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  1. SIMple and straight forward. I prefer the sound of my SIM 1 over the SIM 2. I've used it 3 times on the course and twice on the range. No sky marks, no scratches, no dents and no head cover. $360 CONUS OBO.
  2. Mizuno MP-20 HMB 3-P N.S Pro Modus 3 Tour 105 Reg flex Shaft: Got it brand new on Friday, played on Saturday, and selling it today. #3-4 was never hit and all the other irons got less than 5 balls of hit. These are practically new. $1050 OBO!Scotty Cameron Futura X with headcover. 34" inches. $160 OBO SOLD
  3. Apparently I like all the brands that ends in "-ra". lol. First up is my 3rd set of Miura MC-501. I love these so much that I have three sets of them, but three is too many.Miura MC-501: 4-P, N.S. Pro Modus 3 Tour 120 Stiff Shaft. Like New Grips. #8 iron has a knick on the bottom from a rock. $1400 OBO $1350 SOLDMiura CB-501:4-P, N.S. Pro 950 GH Stiff Shaft. Like New Grips. $650 $600 I bought this right after KJ Choi won the players using the same Miuras and it's what started my love with them. I thought at the time it was cool to stamp my initials on it thinking that I would never sell this. But then the MC 501s came along and that changed everything. Anyways, if your are Bernard Langer with same initials or someone that do not care about having "BL" stamped on the irons, then this is a deal for you. Cobra F9 9* w/ Accra TZ6 Proto Stiff: I love this driver combo. But apparently I need to transition to X-Stiff. The lead tape will come off easily if you don't want it. I saw the TXG review on the driver and added it to be cool. I have also meticulously cut and put a matte black vinyl sticker on the top because i didn't like the look of the top line. That also peels off easily and it has been there to protect the driver. I prefer to keep them together but can be convinced otherwise. Combo price: $430 Head ONLY: $185 Shaft ONLY: 255. OBO I would consider a trade with SIM 9* X-Stiff. TRADEDLet me know if you have any questions or if you want to see more pictures.
  4. I really wanted armlock putter to work since I'm bad at putting. Without being able to try the putter during Covid times, I decided to order one just to try it. Annnnd I just couldn't get the mechanics down. So I am giving it up after just 1 round with it. Perhaps it will work for others. It truly is a beautiful putter. Bettinardi probably feels the softest out of all the putters I have. I'm pricing it to sell so I can buy something else. Lol. Bettinardi Studio Stock 38 42" arm lock putter. $299 279 OBO
  5. Hi guys, I got some stuff that once gave me hope but that didn't last long. i don't care about these anymore and need to buy more hope. lol. These are priced to sell. I will entertain OBO...but i think i its already fairly priced. Pictures should represent the condition fairly well. If you have any questions, please ask.PING G400 Max 9* with 65 S Shaft. I lost the head cover : $210 PING G400 3 wood 14.5* with 75 S Shaft. Headcover included: $130BOTH PINGs for $310Titleist 917 D3 9.5* Head Only: $110 $100See More Giant FPG with Counter balance Grip: $130 $120Swing Caddie SC200. This thing is cool but I now have indoor simulator: $250 $230Callaway Epic Subzero 3 wood 13.5* Head Only: $50 $39.99TaylorMade M1 3 wood 15* with Kuro Kage X stiff. Headcover Included. This one has big skymark: $60TaylorMade R510 9.5*: errrr $20? Not Worth selling.
  6. Aww sorry! Yeah I just shipped it out. Next time I sent my driver I will let you know. Haha
  7. As titled, I'm an idiot and I dented the crown of my TS3 while putting it back in the bag. It didn't seem to effect the performance of the driver but at an address I kept getting reminded of my idiocy. So I am going to get rid of it. The dent itself is about .5 inches and I'm hoping that it may not be a big deal to someone out there. Other then the dent, driver is in a great condition. Please take a look at the photos and message me for additional detail. $125 OBO NOW $105 SOLD
  8. I moved on to Miuras and won’t be using these any longer. For sale are my PXG 0311 Forged Iron Set 3-GW,SW,LW. Condition is Used. Please take a look at the pictures for detail and let me know if you would like more details. Specs: Standard loft, lie, length 5-GW has Fujikura Regular graphite shafts Please note: 4 iron is 0311XF, 3 iron and 60* wedge has a Regular stiff steel shaft, 56* wedge has Steel fiber shaft. I would like to keep the set together. CONUS $OLD OBO w/ shipping. No Trades. Thanks! Please message with any questions
  9. Truth to be told, i have stayed away from TM products ever since my supertri cracked. I begin to believe that they were cheaply made and always spoken louder with ads than by action. But, I would love a chance to be proven wrong. If TM ultimate experience could change me, they will have a lifelong loyal customer. Thanks
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