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  1. [i]What should I keep? Shot an 84 Sunday with NINE pars! 2 or 3 doubles and three 3 putts. [/i]I've been through all the above. Play the clubs that look best to you. Then practice your short game and putting.[i] [/i]
  2. [i]The best hybrid Cobra ever made was the Baffler Pro. [/i] Boy, do I agree with this. An amazing club[i]. [/i]Small, square, single color head[i]. [/i]Long, and great from the rough.[i] [/i]A real marvel of club design.[i] [/i]
  3. Golf - cool and trendy? Ha ha, that's a good one! Ping G10 driver Ping Rapture V1 17* fw MacGregor VIP Custom Grinds 2-pw Wilson JPII 55* sw Ping Zing (original) bronze putter Ball - down to my last sleeve of Balatas
  4. Nine clubs for me. Driver 17* wood 21* hybrid 9-6 irons Mac VIPs 54* SW putter I play better when I walk, and as crazy as it sounds, I score better with fewer choices. 5hdcp Bill
  5. OP...I like your thinking. Seve used only a 55* Wilson JP II SW. I do the same. 5 hdcp. A good wedge can be opened up for more loft. About 10* bounce would be good.
  6. Yes to walking!! I'm 52. 7 hdcp. I walk 80% of the time. Carry nine clubs. It's the more athletic way to play. I found a great small, single strap stand bag at Dick's. Walter Hagen. About 70 bucks. I defintely save about 2 to 3 strokes a round by walking. More time to strategize walking to the ball and the excercize keeps me relaxed.
  7. I've played many forgings over the years. I really like the Hogan Apex '99. Sweet feel and somewhat forgiving. You should be able to find a set in very good conditin for 200 or less.
  8. It's ELEVEN HOURS worth of coverage. Who do you think pays for this? COMMERCIALS. Does ESPN use the BBC feed? They used to. They didn't have much control over the "shot". To the guy who said "curtis strange sucks" - well thought out comment!
  9. I play the Victory Cords on my Custom VIPs. They are great in hot, humid weather. Sweat makes the even tackier. They are hard and slippery in the winter. The GP Tour Velvet are a better all around choice.
  10. Johnny's job as a broadcaster, and NBC employee, is to create drama to hold on to viewers. If you want a boring broadcast, watch the European Tour coverage. You'll be begging for some drama.
  11. Beck and Duval on desert golf courses. You still have to hit the fairway to lift, clean, and place. That course is in such good condition, the lift, clean, and place wasn't much advantage. If it was that easy, why didn't ten other guys shoot 59 that day? Stricker was awesome, too. If it was par 72, he might have shot 58. Congratulations PG!!
  12. This tournament needs some BUBBA !! He could turn out to be a real TV star if he starts appearing in the Top 10 every week. Creative game that's fun to watch.
  13. Dockers has a new line. Slim, Straight, and Relaxed - D1, D2, D3 is how they classify them. The slim ones really are nicely slim fitting. Big dept stores have them.
  14. The USGA likes a winning score around par. What was the final score? None of the whiners (Phil, Tiger, Ryan, etc...) congratulate the winner, they just complain about how [u]they[/u] were affected. Seems the better players are the worst sportsman.
  15. Pine Hollow in Clayton is all kinds of fun for $29 to walk. Old school with lots of pine trees and nice greens.
  16. Try "lids" on line or at the mall. they have some of the edgier styles.
  17. ESPN isn't producing that many broadcasts, so they get a pass on rough edges. As a general rule, ALL the TV commentators talk too much. They would all come across better if they'd didn't try to "fill" all the space. Knowing when to say nothing takes real skill. Dan Hicks should stick to reading promos and the Met Life spots and avoid talking about golf. He doesn't add anything.
  18. I play S58s and Eye 2s. They are both shorter than some other club lines. But, they are straighter, and that's more important to me.
  19. Cobra Baffler Pro. OMG! Great feel and sound. Neutral face and no offset. Sometimes on a par 4 or 5 I'll play the baffler for every shot, including putting. Usually get a par. Fun club.
  20. If you have a Steinmart near you, they have a nice selection of Dorfman Pacific bucket hats. Nice colors and they look just right for golf. I like bucket hats too. Much cooler here the the hot and humid south. My favorite is a Billiabong (surf company) bucket hat.
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