following ... Would love a set of Modus3 Tour 130 stiff shafts.
  6. Completed the survey ... hope to give these a try. Thanks again for the opportunity.
  7. Since you mentioned feel ... I thought the 2016 M2 face felt much softer/mushier than the 2016 M1. Does anyone know if the same thing applies to the 2017 models? I've tried both the Epic and 2017 M1 and the face "feels" very hard or solid. Over the years I've gotten used to the Titleist face feel (which is MUCH softer) and the 2016 M2 was closer to that. Just wanted to hear some opinions on the 2017 M series.
  8. Culver City Golf (405 fwy and Jefferson Blvd.) is attached to a studio that gives TrackMan lessons. I'm not sure about the details, but I know they use the TrackMan for fittings. Might be worth taking a look.
  9. White please ... just because I always play white. The Chrome+ is a great ball and my only wish was that it was a little bit softer around the green. Sounds like the Chrome Soft is exactly that. Thanks again to GolfWRX and Morton Golf Sales for this great opportunity.
  10. I would love to use one of these launch monitors both indoors and out. I've been lucky enough to spend some time with a trackman, but obviously can't afford to buy one. Ernest Sports has done a great job of bringing cutting edge technology to the weekend golfer.
  11. I just had an authorized dealer send mine back to Adams. They weren't the fastest in the industry, but they bent them 2 degrees flat and I just paid around $10 for shipping. I've heard too many horror stories from people that "thought" they could bend hybrids. Like the above posts ... anyone could do it, but do you trust just anyone??
  12. Mitsubishi Rayon has made a number of excellent shafts ... white board, blue board, red board, K, Alpha, ahina, kaili, etc. Out of all that I've tried ... and I spent a fortune on trying just about all of them ... I still think of the original blue board as one of the all time best. The feel just hasn't been the same with any other shaft.
  13. Would have to say Phil's third win at Augusta ... especially emotional and touching after all that the Mickelson family had and was going through. A great win not only for Phil, but for the entire Mickelson family.
  14. It seems like tour players are hitting longer and longer distances with not only their drivers, but irons as well. Was their any sacrifice in accuracy or workability in the efforts to get more distance from an iron? Also, how much of TaylorMade's new designs were influenced by the acquisition of Adams?
  15. Looks like the Method Core 11W. It's up already on some websites for pre-order.
  16. Would love to add this to the bag ... it would be nice to replace the old model TA utility iron. Thanks again!
  17. I have a Ping G20 10.5 that I installed a .350 YSQ 55 XS ... it fits fine. All Ping woods that I know of are .350 in case you needed to know. There is a little space on top since they use a collared ferrule from the factory, but nothing that would make me think it didn't fit correctly. Hope that helps.
  18. I have both and the 59s are definitely easier to hit. They are obviously not the easiest to hit irons on the market and will let you know when you are off the sweet spot, but the punishment is not as severe as the 68s off the toe or heel. I guess the best way to describe it is that the 59s will give you the feedback without killing you ... and when you flush them they give you that same Mizuno buttery feel. Now would I suggest you drop the 68s for the 59s? Only if you are in the market for new irons anyway. The 68s are still great irons and if you dropped down to a 4 playing them, you o
  19. Does anyone know what that plastic tip "does" other than hold the cog on when the shaft isn't being used?
  20. [quote name='JakeBarnes' timestamp='1339850806' post='5106578'] 18.25 tip to the N of mitsuibishi rayon based on past posts I've read. Anyone correct me if I am wrong, but I am pretty sure that is the case. [/quote] Thank you! I was hoping someone would have this answer.
  21. General rule is 3 swing weight points for every half inch ... so 6 points going from 35" to 34". With Cameron putters the head weights usually increase 10g for every inch shorter (at stock weight). Depending on which model you have, you might be able to swap out the weights in the sole to get the swing weight back up to where it was at stock length. Typically what happens when people cut putters shorter is that swing weight gets so light that they lose feel in the head of the club. Many people like heavier heads (equates to heavier swing weights) because they can feel the head more and i
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