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  1. I have seen both here in CO. I think the hoodie version is newer. It also has a light elastic bottom (vs. the open bottom on this one). Both seem nice, I have the hoodie version in black and am pondering one in navy since they are only $19 in store right now. drn92
  2. Great to hear. I did see that same jacket in a local Costco, but not in my size. Mine has the hoodie, I sure hope it works as well for me! drn92
  3. Ahh, I like that one also. I hope it works for you, I a more excited to use mine this winter. drn92
  4. The original Old Navy pants were awesome. Then they were updated and removed the gusseted crotch. The update was not as good. I believe they have a new pant that is a cotton blend (vs all poly) but I do not know if they have the gusset. drn92
  5. I find the cut on the Target pants is not as flattering as other options. The OG pants from Old Navy had a gusseted crotch like lululemon, which made them a great alternative. Plus, I have a tough time spendings $120+ on pants that I am going to get dirty, mud-stained, and generally put through the wringer. drn92
  6. I have a couple other jackets (high end Eddie Bauer, Prana, Spyder, Patagonia) and this appears to be just as well made. The price is so good that I might get a second in a different color. drn92
  7. Not sure your budget, but I found a nice 32 Degree jacket at Costco, currently $19 on their website. It it does have a hood, but what I really like is that the body is lightly insulated while the sides and arms are a stretch fleece fabric. Plenty of stretch and range of motion for a golf swing, nice neutral colors, soft fabric, it definitely checked all my boxes for a late fall/winter jacket. I think this plus an Underarmour base layer will work all the way down to the high 30’s. drn92
  8. How doe you find the S-three’s drop? I like the Bioms but prefer to look of the S-three. drn92
  9. Patagonia has a couple options, on in stretch cotton and one in performance material. drn92
  10. If you do not mind a hood, Costco has some really nice jackets on sale right now for $17. They have insulated front and back body panels with fleece arms and sides. For the $$$ they seem like a great option for cold weather golf. drn92
  11. I find it is more creative. I also prefer to carry when I play, it is just easier than bringing my push cart and worrying about where and when to park it on each hole. I definitely save a little time as well since I can walk pretty much wherever I need to on the course. My scores have not changed that much. I’ve been a mid single digit for the last 25 years. Most of the time I find that I do not have a “stock” shot from the fairway. There is always a need to hit it high, or bring it in right to left, or keep it under the wind, so it seems like being between clubs is no big deal.
  12. drn92

    12 club bag

    There is a lengthy thread on minimalist golf on this page ... lots of people (myself included) play with less than 14 clubs. I think you could drop the 3 wood and driving iron for a 5 wood, drop the 6 iron, and drop the lob wedge (with a 48 and 56 instead of the 46 and 54) and get down to 9 clubs. I would bet that over the season your handicap wouldn’t be impacted. drn92
  13. crazy how shoes fit differently. I wear a 47 in every pair of Ecco’s I’ve tried. I’d be swimming in 48’s! Current shoes are Ecco Cage Pro Boa and they are working great. Just looking for a cheaper, more breathable option. drn92
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