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  1. This is what I was looking for. Thinking of the 16.5 and can make a 3 or 5 wood. I saw somewhere TM has a tool that will not change the open/close when you adjust lost. Truth to this? I cant find anywhere. Thanks
  2. Is one more forgiving then the other? Easier to hit off the fairway?
  3. So I understand the head is smaller on he tour and you can adjust lofts. I dot get how the adjustment is a huge advantage because it messes us the face angle. I'm looking for more playability differences. Is the tour easier to hit off e turf? Is the regular version more forgiving? I know most like e tour but I hit the regular version and was crushing it. No tour models to try to was curious and have not found much online. Thanks in advance.
  4. I have a question about the adjustable hybrid. If I have the 18.5 hybrid and I adjust to 20.0 will it effect the club face? If not you can buy one hybrid and adjust it so you don't need two hybrids but if it changes the club face it changes things. Does it close or open the club face as you adjust . Thanks in advance
  5. For you guys who play it at 41, how tall are you? I just ordered 41 and Im 5'10 and it feels like 1/2 inch to short but maybe its how I hold the club. Thanks
  6. has anyone hit the 11.5? Seems awesome
  7. Took my 3 week old yesterday and she LOVED it! Who has the right what you should do and not do when regarding your own children. The track was empty and we walked 9 holes, it was amazing!
  8. I think Bag Boy needs to come out with something for us parents who have a golf fix! Keep me posted if something comes out!
  9. Just had a baby and want to walk with my new baby girl!Do they make a push cart that acts as a bag cart/baby stroller. I have searched but can't find anything! I can't be the first parent who has thought of this
  10. Putter, Irons, Woods and Hybrids!Have some great deals on some great clubs! If you have any questions please reach out to me at 804-615-4030 or pm me! 1. NEW Scotty Cameron Kombi 34 length SN# 2016845 Cover Included $200 Free Shipping in USA 2. Burner Irons 4-W KBS Shafts (4 iron is stock shaft) White Golf Pride Grips SN# 95NA1H4H Used 9/10 $450 Free Shipping USA 3. Titleist 909D2 Driver 9.5 Stiff V2 Shaft Yellow GolfPride Grip SN#1820157 NEW! Hit once with tape in hitting bay $200 Free Shipping USA 4. Ping G15 Driver 9 Stiff Stock TFC shaft SN#095731D6 Red GolfPride Grips Looks New! hit with tape in hitting bay for fitting... $180 Free Shipping USA 5. Ping G15 3wood Stock Stiff TFC149 SN#710373F6 Used 9/10 Red GolfPride Grip Used 9/10 $120 Free Shipping 6. Ping Craz-E putter, 34 inches, new and head cover $90 Free Shipping SN# 0Q13043L
  11. Only 1 please!So what would it be? Best training aid and if you could only select 1, thanks
  12. Does X flex in irons mean I would be x flex in driver?I went and got fitted for new irons and they put this mizuno shaft reader on a club and tell me to swing 6 times. I was shocked, it came back an x flex for my irons. I was in between x and stiff so they sent to ping to soft step once so it was inbetween. Here is my question, if I play an x flex in my irons Im I more likely to play one in my driver???
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