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  1. Adidas has some joggers that would be awesome for colder temps. I think they are on the adidas site now. while not joggers, I picked up a pair of soft shell pants from Costco last year that are great for cold weather golf. Tapered legs but plenty of room, stretchy and warm fabric, nice pockets. drn92
  2. Sometimes Banana Republic has a nice hoodie. I picked up one last year that would be good for fall golf. A little heavier weight blended fabric. drn92
  3. Speaking of joggers, I’m watching the golf channel this morning and a replay of the champions tour event. I swear Bernhard Langer is wearing the all day every day pant from Public Rec. drn92
  4. Big quarter zip fan here. I just picked up a couple from Costco (Hickey Freeman) and a Nike from my favorite course. The HF are really nice (of course, I had to order two of each to get the sizing right) but the jury is still out on the Nike. Any suggestions on qz’s with a slightly lower collar height? The HF’s from Costco are great. I have a couple from Spyder that are too high to wear regularly so they gather dust. drn92
  5. @Chilidog … good to hear. I am on their email list and these caught my eye for this fall and winter. Is the hoodie the super lightweight one on the website? If so, I have navy and black and they work great for cool morning workouts in the Rockies. Always good to hear your feedback as I’ve been really happy with the reccos. I’ll drop one here as well … I picked up the Bluffworks joggers for travel and they have worked out really well. drn92
  6. I’ve really enjoyed my Nike Victory G Lite for dry rounds this season. drn92
  7. You know that was 5 years ago … drn92
  8. Gonna disagree. Reed’s past performance was good, but his recent performance, on the course this year when he had a chance to earn a pick (or even earn a auto qualifying), and his health concerns, are absolutely valid reasons to pick someone else. Like mutual funds say … past performance is no indicator of future results. drn92
  9. Be that as it may, Reed is not the guy I would want in combat. There are plenty of people with the same killer instinct that would be better teammates. drn92
  10. Not sure (outside of Spieth and Schauffele) that any of those will strike fear into the Euro team. all good players, and surely deserving of the pick, but the US team is interesting this year. drn92
  11. Thinning the herd as summer winds down. Not interested in trades unless you have a set of Ping regular flex irons (either graphite or cushin) … then definitely open! Clubs are in good shape. Please ask for any additional pictures or specs. I am moving to graphite or cushin shafts to ease the wear and tear on my wrist and elbow. In terms of the putter, I like it but need a 35” length. 1) Nike Covert 2.0 irons. 4-W, Regular flex (stock Dynalite Gold), standard length, lie, and loft. Nice GP grips. Asking $180 shipped to lower 48. 2) Titleist ZB irons. 5-W, S200 shaft, standard length, lie, and loft. Good GP grips. Asking $250 shipped to the lower 48. 3) Odyssey mini jailbird O-Works putter. 34” long, headcover included. Asking $105 shipped to the lower 48. 4) Rudy Project Ketyum sunglasses with new RP golf lenses. My son used these for a bit with Rx lenses. I tried the golf lenses, but need enough correction that I am sticking with my current Rx sunglasses. Lots of adjustability with these frames. Lightweight but best for a bit smaller head. Asking $old shipped in the lower 48. Thanks for looking! drn92
  12. Same here … I like the 5-7-9-Gap setup but lofts keep getting stronger. I’m looking at a set of PXG’s and the 6 iron is the loft of my typical 4 iron (24 degrees). drn92
  13. So … the same guy then. drn92
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