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  1. Purchased in November and used very little. 35 inch. $old OBO. Sorry, no trades. Thanks!
  2. Private clubs are an exception I believe.
  3. Only partially true. Official Scotty retailers must adhere to MAP pricing which is $849. If any are caught price gouging they could lose their ability to sell Scotty's. I know of several that are putting them on Ebay under assumed names so they can bump up the price.
  4. Scotty's 35" is actually 34.5 inches. He measures length differently that other OEMs. Go measure your 35" Scotty and you'll see I'm correct. The big question is if this 34.5 inch LE is actually 34" by other OEM standards??
  5. Used so little that it is in new condition. 35" right handed. Jumbo Betti grip. HC never used (I used a 3rd party hc). $350 $old or best offer Shipped. Thanks
  6. 35" Right Handed. Standard specs and stock grip and HC. Used about 3 rounds. Almost impossible to tell from new. Only trades would be for a Bettinardi BB8 W Armageddon (I'll throw in $$) or a Scotty T22 Fastback 1.5 (same, throw in $$) $Sold OBO Thanks - Pic Heavy
  7. Do the limited edition blade headcovers fit Betti mid-mallets like a Queen B or Studio Series 28, or Slotback? Thank you
  8. 2020 SC Squareback 2 35". Used very little. No marks other than just light scuffing on the bottom from usage. I tried a different grip which I didn't like so I put the original back on. As a result, the shaft bad was affected very slightly. Original headcover was never used. I used a third party HC at all times when not in use. $old OBO Also for sale is a TaylorMade M2 22 degree 4 hybrid. Stock everything, regular flex. Sorry no headcover. $60 OBO
  9. On my my to the PUTTNG GREEN. It is the correct model. They have 7 left. Go get em!
  10. I have been searching for weeks. I get close but am always a second too late. Last night I was doing my usual search when I just happened to visit Budget Golf. It showed 2021 Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5 putters in stock. I figured it must have been a mistake. I called them this morning and then exchanged a series of emails where I explained my skepticism. I even suggested that they had the 2019 models incorrectly listed with the wrong picture and description. I convinced very nice customer service lady to have the inventory in the warehouse checked. She replied back with the UPC label off of one of the putters in stock. I called Titleist and they verified that they were indeed the 2021 models, 35 inch, right handed. They had 8 in stock. I ordered one that will be here tomorrow. I still won't believe it until I see it but for what its worth, they seem to have them. I will report back tomorrow after my putter arrived. I'll either tell you I'm on my way to the putting green or the post office to return it. Good luck!
  11. MRH 35". Plastic was removed and used a little on the putting green and carpet. Looks NEW. No signs of use. $315 $295 $old or best offer. Shipped! Thanks
  12. Right Hand. 35 inch. All stock. Bought last summer and used for about a half a season. Excellent condition. No longer available. Thanks
  13. I wrote my comments 13 years ago when Callaway mostly used a bore through hosel. No applicable any more.
  14. Looks good but want a second (or third) opinion. Thank you! Thanks Bettinardi Inovai 6.0 Black Friday Limited Edition Putter 35” | eBay
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