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  1. I can't use progressives. Suggestion - get single vision distance glasses, 50% blue tint. Work great on sunny or cloudy days and in lower light. The blue tint is great for golf. Easy to get these customized at eye buy direct. If you know your distance prescription, they're about $60. Very good lenses.
  2. I got paired with a middle aged couple at a nice public course in Va Beach. The man was a bit scruffy but dressed well. They hadn't played the course before so I was happy to help them. After about 8 holes it came up in conversation that he had a concert that night to go to. It was Charlie Daniels and his wife. He was a pretty good player - golf and the fiddle! RIP
  3. I was randomly paired with an LPGA player a few years back. She was really attractive. Yeah, I hate being paired up with strangers(totally kidding). Being pared up is part of the game. I'm fine with it. However, I don't want to be paired up with the OP.
  4. I've been s student of the Ballard swing since 1987. To me, the finest example is Annika Sorenstam. Pure Ballard and her record speaks for itself. Lots of videos of Annika to watch.
  5. The foot bed is comfortable but my feet move around too much inside the shoe. They're slippery material, yet they are the correct fit. Disappointed with mine.
  6. I use the modern milled version of the 8802. No alignment line. This style of putter works well with my inside/square/inside stroke. They really promote a smooth stroke. My home courses run 12 on the speed-o-meter, and these putters are great on fast greens.
  7. My favorite is Callaway 2018 Apex MB. Most impactful in history, PING Eye 2.
  8. Yes the do. Very grippy and more stable than regular tennis shoes. Soles are fairly wide. I played in them once and immediately ordered another pair. Probably have ten rounds with them wet and dry. Vans are always in style.
  9. Van's Ultra Range are perfect. Comfortable and grippy even when turf is wet.
  10. Try a two wheel pull cart with a light bag. Much easier than pushing for me.
  11. New to this thread. I have five full rounds with the 300 at 13.5. It is longer than my driver by 20 yards which shows you how poor I hit a standard driver. It works for me because I do not like to hit up on drivers. The 300 is low spin and rolls out really well on dry fairways. The shorter shaft will give you confidence to hit the ball with purpose. I highly recommend this club if you can relate to my experience. Good looks, nice feel, and muted sound. It clicks all the boxes for me. My swing speed is low 90s and I average 230-250 yards with the 300.
  12. I think you can pick them up at CHESS KING.
  13. 77. One birdie, one double.
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