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  1. If I time it right the DI is very long in my M4 3 wood. Timing is off and it goes both left and right, with more left than anything.
  2. Good stuff. Would the IZ launch a lot lower than my DI in my fairway?
  3. Thanks. During my driver fitting at PXG I was better with the TP than the Ventus Blue. My fitter liked a lot for me. I just like GD shafts.
  4. Thanks. Might have it tipped fist and hotmelt back up to SW. DI-7 I tried years ago and it was pretty stiff for me. Doesn’t seem like I have read many people use the TP in a fairway. Why?
  5. The O&D Is already awesome!! Love mine. The drivers... have to see in person to rule out. Why no toe weight?? The Proto+ is just so good. Guess the engineers know more than us.
  6. I am a PXG homer and the Gen2 hybrid is the best club they make. Great win for Kevin. Love watching him putt.
  7. Not sure why, but it sounds even more muted, which is good, when the heavy weight is in the toe.
  8. Thanks for the help. Probably staying with GD. I demo’d the Ventus about dying my driver fitting and the TP just worked better for me. Is TP or IZ good in a 3 wood? Good launch? Those might be dumb question because they are both listed as higher launch. I did have the IZ when it came out in an M6 driver and really liked it. TP or IZ??
  9. Agree with him. I did that in my Gunboat and agree with the sound change.
  10. Little louder than a Toulon Vegas. Been demoing that one a lot lately.
  11. Putted and practiced with a TP5, Snell MTB-X, Prov1, and my gamer a Bridgestone B X. Used Spiders for years to include the X and a Cameron Studio Select lately. Now I will say it is an average of the above putters. Lol. Not clicky, not soft, just a milled solid feeling.
  12. I absolutely love my GD AD TP 5S (untipped) shaft in my driver. I have an GD DI 6S (not sure about tipping) in my 3 wood. It’s gets a little loose sometimes. Any suggestions to match my driver shaft? AD DI 7S? What GD shaft? I swing my driver at 102SS.
  13. Dude, the alignment aids that exist , without really being distracting, are just so good. It’s so stable puts a great roll on the ball. With over a year using a Gen2 Gunboat, the new face seems a touch better on the roll.
  14. Here we go.... first round with the O&D. Wow! That’s the post.
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