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  1. Bruh, 27 posts and you are going after a long time member like that? For real? And btw, the bottle tops in question are likely from a soda bottle (plastic) - same material as a tee. Not a whole lot of bottled beer on a golf course. But by ALL means, welcome to GolfWRX....
  2. The first time this was suggested to me, I thought it made sense. The folks who suggested it, indicated that another club they played at used this method - and the membership liked it. When I gave it more consideration, it started to make less sense - so I kept thinking. Then I took out a scorecard, and played an imaginary round using a "scratch / + index" golfer I know vs me (I am an 8 index) on a hole by hole basis. When I did that, it made even less sense. I'm trying to be very open minded, and collect as much informations and feedback as I can. The coming disc
  3. Some members at our club are requesting we make a modification in how we establish scoring rules in our handicapped events (Member/Member, Member /Guest, Match Play, etc.). They have suggested that we eliminate "net birdies" - so that a score of par on a hole that the player receives a stroke is recorded as a par vs a "net birdie". The logic is that the lower handicap player should not lose a hole to the higher handicap golfer if both players make a par. - Have any of you ever heard of this? - What has your experience been? Did the competition respond well to this or not we
  4. It's really simple... you are not playing the same tees as the Pros are. So that bunker that is 290 from the Championship tees, is now 230 from the tees in a 6,500 yard layout. That makes the bunker equally in play.
  5. Your argument about “not using pros” as a yardstick makes no sense. If you are playing from a distance that leaves you hitting more than a 5 iron approach more than a couple of times, I would suggest you are making it difficult on yourself.
  6. What does that even mean? Are we editing / deleting posts for "political correctness" here now?
  7. Per CBS Sports: Justin Thomas is your Player of the Year. Well, one of them anyway. On Tuesday, Thomas was named the PGA Player of the Year ahead of Jon Rahm. It's the second time Thomas has won this award, which is not voted on but rather tallied up using a system that includes points for wins, money list position and scoring average. Dustin Johnson, who matched Thomas with three PGA Tour wins last season, finished fifth. Justin Thomas -- 66 points Jon Rahm -- 56 Collin Morikawa -- 54 Webb Simpson -- 52 Dustin Johnson -- 42 Johnson finished a surp
  8. I had a similar challenge with the Tensei Pro Orange in terms of the ball flight being too low. That, combined with a 410 LST, made it hard for me to maximize the launch window. I switched to a 410 Plus on a Mitsubishi Diamana BF 60, and have been very pleased with the results. I would suggest giving that a try, and also perhaps working on a flatter takeaway to achieve a straighter ball flight. Good luck...
  9. Good plan...look forward to the results!
  10. Seems the 6.0 gives you: more carry, less roll, less side spin, more spin, and higher trajectory....all positives for an iron. Is this your 7 iron? Can’t see on the image.... Based on this, 6.0 looks like the winner...
  11. Purely based on the flex of the shaft (6.0 = stiff, 5.0 = regular, 5.5 = in the middle). The OP stated he hits his 7i 150 yards, so I deduced swing speed from that. Assuming a good strike, someone with a SS that merits a 6.0 would be expected to hit their 7i a bit further. I am an example of that - 7i is a 160 club for me, and I play the “in the middle” flex (5.5 in PX, R+ in KBS).
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