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  1. Sorry you had a bad experience. I've never played Kapalua, but I always buy a course book whenever I travel to courses like that - both for their souvenir value and for cases like this, where lack of course knowledge hurts you.
  2. Those are the same guys who, if someone playing behind them hit into them, would pick up the ball, heave it into a lake, and then start a fight.
  3. Interestingly the FDA just approved a diclofenac/tramadol combo pill. Should be available for prescription some time next year.
  4. Played behind a really really really sloooow 4some once. By the time they walked off the 17th green there were 9 of us on the tee so we finished as a 9-some. They started their round 2 hrs before we did. No clue how many groups they let through before we got to them.
  5. Very poor real-time updating of individual matches. It should have been simple when cutting to a different match to immediately put up a graphic of how the match stood. Instead, when they cut to a match they hadn't shown in 4 holes, you were left wondering was our guy still 1 down. Just display the score of the match when you cut to it for crying out loud.
  6. Same here. Very pricey but so far worth every penny. I'm only a few rounds in but so far it works flawlessly. Oh, and the only accessory i bought was a drink cup holder.
  7. I don't think they run wide at all. I wear a medium width in all shoes and these fit perfectly.
  8. Georgia golfer here. My go to is Peter Millar Performance Mesh shirts and their Salem High drape shorts. I recently got a pair of their Shackleford performance hybrid shorts and they are even lighter than the Salems. Very comfortable. 2Undr underwear and Kentwool socks and you're good to go.
  9. Meh. Not much there.
  10. I'm a +1.... from the senior tees.
  11. With 5 headcovers in my bag right now, I didn't make the list.
  12. Kentwool. Have several pairs that are a few years old. Have never had a problem with them. And I live in the south with 90 degree temps and 90+% humidity. Don't know about their customer service since I've never had to call them. Great socks.
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