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  1. LZ is an awesome shaft. I had the 5.5 in the bag for a while. Moving to DG allowed me to go up a smidge in weight without getting too stiff for my modest swing speed. A little heft is good for my contact.
  2. I’m going with AMT, moving over from DG 120. I’ve dabbled with the ascending mass thing but this is my first try with a whole set. I didn’t realize you could call mizuno direct to check on an order.
  3. Not a big fan of KBS thankfully given the current issues. I ordered some JPX irons 2 months ago and they got them to me in 3 weeks, same shafts and grips. At the end of the day, I'll be ok with late Feb but I'm hoping that's overly conservative.
  4. Question for anyone who put in an order the past few days, are you expecting to get your order on or around the release date? I ordered 2 days ago and go an estimate of late feb, which seems a bit long.
  5. I'm currently playing a blended set of JPX 921 forged 6-P with HMP 4-5. JPX 921 forged are really nice but there is a bit of a jack of all trades master of none issue. That's why I started blending in the HMP long irons. In the scoring irons, i really miss the control i had with MP-20 MMC and MP 15. So I want to get back into a small profile CB in the short irons but not sure about 223 vs 225. Leaning toward 223 since i have disliked hollow in the past but i don't like how the short irons in 223 have no tech (no tungsten, no titanium, no slot). I like a small profile CB with a bit of tech built in.
  6. It’s really great. I ordered one bent strong to use as a utility iron. Very forgiving with reasonable feel and can work it a bit. I like it son much that I ordered the 5 iron and thinking about getting the 6 as well. Gonna make a Frankenstein combo with the new 223 when they come out.
  7. $shipped conus. Direct from titleist, ordered .25 inches short. Standard tipping. It’s mint, just a few range sessions with inevitable ball marks on the face. No wrench and no head cover. We can work out a deal for a white camp seamus I have extra if anyone interested.
  8. Eyeball test the super hybrid looks more like a hybrid with wood like features and vice versa on the apex. Although the fact that the apex has a pretty short playing length does kind of take away another potential point of differentiation. I’m actually excited to try out both during the winter. Always looking to tinker with the clubs between driver and 5 iron.
  9. Clearing out failed experiments. Phantom 11.5 $365 -34 inch, standard loft and lie -stock head cover included - awesome shape, gamed a couple of rounds, the only ugly spot to speak of is a small scratch in the black paint on the sole next to one of the weights. Sim2 Max 15 degree fairway $325 - great shape, could probably pass for new - basically getting the tensei 1k upgrade for free! - i think it’s .25 inch short from standard X forged UT 21 degree $215 - Tour AD 95s with new graphics, again basically a free premium upgrade. - easy 9/10 shape
  10. duplicate post please remove
  11. Hi guys, looking for a little advice. I'm looking at getting back into the utility iron game. I'm looking to build a specialty club to use for stinger type shots that I can put good amount of curve on either way. I'm getting along great with DG120 S300 in short irons and pretty well in mid irons, but I think it is a little heavy and a touch stout for the type of club i'm trying to build, especially since a lot of those punchy stinger type shots tend to be partial swings. Ideally I'd like to keep a pretty similar weight a flex profile to the rest of the irons. I'm thinking of trying out AMT white in S300, maybe soft stepped x 1? Or possibly R300 straight in. Looks like the AMT drops down to about 110 grams in the long irons, which is just about where i want to be. Thoughts on how that would feel compared to the rest of my irons with the DG 120 S300 straight in? Probably gonna try to put one into a JPX hot metal pro 4 iron and bend it down to 18 degrees.
  12. Subjectively, I would disagree with this from a feel standpoint. The blue felt like a noodle to me and the DF was actually too stout. Just another data point for you. I've never hit the ventus black. Neither the blue or red felt especially stiff to me but i've read the black is a whole different animal.
  13. Single item here. Playing length is 45 inches, or maybe a hair longer. No tipping on the shaft. Logo down at neutral. The head is virtually mint other than a weird little scuff way out on the toe that might be shop wear or something. You can barely find it if you are looking, certainly can’t see it at address. Looking for sold shipped. Pretty much a free upgrade on the ZF!
  14. That makes sense, thanks. Like I said above, I get along really well with my D grind 54 and I'm thinking about converting my 58 to a D as well. I do like to thump the sole into the ground so that makes sense. One work around I have found with tighter lies is adding forward press and trying to clip the ball with the leading edge.
  15. What does the S do better vs the D?
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