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  1. They fit me perfectly but I'm a cadet M/L and I'm probably on the fat part of the bell curve. All you can do is give them a shot.
  2. It's all I've used for the last 2 years. I came from using Titleist cadet M/L exclusively. Like Lasib says above - very comfortable and long-lasting. Pretty sure they carry them at PGASS. I buy them in bulk online whenever somebody runs a deal on them because I'm afraid they might go out of business at some point.
  3. Zero Friction one size fits all glove. I saw one in a PGASS a while back and tried it on out of curiosity. It's the only glove I'll use now, and I was a devoted Titleist glove user before. It truly is one size fits all, well made, long-lasting, and very cool in hot weather. I wore a cadet ML in the Titleist.
  4. I can't speak to the 130s but I don't take my 130 onto the range because it won't stand on its own without propping it up with a couple clubs. Since all the pockets are basically on the front it gets unbalanced weight-wise when fully loaded. Love it as a cart bag though.
  5. We play golf through the winter down here in Georgia and, like you, proper layering without feeling restricted has been a problem for me too. I finally settled on a long sleeve cotton polo followed by a sweater vest followed by a 1/4 zip. The sweater vest keeps my core warm without restricting my swing as much as 3 long sleeved layers. And Hot Hands hand warmers are a must when temps dip around 40º.
  6. Love the Microsuedes. Very comfortable grip without being torquey (?) like a lot of softer grips can be. I don't play in the rain so I can't help you there.
  7. Mine was 6 weeks with no golf then chipping and putting with a gradual build up to full swing. 3-4 months maybe.
  8. I have a B Draddy that I really like. Seems like they might be having a sale on now too.
  9. Sorry I didn't get your gender from your user name. At our club there is a forward set of tees that senior women and super senior men use. These were put in a few years ago at not great expense to the club and have received a lot of use since. Hopefully where you play they would consider that.
  10. I'm 67 now. It's been a slow steady decline for me since I turned 50 and seems to be accelerating slightly in my late 60's. I'm probably 40-50yds shorter off the tee now than I was at 50yo with most of that coming in the last 3 years. The thing that has been most important for me in maintaining my enjoyment of the game is that I haven't let my ego prevent me from moving up a tee box as I've aged. Golf for me is most enjoyable when I'm using most of the clubs in my bag, and moving up a tee box has allowed me to do that. As for career best rounds I shot a 65 once in my early 40s from the tips
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