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  1. Absolute inconsistency in ball flight. Some days it is a draw, some a fade, sometimes a block, sometimes pulls. When I am on form and hitting a nice consistent draw life is so much easier! I think it stems from open clubface leading to standing the shaft up and stalling and flipping. Been doing it for 20 years so takes a lot of work to stop it!
  2. Tried tonight with some wood cut off. Not sure if I am doing it right but with it there I hit 4/5 super clean 7 irons, lately I am lucky to hit 1-2 out of 10 in the middle! Not sure why though!
  3. Something is off there. I have a similar driver swing speed and even off centre hits get over 140, more often around 150. Out of the centre should be at least mid 150s What is your driver loft, what launch angle and spin are you getting?
  4. Session 2 Done. In session 1 the final 3 green stick swings were 128,131,128 Session 2 : 135, 129, 132 Bit of an improvement and feel like a couple of things to do with using the ground clicked. After the session I hit the longest drive I have ever hit on my Skytrak.160 ball speed, 16.6 launch, 2250 spin, 280 yard carry. First goal is for that to become the standard drive rather than the long drive.
  5. Just restarting the protocol and doing the Fit For Golf 101 program at the same time. Current driver swing speed is 105-107. Would love to get that to 120. As a near 40 year old I am not sure how possible that is but won't know if I don't give it a shot!
  6. I used to think I needed wrist hinge to get power, actively tried to make it hinge more. Only relatively recently realised that was wrong. Limiting hinge and bend for me makes it feel like the swing is a lot shorter, but it also seems to help keep everything in sync with the hands more in front of the chest. This thread came at exactly the right time, I was struggling to strike it at all but working through this has helped so much!
  7. That seems a reasonable time line. The problem I have is a never actually feel like I have got a swing I like. There is always something else to work on so I never set foot on the course feeling comfortable with my swing. For your students, after 3-4 weeks they may have a move or an idea somewhat sorted, then they have a week or two of playing, then another lesson. How often do you have a lesson with a player and just say 'keep doing what you are doing'? I guess what I am saying is I am happy to work for long term improvements and take time, but at some point does i
  8. This could me my issue. What is the difference between over hinge and over bend? I am 90% sure I over bend mine.
  9. My shots are still shaped, they are just pretty much all right to left...this is not playing "shots", this is having a stock ball flight.
  10. Started trying it when I was low teen handicap, but I tend to only shape it when really needed. Rarely to get at pins, more so if I am out of position and need to shape it to hit the green. Very rarely off the tee. I play a draw and sometimes I will straighten it but I really don't like going the other way. For reference I play off 5. I think most people try to do too much with most shots relative to their skill level, especially high markers.
  11. I think it is to do with the ball and being ball centric even when I am not trying to be! I don't really take practice swing no the course, it is more so just to get the feeling in practice.
  12. Your before swing looks similar to mine (although your is better)! Would love some more detail around the hips turning too flat! Have you noticed any specific changes in ball flight, or just generally hitting it better?
  13. I have fought the same issues with my swing for ever. A bit laid off at the top, steepening shaft early in the downswing, head going down and back at impact. In my practice swing there is none of this! I wonder if this is all a reaction to clubface position as I tend to get it too open. Any thoughts on how to make my real swing more like my practice swing?
  14. In the last 6 months or so I have become a really bad starter. I generally play at the same course and I am 4-5 over through 6-7 holes then anything from a couple under to 3-4 over for the rest. What I do physically to warm up doesn't seem to matter and now it is in my head. Any suggestions for how to set myself better mentally before a round.
  15. With COVID our whole golf season has been rescheduled. The club has just announced that our club championships are on starting net weekend (9 days away). I am in some of the worst form of my life having only played once in the last 2 months and shooting 9 over handicap. Prior to the last lockdown I was also playing poorly. There is not enough time to rebuild a swing, but I have access to a SkyTrak and I have a PuttOut mat, I can't really get to the course other than 1 round this weekend. How do I best cram the prep to get the best out of what I have!!
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