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  1. It's like calling a baseball game. Very difficult. Lots of time to fill. Every joke or clever comment isn't going to be a home run. You do want to hit some singles and doubles though. As a general observation, most of the announcers are mediocre. But they don't generate any hate in me.
  2. He's such a classy guy. Should hook up with Polo. I wear the vest, but I do the Chandler as opposed to the JT.
  3. So, after a year without one, I got a haircut yesterday. Felt like I was going in for a colonoscopy... except for the bowel cleansing part. Double masked. It felt good. Again, no bowel cleansing. That Nick Nolte mugshot look was not working for me.
  4. I know first hand, Curtis Strange came up modest. His dad, a club pro at a little public course, died when he was 12. More than once Curtis bummed a couple dollars for gas when leaving the public driving range. He was probably into me for $15.
  5. Appleby is cultivating the Keith Urban look. Chicks dig it. (#Nicole Kidman)
  6. It's the Covid look. I'm rockin' too. Bunch of old farts complaining.
  7. I've had a Stitch SL1 for 3 years. Recommend. Doesn't hold much, but I don't need much when I'm playing golf. I'm not going camping. Durable, waterproof, simple.
  8. His hands are higher at impact than at address. There's been quite a few good players with low hands at address. Rickie Fowler is short and he has low hands.
  9. I think he's working the bag drop.
  10. It's business. JT endorses RL, RL endorses JT. RL had to do it. I can't blame them. I'm sure JT meant no malice, but he screwed up.
  11. BMC

    dopey hat

    I always enjoy the irony when golfers talk fashion.
  12. Are you guys familiar with that little speaker icon on your device? Google it if you need help.
  13. The song is a goof. Video has 35 million views. He's actually a pretty good country artist who played college golf.
  14. Augusta Natl. looks beautiful on a November afternoon.
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