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  1. Photos look like Spider X Chalk, not Hydroblast. Or am I seeing things?
  2. A few items for sale. Price includes shipping to ConUS, so please consider that relative to your location and mine if you make an offer. Low ball offers will not get a response. NO TRADES AS THIS TIME. PLEASE DO NOT OFFER. 1) TaylorMade Spider X Hydroblast - 35", 72* lie angle, 3* loft. Aftermarket black shaft installed and an almost new Golf Pride grip. I do not like chrome putter shafts so I installed the black one. This putter is in excellent condition. I only used it a couple of times. Comes with stock headcover. SOLD! 2) PING G410
  3. What has your experience been with the sound of the LS driver? I’ve read several posts in other threads stating it has a “hitting a railroad spike” sound to it. Kind of a piercing ting sound.
  4. I have a blue 6X on the way for my driver and I am excited to try this shaft after reading all of the positive feedback.
  5. I haven't played the PX shafts in so long I can't really say. Sorry I can't be more helpful.
  6. Here are a few items up for sale. Prices include shipping to the ConUS east of the Mississippi; add $10 west. I will likely ship everything via FedEx since the USPS is pretty horrible these days. I will ship within 3 business days of receiving payment. I will not hold items. Payment is expected within 1 hour of commitment to buy. NO TRADES AT THIS TIME. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Low-ball offer will not get a response. 1) PXG Gen3 0311 4-PW - 4, 5, and 6 are 0311P; 7-PW are 0311T. Shafted w
  7. So they are 1” shorter than standard length. This has nothing to do with tipping.
  8. Srixon XV in yellow, pre spin skin.
  9. Are the C-Taper lite shafts .355 or .370? I've never heard of tipping .355 steel shafts as standard procedure for an OEM, and .370 shafts are tipped progressively. Can you elaborate on this? Do you mean the tips are prepped 1"?
  10. The course where I work part-time is open but the range is closed. The range doesn't drain nearly as well as the course (which doesn't drain great) so when we get tons of rain, as we have over the past two months, this happens quite often. The range balls just plug when its this wet, sometimes 2-3 inches deep, making it almost impossible to pick the range. I used to be the "I need to hit a small bucket before my round" guy, but over the years I don't really need to. I often play better when I start off cold. I think it keeps me from over swinging, resulting in better accuracy.
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