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  1. Another option, if they do not have to be waterproof, would be Merrill trail gloves or Vivobarefoot trail runners. There are a bunch of other, discontinued shoes if you can find your size. I also find the Ecco Biom Hybrids fairly close to the ground. drn92
  2. Totally agree. Right now the only real options are Ecco Biom and True Linkswear for low drop, close to the ground shoes. An offering from FJ would be great. drn92
  3. My 7 wood is a lot longer than my 4 iron, so for me is not a substitute. Seems like a 4 hybrid might be a better fit. drn92
  4. I’m a fan of the slimmer pant legs. Not near as much fabric flapping around in the wind and dragging through the wet grass and weeds. Plus it is a much more athletic fit. Golf is a sport... drn92
  5. Where do you work that people get sent home for wearing Lulu Commission pants? drn92
  6. I like the stratos, but I bet they have the same 12mm drop of all other FJ shoes. For that money I’ll be buying Ecco or True Linkswear. drn92
  7. I like your idea of trail shoes. Altar has a couple pair that are really comfy. The Superior is a model I own (have not used for golf) that might work. drn92
  8. Lots of options from the athleisure brands like Public Rec, Rhone, Lululemon, etc ... but they are more expensive. I check the Costco website every couple weeks as they seem to have options regularly. Their Hang Ten and Kirkland shorts are high quality (and inexpensive so tailoring is always an option). I have a couple Travis Mathew pullovers as well that they stocked a month or so ago. drn92
  9. I have some Ecco cage pro boa shoes and really like them. They open easy, and as wide as any shoe with laces. My favorite feature is the micro-adjustment you can get from the boa system. Also very easy to adjust during a round if needed. Sometimes I need one extra “click” after a few holes and that’s I sure a lot easier than re-tying my other shoes. drn92
  10. I went with: Driver 7 wood 5-7-9-Gap 56 Putter for most of my rounds over the last two years and my handicap is the same. 8 clubs and very easy to walk and carry. drn92
  11. If it were me, I’d go: Driver 5 wood 4 iron (maybe on the more forgiving side) 6-8-W 52-58 Putter 9 clubs, all major gaps covered, and I bet your scores do not change! Cheers, drn92
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