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  1. Ping Glide 3.0 56* SS & 60* TS - Project X LZ 6.0 +1" inch Golf Pride Tour Velvet Midsize grips - both are in very good condition with some marks on the face from hitting balls. No dings or dents. ---> $190.00 shipped. Would rather sell as a set.
  2. Last Thursday, we raised the cups up. I ended up holing out from about 100 yards. Ball landed a foot past the pin, and dinked off the raised cup. I counted it as a 2, I'm 99.9% sure it would have gone in anyway, though.
  3. 2016 TaylorMade M2 16.5 3HL Head. Club is used, has paint chips, scratches and ball marks. Club is functionally fine and not cracked but does show outline of the face weld on the face. ---> $35.00Masters Collection Polo shirts XL, Solid Green and Solid Blue --->SoldTaylorMade M6 3 wood 15* head. Head is in good shape. Has some ball marks on the face and a couple of very minor paint chips along the top line. ---> SOLD
  4. Its been so long since I played the old Eye 2, so I don't have recent experience with that. However, I have had the ES grind in Glide and Glide 2.0. I ordered the Eye 2 grind in 54 and 58, and have gone back to 2.0 ES grind. To me they dug way too much. It was great for about the first week or so, but I hit shots that I've never hit before. It felt like when I opened it up, the head would catch in the grass with the huge toe on it. They were also much shorter distance wise. I am not looking for distance in a wedge, but giving up 15-20 yards on the same loft is not ok. That said, you
  5. > @"leo the lion" said: > Black dot lie color code? Looks like it in the photos but I'm slightly color blind! Yes it is Black Dot. Sorry for not putting it in there. Will be updating.
  6. Ping Glide 3.0 Eye 2 Sole 54 & 58 Project X LZ 6.0 Black Dot- Plus 1/4" special order to swingweight D7. They came in at D6. With my swing, they dig too much. 54 has about 6 rounds and 58 has 4 rounds. Looking for ~~$240.00~~Sold
  7. I’ve been playing the Plus and tried the LST and saw no improvement.
  8. > @BUCKEYERBALL88 said: > Just booked my flight aa to Medford. 2 years ago I did Allegiant to Eugene. Do you guys have a preference between the 2 airports? I see that Medford is about 20 mins longer. I liked the Medford flight times better, a bit shorter flight, switch up the ride & the rental car was about $100 less. We flew into Medford and out of Eugene a couple of months ago. We had late night flight into Medford and very early out of Eugene. The hotel situation was a lot better in Medford. You can walk from the airport to the Marriott Courtyard. It’s about 3 minutes.
  9. I just did this last fall with my son. He was outgrowing and getting too strong for the US Kids Tour Series 63 as well. What I did was have my pro fit him for specs on my old Ping irons. (I bought myself some new i500's and he got my Anser irons). We took his specs, sent the clubs back to Ping for lie angle, new weight badges on the backs, new shafts and grips. For about $200, he now has set that is fit to him and for cheaper than I could buy a different used set which would not have been his specs. Obviously, doesn't help you if you don't have some other clubs sitting around, but Ping
  10. Photos from today on 16 of Old Mac. Old Mac played like a beast today with 4-5 club winds.
  11. Enjoying the thread. My 13 year old son and I leave in 17 days for it. My second trip, his first. Should be a blast.
  12. Agree...I’d take precision with the i210s over not knowing if my 7 iron is going to go 150 or 165 in the i500s. Keep in mind though if you go with the Power spec the bounce will change ever so slightly I’d agree except that hasn’t been the case with my i500s. I was skeptical looking at the numbers on whether they were too low spinning. On the course they spin plenty good and stop within a foot with every iron just the same as my previous irons. They are upwards of a club and a half longer, go higher and straighter.
  13. I would go used. I just did this with my 12 year old son. I bought new Ping i500s for myself. He got my old Ping Anser irons. My pro fitted him for lie, length and flex and we sent them off to Ping to get reshafted, lie angle bent, new swing weight and proper length. It was about 200 or so, which is probably more or close to buying a set of these on eBay. These are now custom fit to his exact specs though.
  14. I replaced a Ping Rapture Driving Iron with the 3 iron. I went power spec and +1/2”. I hit the 4 iron about 215-220. So I expected that this would go 245-250 before I ordered. It goes right at 240-245 off the ground, 250-255 off the tee. Perfect distance for what I wanted it for. I needed to fill the gap between my 4 iron and 3 wood. I hit it much better than the Rapture DI.
  15. I hit them inside and saw the low spin numbers as well. It was concerning to me because I didn't want to have to worry about the occasional flyer that went way further than a flyer should go. So far, two months in, I haven't seen that shot. What I have seen is that they do spin less, however the angle of descent into the greens is much steeper making the ball stop very quickly. My course has hard, fast greens and I've had no problems stopping the ball just as quick as my previous clubs. Ball speed with the 7 iron is up from 122-124 to now 127-130. I liked the clubs so much that I ordere
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