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  1. Hope you guys are right about this one. I just picked up a Sim Max 3 wood. Haha.
  2. OspreyCI

    Sim 2 Guys

    Wrong thread. Oops.
  3. Haha. I am semi bad then. This new wedge has made a difference.
  4. Update to my thread. Worked hard on my technique from your guys posts and got a TM MG3 HB 60 and in my practice it has made a tremendous difference. Much, much better now. Thanks fellas.
  5. OspreyCI

    Sim 2 Guys

    Just picked up a Sim2 Max and will be using a Diamana ZF in it. Expect a bomber for sure.
  6. This thing just looks so big sitting on the ground. Been using a PXG Proto that is small and sits flat and loved the size. Guess I need to stop reading this and just get a Sim2 Ti.
  7. So the Sim Max is NOT too big for off the deck?
  8. Looking for a TM SIM Ti 3 wood with stiff shaft.
  9. Looking for a trade for a Sim Max 10.5 or 9* head. Otherwise $235 drop $225 shipped. PXG Gen4 0811x 10.5 head with extra 17.5 gram weight, wrench, and Headcover. Currently weights 198 grams with the 15 and 2 x 2.5 gram weights. In good shape and used about 15 rounds. No sky marks.
  10. Thanks. May not be the right thread to post this. Play the ball more middle front with a a Seemore? That’s seems like the correct ball position to hide the dot.
  11. Agree with both posts above. Only hit Gen4 two different times in fittings. Could not justify the cost difference. Gen3 is way better than Gen2 and Gen4 is NOT way better than Gen3. Just my opinion. GO DARKNESS!!
  12. Had my Nashville mFGP on the putting teen twice is is so good. With a ProV1 it feels amazing. Just hid the red dot (blacked out on mine) and just swing it! Just rolls so pure and online.
  13. Only trade would be for both the 3 and 5 wood for a Sim2 Ti 3 wood. $165 obro for the 3 wood and $145 obro for the 5 wood or make an offer for both. PXG 0341x Proto 15* 3 wood. Stock length at 43” and has a Fujikura Speeder 757 Evolution Tour Spec Stiff shaft. Been used for about 20 rounds. Stock weights and Headcover included. Used GP MCC std grip. In great shape. PXG 0341x Proto 18* 5 wood with stock Diamana Limited s70 Stiff shaft. Stock length and weights. Headcover included. Like new GP MCC std grip. I really nice shape.
  14. Good stuff man. That is why I am swapping back to TM woods. Gen3 P irons are the best I have ever owned. Just need some more distance from my woods. This is the beginning of the end for anything outside of my irons. Swapping to TM MG3 wedges as we speak.
  15. Thanks fellas. Appreciate it. Might pick it up after reading this. Been wanting to try a Sim 3 wood.
  16. Would the face wear on this fairway wood affect ball flight? Asking for a friend…
  17. Thread jack. The Sim Max was better for you than the others you own?
  18. I like the Elevate Tours are both a touch stiffer and more stable. I find the trajectory perfect in the Tours also. Nippon 105 was a bit too high and light and the 120’s were good, but the soft handle made them time up wrong for me. Tours are just a perfect combo of those… FOR ME.
  19. Smoking deal on an amazing rangefinder. Can’t say enough great things just how good the Q-6 is.
  20. Like to know myself.
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