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  1. I am going with A, but wonder about the "dropping" the ball occurring during the suspension of play. I would think the seacrh and finding are ok, but not sure about the rest of the players actions.
  2. Can anyone explain why the answer is NOT C?
  3. Looks like you in fact play two gap wedges (48 and 52)? I can understand the need to with the 44 degree PW. I play t200s (43 degree PW) and have been debating the same approach you have taken.
  4. The HZRDUS Red if definitely a "real shaft" - I have a handcrafted version that is VERY Red, and two of the non-handcrafted ones that are black with red letters. I have had very good results with them in a FW wood.
  5. Have you have lost your ability to read or or see as well? Reed COULD NOT SEE IF THE BALL BOUNCED - and neither could anyone else... his playing partners or the volunteers - no one. He did not have the video - the rules officials stated he did everything by the book. What more do you want?
  6. Who knew you would get slammed if you were not watching your notifications like an expectant father? Since my comment was both applauded and criticized, I will step back into this conversation - which ought to be pretty simple. In this version, I will distinguish more carefully between Course Handicap and GHIN Index. If two people have the same GHIN index, but play from different tee boxes, they will have different Course Handicaps. If two people play from different tee boxes, and have the same Course handicap, then they must have different GHIN indexes. The GHIN index calcula
  7. Respectfully, this is 100% inaccurate. The GHIN system takes into account the tee boxes (and this difficulty rating) when determining course handicaps. If you are 4 from one set of tees, and your friend is a 4 from a different set of tees, there WOULD be a stroke differential IF you played him from the SAME tees.
  8. It's a sickness.... I just like golf bags, and never end up selling the ones I get tired of. If only there was somewhere to sell them ?????
  9. I have nothing but great things to say about the BF series. I started with one in my 410 3 wood, then one in my 410 Plus - loved them both so much I put one in my new SIM Max. I switched from a Tensei Orange Pro 60S in my driver, and have been very pleased with the difference. As much as I liked the TOP, my swing speed did not allow for the best launch window with that shaft. The BF's higher launch (mid launch) has been a big plus for me.
  10. Bruh, 27 posts and you are going after a long time member like that? For real? And btw, the bottle tops in question are likely from a soda bottle (plastic) - same material as a tee. Not a whole lot of bottled beer on a golf course. But by ALL means, welcome to GolfWRX....
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