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  1. The course where I work part-time is open but the range is closed. The range doesn't drain nearly as well as the course (which doesn't drain great) so when we get tons of rain, as we have over the past two months, this happens quite often. The range balls just plug when its this wet, sometimes 2-3 inches deep, making it almost impossible to pick the range. I used to be the "I need to hit a small bucket before my round" guy, but over the years I don't really need to. I often play better when I start off cold. I think it keeps me from over swinging, resulting in better accuracy.
  2. I have way too much stuff so here are a few items offered for sale. Prices include shipping east of the Mississippi; add $10 west. Trade interest - Vokey SM8 56-S and 60-S, Ping G425 Max driver. 1) TaylorMade P7MC 4-P - Project X 6.0 soft-stepped 1 time. Standard length, loft and lie. Lamkin cord grips. Clubs are in great condition with only a few round on them. $950 SOLD!!! 2) TaylorMade Black Milled Grind 2 wedges - 50/09 is 35.5" and D4. 54/11 is 35.25" and D5. Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 shafts with Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grips. These are in gr
  3. Only pull an adapter from a shaft with a shaft puller. I've seen people try to pull adapters without using a shaft puller and the results are always the same - the tip is either over-heated and the graphite resin breaks down, or the tip is under-heated and the person doing the work attempts to "twist" the adapter to remove it. Either results in catastrophic damage or tip failure. There is also the consideration of swing-weight. The heads may be different weights, the shafts may be different lengths and the the bottom of bore to ground (BBTG) measurements may be dif
  4. "Is PXG equipment really that good?" is such a subjective questions. You could insert any OEM name in that sentence and get the same discussion. I've owned PXG in every club and the only thing I still own is the irons. I've been playing them for about 2 years and they are great irons. However, they are currently being tested against the PING i210 and TM P7MC. As good as the PXGs are for me, there's something missing with them I can't quite put my finger on. I had the Gen 1 driver, fairway, hybrid and putter for a while. They were just ok to me, nothing special. I
  5. I just bought a set of heads and built a set to try out. Weather and other factors will likely keep me from hitting them for another 2-3 weeks. I’ll come back and offer my thoughts. I’ve been playing PXG 0311T Gen 1 irons for a couple of years and was testing a set of the new TM P7MC before the cold weather dropped. The i210 are slightly larger than the 0311T and definitely beefier than the P7MC (which are fairly small and blade-like in size) with more offset in the long irons than both the others.
  6. I'm interested to hear your thoughts on the new Titleist fairway. It sure looks nice.
  7. The ball has been discussed in several posts in this thread, and I agree its the most difficult piece of equipment to change. There may be a non-retail Chrome Soft or Chrome Soft X that can replace his current ball.
  8. Prices listed below do not include shipping. Please PM me only if you are serious about buying and I will get a shipping quote for you. NO TRADE INTEREST AT THIS TIME 1) Mizuno JPX 921 SEL 4-G - KBS Tour $ Taper Stiff shafts with Golf Pride Tour 360 grips blown on. Standard length, loft and lie angles, but I can bend to your desired set-up. I bought these a few months back lightly used and played 2 rounds with them. They just can't beat my current irons. SOLD! 2)Mizuno MP20 SEL 3-P - Nippon Pro Modus 120X shafts with Golf Pride Z Cord grips bl
  9. I have always like the Tour V in X flex (soft stepped once) but went away from them in favor of the DG AMT S400 for the past two years. Although I like theAMT quite a bit, there always seems to be something missing. I recently purchased a set of Nike VR Pro Combo irons and shafted them with Tour V X straight in. I've had them out several times and love the feel and performance. After reading some information on the PX LZ shafts I am intrigued. I have been considering trying the LZ and I have the same question you do in your OP. Can anyone provide some comparisons?
  10. Finished length is irrelevant. Hosel length and BBTG (bottom of bore to ground) are the measurements that matter. Some irons have progressive hosel lengths and some have different BBTG measurements. I've removed shafts from set A that have longer hosels and different BBTG measurements and dry fitted those shafts into set B. Set B was 1/2" shorter than standard because of the difference in those measurements.
  11. Perhaps the larger lower hand helps those with a handsier swing from hitting hooks?
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