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  1. I'm the same speed as you I like the E12 contact. Good all around ball.
  2. Enjoy your music playing as a single.
  3. Grooves wear out with play and practice..
  4. I hope the network is blurring out that untucked shirt. That's something the kids don't need to see. The horror!
  5. If you're going untucked, wear shirts that look good untucked, not tails hanging to your knees.
  6. Two rounds in a pair. Dry conditions. Plenty of grip. I like that I can actually feel the ground in them, yet good support. I'm a fan.
  7. Well, the reporter's editor went with the story, so the reporter can't take all the heat.
  8. It's only golf. Maybe Phil will just cut a check to the charity next year.
  9. Dan Hicks sounds a parody of a minor league baseball announcer. How did he get this gig? He talks at you. Throws out a lot of stats because he doesn't have anything interesting to say, yet won't stop talking. Dan, please host a game show.
  10. You shouldn't be penalized for having a hobby your passionate about. She should find one too, to have a well rounded life. Lying ain't gonna work.
  11. The pace of play and lack of personality and emotion make the LPGA unwatchable. Like watching a virtual aquarium on your laptop.
  12. BMC

    Tony romo

    It's an old saying, I'm sure I've said before too. Probably one we should retire.
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