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  1. Picking up a wedge at PXG in a few days. You are making me try the Operator when I am there. Just looks so stable.
  2. Thanks fellas. Both the ego and resale hurts bad. I guess I thought I had a PW in my hand when I swing. Lol. No seriously I did it one morning trying to tee off in the pitch dark. Sucks.
  3. Good stuff. I am getting back into the IZ for my second time. Fan of most all GD shafts.
  4. See pic for a small depression on the crown on my driver when a ball was caught well above the face. It is just a small depression that you have to run your finger across to feel it. Will that affect the play of the head? Thanks.
  5. Looking for a GD AD IZ 5 stiff driver shaft at least 43.5”. Untitled please.
  6. Up for sale. Trade for shaft would be an IZ and trade for wedge would be a TM milled grind 60 or Vokey 60. Graphite Design AD TP 5S untipped with a PXG sleeve. 43.5” long and plays 44.75” in my PXG Proto+. Has a new GP NDMC std grip and shaft has no marks anywhere and looks new. Keep in mind the logo on the shaft are up in std PXG setting. SOLD obro TM Hi-Toe 60 with 10* bounce with the 4-way camber sole. Std loft and length and I think 1 deg up. Stock KBS Hi Rev shaft with no shaft band. GP Tour Velvet Cord in great shape. Grooves are still very good. SOLD obro.
  7. Yea, not good. Moving on from it anyway. Thanks for heads up.
  8. Ow I am going to call. Got mine in Feb and it is trashed. Not good and I do not throw my stuff around. Calling tomorrow.
  9. Anymore more word on the release of her putter?
  10. I went to same weight setup and it is really good now, Agree on the shaft. Mine is shipping so bad. Very cheap shaft from PXG. Disappointing.
  11. Long time Spider user so maybe I would like the Operator. Just don't remember like looking down at it. I am needing the most stable putter on the planet!!
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