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  1. I have always like the Tour V in X flex (soft stepped once) but went away from them in favor of the DG AMT S400 for the past two years. Although I like theAMT quite a bit, there always seems to be something missing. I recently purchased a set of Nike VR Pro Combo irons and shafted them with Tour V X straight in. I've had them out several times and love the feel and performance. After reading some information on the PX LZ shafts I am intrigued. I have been considering trying the LZ and I have the same question you do in your OP. Can anyone provide some comparisons?
  2. Finished length is irrelevant. Hosel length and BBTG (bottom of bore to ground) are the measurements that matter. Some irons have progressive hosel lengths and some have different BBTG measurements. I've removed shafts from set A that have longer hosels and different BBTG measurements and dry fitted those shafts into set B. Set B was 1/2" shorter than standard because of the difference in those measurements.
  3. Perhaps the larger lower hand helps those with a handsier swing from hitting hooks?
  4. I ordered the buy 3 get 1 free with personalization on April 1. I didn't get them until mid July. I called PGASS (purchased through them) in early June and they told me the plant was shut down because of the Corona Virus.
  5. I'll echo what Fergie said - practice putting to a tee in the ground rather than a hole. After 10-15 minutes of practice, you'll be surprised how big the hole looks. I went through a patch very much like you describe in your OP. There are a lot of factors that can contribute. Like someone said above, hitting 14-16 greens (but always 25-30 feet away) can be a misleading stat. Hell, the pros, as good as they are, only average 43% from 10 feet. These are the best players in the world.
  6. A few items up for sale. Prices include shipping to ConUS. I can ship to Canada but buyer pays full shipping charge. No trade interest at this time. I do my best to ship next day, but sometimes it may be 2-3 days. I am a firefighter and work 24 hour shifts. 1) Callaway Mavrik 9* with Aldila Rogue 130 MSI Stiff (tipped 1"). Plays at 44.75". Swingweight is D2 with 5 grams Hotmelt added to adjust headweight after the club was cut down from 45.5". There is some discoloration on the sole from heating the sole to even out Hotmelt (see close-up photo of the sole). Golf Pride Tour Velvet whi
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