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  1. Will Consider M6 or SIM rocket... Stiff or X-Stiff May also consider a 13.5 Degree M2...
  2. 1) Taylormade Hi Toe 64 degrees. Still Has Stock Grip and Shaft. No adjustments have been made so still standard L/L/L. $75 OBO 2) Titleist SM7 Wedge set. Same as above. All Standard L/L/L... 50,56,60 in Brushed Steel... $185 OBO for the set... I’d really prefer to keep these together... ONLY trade interest would be Cleveland CBX 2 wedges...
  3. Just a few items up for a quick sale today.... Feel free to send offers as I'm looking to unload these today! 1) VERY good condition Srixon z545 Irons... 3-PW with S300 Shafts... Like New Golf Pride Align Velvet Grips on 4-PW... 4-PW have been used sparingly and the 3 iron has barely touched a ball and still has original grip on it... The badge on the pitching wedge has came off but doesn't effect playability... 4,5,6 irons are 2 degrees upright and 7,8,9 and PW are one degree upright, Standard Specs on the 3 iron... Standard Length and Lofts... The pictures should tell
  4. VERY good condition!!! No Headcover or Tool... pics tell the story... $100 OBO
  5. I have a few items for sale... 1) Garmin G80 Launch Monitor/GPS... Surprisingly Accurate even into a net... in Like New condition with everything that came in the box... $425 OBO 2) SLDR 430 Head 9 Degree... NO HEADCOVER or TOOL... $70 OBO 3)Taylormade Original One 11.5 Degree with Stock Diamana Stiff Shaft... Comes with Headcover but NO TOOL... SOLD 4) Attas 5 GOGO 8X Shaft... Measures just over 42 inches and plays at roughly 43 inches in the Mini Driver... $75 OBO 5) Odyssey Works Two Ball Fang with Super Stroke Counterweght Grip... in very good condition and will c
  6. Cleveland UHX irons with stiff S300 98 shafts in them. Irons are like new and have only been played 1 round... 5-PW. They are standard L/L/L... I will include the PGA superstore receipt with these for $562 as they still have about 80 days left on the playability... $500 OBO
  7. Thanks for all of the input... I was able to use a Trackman today and as most stated I was in the 99-102 Clubhead Speed and 145-150 MPH Ball Speeds which is pretty consistent to what the G80 was reading in my garage as far as averages... The G80 does seem to read a little higher on the club head speed so I'm just concentrating on the ball speed numbers as they were very similar with my driver and 7 iron on the Trackman... I was surprised to find that I do have a positive AOA... I was assuming that I must be hitting down on the ball a fraction to be spinning it in the mid 3000's... on my good
  8. Thanks for the reply. The swing speed is almost without fail between 104-107 on the monitors at the PGA store as well. Those could be off as well I know. I’m hitting Srixon Z Star golf balls into a net so I’m sure things aren’t spot on but the distance seems to be spot on with irons, etc... I’ll try to go to GG today and use their monitors and report back.
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