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  1. 2020 SC Squareback 2 35". Used very little. No marks other than just light scuffing on the bottom from usage. I tried a different grip which I didn't like so I put the original back on. As a result, the shaft bad was affected very slightly. Original headcover was never used. I used a third party HC at all times when not in use. $old OBO Also for sale is a TaylorMade M2 22 degree 4 hybrid. Stock everything, regular flex. Sorry no headcover. $60 OBO
  2. On my my to the PUTTNG GREEN. It is the correct model. They have 7 left. Go get em!
  3. I have been searching for weeks. I get close but am always a second too late. Last night I was doing my usual search when I just happened to visit Budget Golf. It showed 2021 Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5 putters in stock. I figured it must have been a mistake. I called them this morning and then exchanged a series of emails where I explained my skepticism. I even suggested that they had the 2019 models incorrectly listed with the wrong picture and description. I convinced very nice customer service lady to have the inventory in the warehouse checked. She replied back with the UPC label off of
  4. MRH 35". Plastic was removed and used a little on the putting green and carpet. Looks NEW. No signs of use. $315 $295 $old or best offer. Shipped! Thanks
  5. Right Hand. 35 inch. All stock. Bought last summer and used for about a half a season. Excellent condition. No longer available. Thanks
  6. I wrote my comments 13 years ago when Callaway mostly used a bore through hosel. No applicable any more.
  7. Looks good but want a second (or third) opinion. Thank you! Thanks Bettinardi Inovai 6.0 Black Friday Limited Edition Putter 35” | eBay
  8. I took both sets out again today. This time real course testing. I hit some fabulous shots with the Callaways. Being 60 I don't generate much club head speed but I hit some 50-60 yrd pitches that stopped absolutely dead. I got to try bunkers and the CBs performed great there too. I even holed one. I'm really torn now.. The CBs are growing on me. Going to take them out again tomorrow. More to come,
  9. I searched for the topic and didn't really see direct side by side comparisons so I thought I would weigh-in. First about me. I am 60 years old and an 8hc. I have never been a traditional wedge fan and quickly got on board the original CBX train a few years ago. I liked them but didn't love them. I was used to playing iron set wedges and felt that while the CBX were certainly more versatile around the greens, they lacked the full shot consistency of an iron set wedge. When CBX2 came out I quickly jumped on them and thought hey had improved the full shot consistency by changing the sole grind o
  10. I was so excited to be in a golf shop I bought the first club I picked up. Dumb purchase. Plastic and stickers removed. All stock. All new. 35 inches. I'll start at retail $old but will accept the best offer. No trades. Sorry. Thanks
  11. So glad to find this thread though it's not helping me much. I've had a dozen or so Scottys over the years and when Bettinardi released the BB8W in a limited run last year I became intrigued being a wide blade user. The resale thing really bothers me. Currently there are no 2020 BB8Ws on EBay right now except for limited run editions. Not sure if that's good or bad. I am going to a PGA Superstore next week to compare and make a choice.
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