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  1. I have a mint Sim 3 wood that I’m hoping to sell off with 2 exotic shaft options. You can take the head and one shaft for SOLD Comes with stock head cover. Will try to use UPS unless the price is outrageous. Shaft 1: Ventus Red Velocore 7S. Not sure about tipping but my pic shows the tip to graphic measurement. Plays 43.25 with the sim 3 wood head. Shaft 2: Diamana DF 70S. Was told by the prior owner that it is tipped .5 inches and built by TM japan. Has a sticker that says TM japan and also has “TM custom” laser etching.
  2. Surprisingly sensible lifts on the 770’s. Only maybe 1 degree stronger then what one would call traditional, well within bending territory.
  3. I think the DJ thing was probably unintentional or came out wrong. He had a big long pause halfway through the sentence. I think he realized how douchey the statement would sound and tried to correct course but couldn’t think of another way to finish the sentence he started so just went ahead and finished it. The most arrogant comment I’ve heard him make is something to the effect of “I don’t play golf or practice, the only time i play gold is when you see me on TV.” Then ironically a few months go by and he gives an interview about putting in a bunch of range time to work out some ball st
  4. I like the comparison and had the same thoughts myself. Technically they might not be all that similar but they are both clutch AF and get the job done in the big moments. Come up with huge putts and chip ins in the biggest moments when needed. Both have/had that killer instinct Sunday down the stretch.
  5. Researchers created a test to determine which masks are the least effective Not sure if this link is allowed, but the neck thing performed horrifically according to this study. They said it actually makes things worse because the fibers are just the right size to break up bigger droplets into smaller droplets that can travel further. Just one study, but food for thought.
  6. This goes way beyond logistical challenges related to Covid, although that’s certainly a complicating factor. There have been major management changes at USPS. Whether right or wrong, this has led to a systemic strategic decision to allow major delays to occur. I don’t want to post linkS for fear of getting political. You can simply google “USPS delays” and find stories from a variety of news outlets about the changes going on. For those that have gotten their items in a timely manner, you are very lucky. I’m sitting in the south waiting for packages shipped out 2 weeks ago, 1 from west
  7. I’ve also noticed an uptick in aggressive postings which make me avoid buying the item even if it’s something I would otherwise want. People trying to justify next to retail pricing by proclaiming to have x amount in the build or whatever. Or preannouncing “don’t care if it doesn’t sell, I won’t get lowballed” As with all marketplaces, no one cares how much the seller has in it, perceived value to the buyer is the only thing that matters.
  8. I’ve sold on here a few times recently and it’s been fine, knock on wood. Im usually not looking for top dollar, just a quick sale so maybe that factors in. I do agree that overall volume is down a bit. I’ve noticed that volume is also down at the local used shops I like to browse around in, as well as EBay. I wonder if that something Covid related, less inventory, less demand, or both. I think another factor might be how expensive shipping has gotten and also all the shipping delays and problems that are going on now. For me, I’ve gotten to the point of letting a lot of lower value things
  9. Head only, sold. Comes with head cover but no wrench. This thing is basically mint. The only blemish I could find is a pinpoint faint dark smudge on the toe side top line. Couldn’t really get it to show up in the pics and you can hardly see it in real life. Thought it was a spec of dust at first. Only trade interest would be for a Sim Ti 15 degree 3 wood head. Must be in similar mint or near mint condition.
  10. Anyone have any thoughts about SIM Max vs 2016 M2? Specifically launch and spin characteristics. I thought the M2 was relatively lower launch and lower spin and I went to a 12 degree head because of this. Im wondering whether to go for a 10.5 or 12 degree head in the SIM Max. 10.5 has been more typical for me with other drivers in the past, other than the M2 which I lofted up. Thanks in advance!
  11. All Sold, thanks everyone Cobra Speedzone Big tour with Accra TZ6 M4 - SOLD 42.75 inches, heavier than stock sole weight on the headI don't know about tippinghead cover includedmintDiamana DF with Mizuno tip installed - SOLD untipped plays 44.75 inches in ST190 no scratches or rubs i can see logo down at the half click high setting.
  12. I think the titanium forgings are a miracle, I've owned multiple generations and can't imaging going back to old school one piece steel. Completely respect that some people feel differently though That being said, i was quite shocked that they dropped the traditional CB. The market share for the traditional CB is getting smaller and smaller (see Titleist AP2 vs CB on tour) , but still it seems Mizuno MP lineup needs to have a CB in the lineup. Alternating every other release cycle between multimaterial and one piece might be a good compromise.
  13. Anyone have any experience choosing between the MB set wedge vs the T20? I play MP20 MMC for my irons. Currently using the S18 46 degree wedge and i wouldn't say i'm in love. Its a little clunky through the turf and looks a little round to my eye. Feel is pretty mediocre My other wedges are J15 which I love. I'm not entirely against mixing and matching brands and using a vokey or a wedge from some other set.
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