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  1. For those who play hybrid as direct iron replacements (such as what the JPX fli-hi is advertised as), do you play same shaft in the iron replacement as in your irons or do you play a 80-90 gram graphite like a "traditional" hybrid? For example, if you replace your 5 iron, do you use the same shaft as your 6 iron, 7 iron, etc? 110-130 gram steel? I'm thinking about building a combo set with 6-P a small workable CB and then 4-5 irons as direct long iron replacement hybrids. Once I get to the 5 iron slot, I'm really just looking for high and straight.
  2. I think it's interesting that even a supreme shot making artist like phil is opting to combo from blades in the scoring irons to a utility type iron in the 4/5 iron spot. No X forged or apex pro or anything middle of the road. I've been toying with the idea of an extreme combo set with a MB or minimal CB type design starting with 7 or 8 iron through wedge and then going with utility or even hybrid type irons for everything else like 4-6 iron. Just bypass the traditional middle of the road forgiving cavity back all together. Maximize feel and shot making where you really need it a
  3. Thanks, gonna do some testing soon. That Max has my name all over it though. Thinking it will come down to Max vs Tsi2.
  4. Can anyone speak to how draw biased the Max is and whether its easy to get it adjusted back to neutral? I prefer neutral or possibly just very slight draw bias.
  5. OP here, thanks for the awesome feed back. Sounds like the stuff you are using and have tried recently is exactly the stuff on my short list, shafts included. To the person asking for Mizuno vs TM above, I have played 2016 M2, Sim Max, ST190, and ST200 over the past few years. I think TM probably outperforms Mizuno on ball speed and distance. I have had better control with the Mizuno's though, less off the planet misses. TM probably still a better overall product if I'm being honest, but I have loved the look of Mizuno drivers recently and have been willing to to compromise a l
  6. I'm getting the itch to try out a different driver, possibly Sim2 Max. Been bouncing between TM and Mizuno offerings the past few years with some Srixon mixed in. So as a starting point, I cruise the forums to see if anything seems like it is generating a lot of buzz or interest. Crickets. Lots of talk about irons and wedges and almost nothing about drivers whatsoever. Just a slow year for drivers? Looking for something in the fat part of the bell curve. I know all the releases, just surprised that nothing seems to be really exciting anyone this years. Seems like most years there are a
  7. Anyone had any luck adding weight to the head for shorter builds? Last years version had a lighter back weight that was easy to swap out, 18g I believe. This years version already has 24g back there, which is the heaviest weight I have seen for sale, so that doesn't seem like an option anymore. I also don't know if there is some amount of weight way back there where you would start getting weird ball flight properties, like really spinny for example? The round weight in the front I think can be swapped out for a heavier weight. Has anyone experimented with that? An
  8. Agree 100 % with this take. I tested ZF and VB extensively side by side. The VB had a weird combination of being really easy to load, almost too much so, yet the ball came out low and spinny and felt kind of dead and was noticeably shorter than other shafts I was hitting. The ZF has a nice subtle kick and feels stable but not boardy. Mid launch with mid to low spin for me. ZF is my current gamer but I’m about to build out something with a tensei 1k just for the heck of it.
  9. I'm hoping someone will be able to compare to last years line at some point. The ST200 is working pretty well for me but the STZ looks cooler.
  10. Hoping for quick sales here, want to ship everything out Monday before I leave on a trip. -NIP Bridgestone Tour B wedge set, 50/56/60. Bought off the rack so everything should be stock. $sold -Ventus Blue Velocore, Mizuno tip, plays 45 inches in ST200 head, no tipping as far as i know. Sold -Odyssey O-works crank hosel, iomic grip, plays about 34 inches or possibly a hair under, great condition 9/10, almost mint but not quite. $sold
  11. Anyone able to compare launch and spin to last years release, st-z vs st200?
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