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  1. One of the key swing thoughts for me is to keep my hands low through impact. So from the top, to get my hands feeling low at impact, it feels like I'm flattening the club and creating lag almost as a side effect. All other methods of creating lag feel forced to me, which is the enemy of a smooth tempo swing. I need everything to feel flowy.
  2. I'm interested in seeing how BD plays when he hits it 350yds.... into the trees.
  3. I'm sure there's a "good" reason for it but +/- sign for handicaps has always been counterintuitive for me.
  4. I enjoy golf when I can make 2-4 birdies a round and shoot around even par. Four decades ago I was doing that from the championship tees. Now I'm on the senior tees having a blast doing it with all my old fart friends. The youngstas give us crap about playing from the #$%^& tees but we just tell em to shut up and pay up.?
  5. For a week after our greens are aerated (big holes) we play 2-putt max since putting on them is basically a joke (no, we don't post the scores). Almost everyone hits more greens than they normally would because they just aim for the center of the green to get that GIR and "automatic par." I repeat, NO we don't post the scores. And no I don't care to get into an argument about "real" golf.
  6. The higher the humidity the less dense the air becomes. As a pilot you learn very early in your training about the triple whammy called "Hot, High and Humid." All three lower the density of the air reducing the amount of lift available from the wings (with some reduced engine performance as well) resulting primarily in increased takeoff distance requirements. Temperature and altitude have the greater effects with humidity coming in third. There is actually very little effect on ball flight going from 60%-90% humidity - easily outranked by temperature and altitude.
  7. See a doctor. My mom has them bad and I'm starting to get them too, but the beta blockers I was put on for a heart issue helped tremendously with my putting issues. Low dose beta blockers I believe are a first line treatment for essential tremors.
  8. I'm assuming you're talking about Callaway Apex 19 irons. Their standard lie is 0.5* flatter than the p770'. Are your Apex's standard length? Standard 5i is 38" for both.
  9. At my club, as long as it's witnessed by at least 2 other players, it's a hole-in-one and it pays out, no matter the format.
  10. I don't ever remember a putt going offline because someone stepped in my line. A poorly repaired ball mark is an entirely different story though. That happens about once per round.
  11. For anyone worried about shipping from England - the last set of Stensons I bought from Jamie were in my hands 3 days after I paypalled him. Great seller here guys.
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