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  1. Great thread! I have been into bourbon for a couple years now. Nothing better than a pour after a round. I picked these up on work travels as we don't get much in the midwest.
  2. I ordered a iliac headcover from their website on June 4th and I have not received it yet. I emailed their customer support several times and someone named Jordan responded once over a month ago and won't return any follow up emails. Should I be worried? They said 60 days at the most when I ordered. Thanks for your input.
  3. I searched a couple of topics and did not find much information. I see a few on the bay, but they seem to be pretty pricey and seem difficult to find. Are they really only "tour issue". Any other place to find them? I think they are kind of cool, but not enough to pay more than a normal hat price.
  4. I had the same set of jan craigs for over 12 years. My son recently got a new bag so I gave my jan craigs to him as he really liked them. Because of this I was searching for some new head cover (never liked the OEMs). I tried Iliac, rocket tours, Jones, old school pings and many more......all very nice head covers...nothing bad to say about them but not the same. I finally just ordered another set of jan craigs. I simply could not find anything I liked better. Looks like jan craigs on the bag for another 12 years. Anyone else have the same experience? They are simply the best in my
  5. How rare are they really in good condition? I obviously see a few on eBay but most of the time they are beat up or pricey. I haven't seen too many on BST except an occasional listing. If I am patient can I find a deal on them? Thanks.
  6. Just wondering if anyone has recommendations on who to order this model through with tour issue dynamic gold x100 shafts? I haven't found anywhere online. Thanks in advance.
  7. thanks...I appreciate the responses, I just wanted to make sure.
  8. I won an auction from a reputable ebay seller for a set of vokey sm4s and they all have the same serial numbers on them...can this happen? Just checking to see if anyone has seen this before? thanks
  9. Thanks for the feedback. It is the Riverside Golf Resort in Riverside, Iowa. Titleist fitting center. They seem to be knowledgable and I have heard good things about their fitting center. I wasn't sure about the price though. thanks again for the responses.
  10. I know it is worth it to get fit. We have a local top 100 club fitting studio that charges $300 fitting fee to fit through the bag...driver through putter. Is it worth it for that price and does the fee sounds reasonable? They will provide a spec sheet and don't require a purchase to go through their fitting studio. thanks
  11. I wanted to know any opinions on where the best place to order a custom tvd wedge? I emailed titleist/vokey website customer service directly and haven't back yet. thanks in advance.
  12. I tried to search on here but does anyone know what the spes are and ball flight would be with the Grafalloy Tour X shaft? It is the black one with gold lettering. Thanks
  13. I lost out on the online lottery again for practice round tickets in Augusta. Where is a legit place to try and buy them? I don't even know if it is possible...just wondering if anyone has bought some off of the bay or online with any luck? I obviously know they would cost some cash...again just checking? Thanks
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