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  1. I was having massive slice issues with my FW's. I realized I was hitting up on the ball like you would a driver. It was just subconscious because of the similar shape of the clubs. Once I started hitting down I was fine.
  2. The whole adjustable thing seems like fooie to me. I've adjusted my supertri so its supposedly 8.5 (originally 10.5) but a couple hours at the range showed perceivable change.
  3. They are absolutely beautiful. Probably the nicest looking blades I've seen. I hope you find a buyer this time around!
  4. i'll be following this thread. I'm really interested in what the responses will be.
  5. Ya no doubt my misses go farther now. but before even on my square hits that went straight wernt as far as these. My driver is the biggest improvement. before I could hit it straight all the time but it only went 250 now it goes alot further but I'm having a little bit of accuracy trouble now.
  6. Wouldnt the swing path be along the body alignment
  7. OH man, I was actively pushing my bottom hand over. If I instead used my top hand for the release action it might stop the pull hooks
  8. It was a draw on my drives and straight or sometimes draw on my irons. the exact opposite of what I normally do.
  9. Forever I've been battling a slice either goes straight and slices off or just starts left and goes left (I'm a lefty). After thinking about the new ball flight laws I realized the only way I could have a push slice like that was if my club was way open striking the ball. So at first I thought I just need to close the club. I like to think of everything in hand position so I knew I needed the back of my top hand to face more towards the target instead of up in the air. THEN I watched a youtube video about releasing the club and I thought to myself "whoa you don't try and do that." My wris
  10. Your range doesn't have yardage markers? :/
  11. Say an errant shot went into the crowd and a spectator pocketed the ball. What would happen if: 1) The spectator stayed in the area with the ball and was caught / gave back the ball 2) The spectator just ran off Just wondering!
  12. Macallan 10 year is a great starter scotch. Quality well above the price point but still mellow enough for new palates.
  13. I've always found I can learn to play around any putter. So I decided to play with a putter I have a connection to more than any putter that is a flavor of the week. So I'm playing with my grandfathers Cash-In
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