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  1. Anymore updates to this? Love the BX, but might be looking for something a hair softer.
  2. Played the Black and it was too low launch off the irons for me. Great around the greens, but just not the ball for me. Anyone need some yellow Blacks?
  3. Don’t you know this man is the GEN4 guru!! Ask and you shall receive….
  4. Tried these balls and not for me. Have been marked with 3 black dots and all are unhit. 7 balls only. Trade for for some MTB X or Bridgestone BX. Or I need 2 Golf Pride Z Cord grips. Whatcha got? $18 shipped.
  5. Ok, first round under my belt with the adjusted grip. MUCH better control for sure!! I like the new grip. Thanks fellas.
  6. Thanks. I always walk and don't have the best feet. The MD4+ look I show I could really like. Currently using Adidas Primknit and love the boost.
  7. Can you compare the comfort level of the ZG21 vs the MG4+. Thanks.
  8. Can’t wait to hear man. You can definitely give us all feedback since you have hit all three Gen4 heads. Play well at Quintero. No rain for you on Sunday.
  9. I have not, but would be interested to know myself.
  10. Thanks. I think that has been an issue for me. I have been gripping it more like above and swinging in the backyard and it does feel more connected or stable.
  11. I got 3 sleeves from a friend of some Blacks. What can I expect? More spin off the driver and irons than the X?
  12. I totally understand what you are saying. I have the club on TOP of the flesh and it seems like it may be too much in the fingers. Make sense when curling my fingers and the flesh pads.
  13. Yes, can be too much in the fingers? When I try it a touch more diagonal across my palm it does feel a touch more secure. Not saying I put it in the palm, just think I may have it excessively in my fingers.
  14. Been reading Ben Hogan's Five Lesson and looking at page 4 about the grip and have a question. I feel like I may be having the grip run too parallel to the base of my fingers. Is it possible to get the grip too much down in the fingers versus more diagonal like Hogan shows?
  15. Agree on their customer service. Rock solid. Had an issue last week on my purchase of some new Gen3 irons. The fitter "accidentally" hit the 1/2" over button on my order. I had installed my own grips (not the stock PXG crappy grip) and they had to rip them off to butt cut the shaft. After some heated discussion they ended up putting on the Golf Pride grips I needed on there. They made it right for me.
  16. Hero’s only can buy them now.
  17. Love the Gen4. I like the white lines in the Gen4 line. That thing will be money!
  18. I played the Proto+ with a heavy weight in the toe and do not miss it in my Gen4. I play a baby cut with the Gen4 and it does not seem draw bias to me. I like it much better than the Proto for me.
  19. Great deal on this putter! I keep rolling it at the store and it feels great. May look strange, but man it works. GLWS.
  20. G...cannot believe I just now saw your post. You know how much I love the BX also. I concur with your findings on the BX against the V1x. I found a brand new (2021) V1x on the course and played it my last 5 holes in and it was really good. I liked putting with it better than the BX. Overall, The BX is so good and the V1x may be just a small touch better. Not by much for me, but I am not the caliber of golfer you are. Thanks for the awesome write-up. Really appreciate the post.
  21. Great stuff. I would dream for those numbers!!! Really appreciate the info and the time. I have to also try the MTB-X again.
  22. That is how I feel about the BX. Appreciate it.
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