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  1. Anyone know what he is playing this fall?
  2. Prices are for USPS shipping and Paypal to lower 48. No trades. 1) Tyson Lamb LTD Chiseled divot tool. Used 15-20 times. No box. $OLD 2) Tyson Lamb Simmons ball mark. Used 3 times. No box. $100 3) The Buck Club Maverick mallet headcover. Used 10-12 rounds. No stains, rips, snags, etc. $OLD 4) Golden Soul hybrid headcover. Never used. $35 5) BBandFCo ferrules. Black/navy/light blue/gold/white. 7 ferrules only. $OLD 6) BBandFCo ferrules. Navy/red/gold. 10 ferrules. $OLD 7) BBandFCo ferrules. White/red/gold/navy/light blue. 10 ferrules. $45 Seamus hybrid headcover. Never used. $45
  3. These are latest iteration of the smart caddie sensors. 13 clubs plus a putter sensor. Used 6 rounds. No trades. $65 shipped via usps.
  4. Shaftoids, looking for the closest thing to counterbalanced in the GD Tour AD line. I’ve gotten along great with the IZ in Callaway drivers in the past but I’m looking for something for the 425LST.
  5. Ian from TXG said no i210 replacements until the ‘22 PGA show. I went from i210s to 785s and now back to i210s. Staying with these until the replacements come or the iblade replacements come.
  6. If you're looking for distance and accuracy off a peg with less than driver I've only found two real options; Tour Edge Exotics or Sim/2 Ti.
  7. Michael Newton and 2nd Swing seem to really like it! I believe TXG has it queued up for next week. Has anyone in the real world hit the new TEE c721 driver yet? I would love to try one with the Smoke Blue RDX.
  8. Good point about power spec. If you power spec the i210 you’re equal to T200.
  9. I 210 are 2-3* weaker in loft vs. T200 and have a much more compact head shape in the scoring irons. That being said, T100 is considerably smaller. T100 is smaller than the iblade or s55. The reason I love the i210s are that they are inherently designed so that you don’t need a combo set. Bladeish in the 9-p and help in the 3-6i in the form of longer blade length, more offset and lower CG.
  10. I games i210 for a season and a half and then went to 785s for the last half of 2020. Needless to say, my second new set of i210s arrived yesterday and I couldn’t be any happier.
  11. Swapped my order for the Rogue 80s, shipping next week.
  12. Ordered a 7w with Tensei Orange 75 on 2/7 and they just got back to me that it would be late April due to that shaft not being currently available.
  13. Loose and too soft in the hands for me. It also doesn’t feel as CB as the TO. I need this to hit a specific yardage and the TO did the best job of the stock offerings. It’s worth noting I got my numbers on GC2 at a big box store rather than a quality unit like quad or TM.
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