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  1. Currently play G410 LST with the Ping Tour 65x, very solid setup for me, but I’m interested in trying longer driver setups and maybe gain a little swing speed. Tried a Hzrdus Smoke RDX Black @ 44.75”, but found I had to loose some weight from the head. Looking to get some info on the Tensei AV Raw Orange 55x, as with it being counterbalance should mean I don’t need to adjust the head weight. Is there any other counterbalance shafts I should maybe look at too, in the low 60/high 50g weight category?
  2. Are we any closer to any of the other usual Tensei profiles joining the 1K party, specifically Orange?
  3. I have 410 LST with 2 6gram weights in fade and draw positions. I found that splitting the weights dropped the launch and gave me better stability on miss hits. I feel I tend to miss heel and toe rather than high and low on the face. It’s been the best driver I’ve ever owned
  4. Does anyone know if the Adidas EQT BOA golf shoes are going to be available in US and Europe? https://www.adidas.com.sg/eqt-boa-golf-shoes/FW6265.html
  5. This needs updated..... Golf bag has seen some massive changes since I last posted a WITB. There has been 2 driver changes, one 3 wood, new set of irons and wedges, and too many putter changes to count. Current setup going into the 2021 golf season: Ping G410 LST 10.5*(Set @9) Ping Tour 65x/Hzrdus Smoke Black RDX 6.5 60g Titleist TS2 13.5 (Set @14.25/D4) Evenflow T1100 White 75x Titleist 818H2 21 (Set @23/B4) Tensei White 90x Mizuno MP-20 HMB 3 iron MMT 105TX Mizuno MP-20 MMC 5&6 Modus Tour 120x Mizuno MP-20 7-PW Modus Tour 120x Ping Gl
  6. If I had to guess, that looks more like an i500 replacement than a new iBlade/i59
  7. I haven’t had many games with the set but can’t say I’ve noticed a massive difference in the 5 and 6 iron. I’m sure when Voshall was on TXG not long after the release he mentioned that both HMB and MMC had been designed with the intention that split sets would work best weakening the lofts to match the MBs
  8. HMB 3,4, MMC 5,6 MB 7-PW. I adjusted lofts of the MMC, 5 to 26 and 6 to 30. Takes a little of the offset out and I’ve ended up with 4 degree gaps 4-PW and 3 between 3 and 4 iron
  9. How’s the distance compare between the i500 3 iron and G410 Crossover 2? I Have the i500 3 iron and I’m looking to get a crossover that goes a similar distance. 2 or 3? Hard to say as I haven’t had both on the course at the same time, but I’d say they go roughly the same distance on good strikes
  10. I have both a G410 Crossover 2 and i500 3 iron. The Crossover is definitely easier to hit and more forgiving, and gives a higher flight. For tee shots, I prefer the Crossover and if I had a round with lots of long approach shots I think I would go with the i500
  11. I felt my dispersion short and long was better with the ST-190. On the very best strikes I think the Epic SZ would win, however it wouldn’t be by much, and we are talking about 1 drive in 40/50 shots. I also felt the ST-190 performed better on strikes low on the face. Hope that helps
  12. Does anyone know if it’s possible to get the ST-190 in a flatter lie angle? Had one out on the course this weekend and was highly impressed. My only negative was the lie angle making the toe appear to sit up, my gamer is an Epic SZ so it was quite pronounced the difference
  13. I think the Ping i500 would run the T-MB close. Some serious ball speed off those
  14. Fall 2018 bag: Callaway Epic SZ 9* GD Tour AD DI 7x Callaway Big Bertha 816 16* Oban Kiyoshi Purple 04/75 Ping i500 3&4 Modus3 105x Ping iBlade 5-9 Modus3 105x Titleist SM6 46*,50*,54*,58* Modus3 130s Odyssey O-Works Red 7s
  15. Seen the black Glide 2.0 in the flesh tonight. The black finish looks incredible. Makes the heads look really compact
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