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  1. duplicate post please remove
  2. Hi guys, looking for a little advice. I'm looking at getting back into the utility iron game. I'm looking to build a specialty club to use for stinger type shots that I can put good amount of curve on either way. I'm getting along great with DG120 S300 in short irons and pretty well in mid irons, but I think it is a little heavy and a touch stout for the type of club i'm trying to build, especially since a lot of those punchy stinger type shots tend to be partial swings. Ideally I'd like to keep a pretty similar weight a flex profile to the rest of the irons. I'm thinking of trying out AMT white in S300, maybe soft stepped x 1? Or possibly R300 straight in. Looks like the AMT drops down to about 110 grams in the long irons, which is just about where i want to be. Thoughts on how that would feel compared to the rest of my irons with the DG 120 S300 straight in? Probably gonna try to put one into a JPX hot metal pro 4 iron and bend it down to 18 degrees.
  3. Subjectively, I would disagree with this from a feel standpoint. The blue felt like a noodle to me and the DF was actually too stout. Just another data point for you. I've never hit the ventus black. Neither the blue or red felt especially stiff to me but i've read the black is a whole different animal.
  4. Single item here. Playing length is 45 inches, or maybe a hair longer. No tipping on the shaft. Logo down at neutral. The head is virtually mint other than a weird little scuff way out on the toe that might be shop wear or something. You can barely find it if you are looking, certainly can’t see it at address. Looking for sold shipped. Pretty much a free upgrade on the ZF!
  5. That makes sense, thanks. Like I said above, I get along really well with my D grind 54 and I'm thinking about converting my 58 to a D as well. I do like to thump the sole into the ground so that makes sense. One work around I have found with tighter lies is adding forward press and trying to clip the ball with the leading edge.
  6. What does the S do better vs the D?
  7. Thank you so much for the informative post! I had been under the mistaken impression that loft and left/right directional bias could be adjusted completely independently. Does this info hold true for the callaway adapter as well?
  8. Thanks for the great response. I think you are right, might be better just to look elsewhere. I really wish Callaway still had adjustable hosel in the fairways, especially because I think they have the best adapter in the business.
  9. The 16.5 loft 4 wood looks like its 35 cc smaller based on specs I saw on retailer website
  10. Just want to make sure I have this correct. I can loft up a titleist 3 wood to 16.5 (same loft as stock 4 wood) but the independent lie adjustment allows the ball flight to stay neutral? I'm looking to play something in the 16-17 degree loft range but I like the bigger head of the 3 wood. I'm thinking if I loft up the 3 wood and add some weight, I'll essentially create a 4 wood with a bigger head and I can still independently adjust fade/draw bias to suit?
  11. I play 54/D and 58/M. The 54/D is the primary bunker club. I think the combo is pretty versatile and the M is nicer on tight lies compared to the D. Sometimes, I do get into a situation where I want to hit the lob wedge from fluffy rough or soggy ground and the M can be a little diggy. Overall, I hit the D a little better than the M. At some point, I'm going to pick up a 58D to experiment with.
  12. Back to CT Pan, it looks like his wife is still on the bag? I thought that was a short term gimmick but I guess he is sticking with it. He must have the strongest marriage in the world if it can survive that kind of pressure...
  13. What it really comes down to in my opinion is an athlete with severe yips decided to shut it down, since yips in this particular sport look like they could potentially leave you in a wheel chair the rest of your life. I think people are projecting a lot of external culture war nonsense onto something that really comes down to an issue of individual athletic performance. Personally, I don't like the mental health angle because to me mental health means dealing with addiction or psychosis or something that is truly life altering beyond athletic performance. Not sure if we are allowed to talk about this sensitive issue or not and its also kind of a thread jack but I couldn't resist.
  14. 9.5 out of 10 condition. Played around with it for a couple of range sessions. for head only, will ship UPS. I have the stock shaft that I can send if you want, but tbh it’s total trash and probably not worth the extra freight. If you really want it, add $15 to cover the extra shipping. Comes with stock head cover.
  15. I believe Xander’s mom is from Taiwan or has Taiwanese heritage, so that’s a nice showing for the island nation.
  16. Ironic that the jordan fans are calling “luck” on morikawa. Back when jordan was having his run people were saying his game is all “luck”. Some good bounces are a huge part of every sport, especially golf. Colin absolutely deserves this win. For the record, I’m a big fan of both guys and I thought it was the height of stupidity at the time to call Jordans wins all luck.
  17. I'm in the cohort of people who love golf and want to take it seriously but can't play more than a handful of full traditional rounds a year due to work and family. I would really love for some abbreviated format of "serious" golf to take hold. Something that takes about 1 hour to maybe 1.5 hours max, then back to the family for birthday parties, soccer games, etc. I would be willing to pay through the teeth if something existed like a 6 hole course that was expensive enough so that it was mostly empty all the time except for a handful of guys trying to squeeze a couple of holes in during lunch breaks. Guess I'll keep dreaming.
  18. Would most of you use your driver shaft set up or your 3 wood shaft set up as a starting point for this thing? And would you tip it like a driver or 3 wood? I'm leaning towards treating it as a 3 wood for shaft selection.
  19. So a true February release probably pushes everything thereafter back, including the next JPX line I would think. I’ve been holding off on ordering JPX tour short irons to blend with my current full set of forged. Didn’t want to deal with prolonged wait times and I though I would just try to get it right with the next release, either MP or JPX. But it doesn’t look like this situation is getting any better in the next year or even longer with everything getting pushed, might as well order now and wait.
  20. Very interested to hear your results of DG 120 S300 vs LZ 6.0. I recently moved from LZ 5.5 to DG120 S300. The switch is going pretty well so far, but I have been curious what LZ 6.0 would feel like in comparison. Im not gonna lie, one of my main motivations is that there seem to be a lot of nice sets floating around ebay and bst with the LZ 6.0! DG 120 doesn’t seem to have caught on all that much.
  21. For those who play hybrid as direct iron replacements (such as what the JPX fli-hi is advertised as), do you play same shaft in the iron replacement as in your irons or do you play a 80-90 gram graphite like a "traditional" hybrid? For example, if you replace your 5 iron, do you use the same shaft as your 6 iron, 7 iron, etc? 110-130 gram steel? I'm thinking about building a combo set with 6-P a small workable CB and then 4-5 irons as direct long iron replacement hybrids. Once I get to the 5 iron slot, I'm really just looking for high and straight.
  22. I think it's interesting that even a supreme shot making artist like phil is opting to combo from blades in the scoring irons to a utility type iron in the 4/5 iron spot. No X forged or apex pro or anything middle of the road. I've been toying with the idea of an extreme combo set with a MB or minimal CB type design starting with 7 or 8 iron through wedge and then going with utility or even hybrid type irons for everything else like 4-6 iron. Just bypass the traditional middle of the road forgiving cavity back all together. Maximize feel and shot making where you really need it and then after that just high and straight as possible.
  23. Thanks, gonna do some testing soon. That Max has my name all over it though. Thinking it will come down to Max vs Tsi2.
  24. Can anyone speak to how draw biased the Max is and whether its easy to get it adjusted back to neutral? I prefer neutral or possibly just very slight draw bias.
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