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  1. Demo’d the 770’s with the stock KBS and hated them. I do not like that shaft at all. Stuck my Modus 120 and instant gratification. Just can’t decide is they are too demanding for a 10 capper. I need to demo again. My PXG 0211 just work, but are so big. Really thinking 4-6 790 and 7-AW 770 Modus 120.
  2. My fitter never moved the weight. He felt like after we moved on from the Ventus Blue to the AD TP in the std 10.5 with heavy weight up from we were spot on. Well as good as we could with my crappy swing. I did get the face angle tp path down really well with the TP. I loved the shaft so much we didn’t even try anything else. Plus I was hitting irons and needed to be fit for a hybrid and a putter.
  3. Really appreciate the information. My fitter wouldn’t even suggest the X the way I was hitting it. -2 AOA in the beginning, then after a tweak of my swing I was getting almost level and getting 13* launch with 2700 rpm and 148 ball speed. I asked about trying the X and he though we couldn’t keep the launch where we needed with that shaft. I loved the AD TP and he did to for me. Just me being a GolfWrxer thinking I need the X for some Lower spin
  4. For the guys that have had both models or demo’d both, how much lower spinning is the X from the X+? I was fit into the X+ but still worried about the spin being a touch high at 2700 or so. My Gen2 0811x seems to be low spin on the course as it it hits and rolls out nicely. Just wondering. Thanks.
  5. OspreyCI

    PXG Spitfire

    Anyone still gaming the Spitfire? I was just fit for one last weekend.
  6. I was fit into the AD TP at PXG. You say the AD HD is a touch higher launch with the same kick? Wow! Money!
  7. Right on man! Let me know how the otter works out. I wanted to try it because it cools very cool and didn’t think it would be for me, but man it was so good. Enjoy.
  8. After owning two different Gen2 drivers and now being fit for the Proto.. they all sound the same. Which means they feel like a thud or if you are familiar with a nicely hotmelted TaylorMade head, that what they feel and sound like. ... TO ME
  9. Putter fitting was awesome... again. This is the second time doing one at PXG. I was fit into the Spitfire Double Bend. Just money for me. Had my Gen2 Gunboat for a year and a half and sold it like an idiot. Tried the Bat Attack and it was very good, but the Spitfire could not miss. My fresh Scott Special Select will be in BST soon.
  10. Congrats on the setup. The Proto is a beast! agree on the fitting. My fitter also helped me with my swing during the fitting. I saw an immediate decrease in spin and increase in ball speed. PXG fitting are great.
  11. I was fit into the TP a few days again at PXG. To me, it is the best feeling GD shaft in my Lori in. I have played and owned the DI, IZ, and VR, and the TP is the best of the bunch - FOR ME. Like people have said, it’s beefed up DI, but more feel that the IZ. It’s as advertised too, mid launch and low spin. It will be going in my PXG Proto.
  12. I played the 790’s for two years and demo’d the 770’s for only about 20 minutes. You really think these are as forgiving as the 790’s. If so, I would buy immediately. Hitting off mats just doesn’t do them justice.
  13. Gotcha. See your other post in the 0211.
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