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  1. A few items laying around for sale. Please let me know if you have any questions or want to see any additional pictures. Ping G400 Max 9* with Tour 65x shaft. Currently playing at 44.5" butt cut to that length and ~4g of hotmelt added to bring the swingweight back up and to help with the sound. Very clean shape. It has a standard MCC plus 4 grip installed logo down in the standard shaft position. 205g head weight with the current tungsten weight installed and I'll send the 16g weight along with, since I'll have no other use for it. Headcover and wrench included. As shown in the pics, I took a black fabric marker to the threads of the headcover to try to get rid of the orange. Head $OLD. Shaft $OLD Two driver shafts with TM adaptors installed. Both at or very close to standard length. Aldila Rogue 60 3.1 X with a midsize MCC plus 4 grip installed logo up in standard position. HZRDUS Smoke 6.5 70g shaft again with a midsize MCC plus 4 grip installed logo up in standard position. $OLD Set of 8 Golf Pride Tour Velvet Titleist grip pulls 58 round standard. Pulled recently and I'll never use them again as I prefer full cord (and finally found some). They are used and priced accordingly for someone to snag as a cheap set of replacements or backups. $OLD Thanks for looking!
  2. Left hand low putter here. From their video (from the screenshot above) he shows LHL style with the grip oriented the same way and still making contact with the wrist. I would think you'd keep it oriented that same way to take advantage of this grip?
  3. Did you ever end up trimming it down to 44”? Thinking about doing the same.
  4. I have really been hitting mine like balls lately with the Tour 65 X. I had an old Matrix Ozik F7M2 LTD laying around that I used to game, so I got an adapter on it to test it at 44" and am anxious to give that a rip hopefully in the next few days. I've been hitting between 1-6 fairways a round this year and it is DEFINITELY the clubs fault...
  5. Selling off a few items I have laying around. Let me know if you have any questions on anything! 1. Ping G30 LS Tec 10.5 with stiff flex Ping Tour 65 installed. Playing at 44.5" with a D1 SW, head weight 211g with hotmelt added. Blue midsize Lamkin cord grip installed. Original head cover and wrench included. A little custom paint fill - I removed the blue on the bottom of the head and put flat black in it. Pin sized paint paint blemish on the crown toe as shown in the photo. $OLD 2. Graphite Design Tour AD-DI 6x. Measuring a little over 43" as shown in the photos. I had a TM adapter removed from it and just never got around to installing it to game it. No tipping based on measurement I could find from tip to graphic online. $OLD 3. UST Proforce V2 76s w/ Ping G/G30 adapter installed. Just under 43" and played right at 44.5" when I had it in the G30 LS. $OLD 4. Titleist ZB Forged set of irons 2-PW. They are all shafted with DG S300. I purchased 3-PW as a set and later ordered the 2 iron. Titleist Tour Velvet grips installed logo down and are in great condition. This was my first attempt at an MOI matched set, so there is lead tape on the back of most irons. The tape could be easily removed, but I left it on for now in case it was preferred for a buyer. Below are the specs I had them at the last time I had the loft/lies checked. The far right column is the SW they should be at after I added the lead tape. $OLD 2-Iron 18.00° 39.75" 0.27" 58.67° D0 RH/LH D3 3-Iron 21.00° 39.25" 0.24" 59.32° D0 RH/LH D0 4-Iron 24.00° 38.75" 0.22" 60.02° D0 RH/LH D1 5-Iron 27.00° 38.25" 0.20" 60.75° D0 RH/LH D1.25 6-Iron 30.50° 37.75" 0.18" 61.50° D0 RH/LH D2 7-Iron 34.00° 37.25" 0.16" 62.28° D0 RH/LH D2.75 8-Iron 38.00° 36.75" 0.14" 63.10° D0 RH/LH D3.5 9-Iron 42.00° 36.25" 0.12" 63.95° D0 RH/LH D4.25 Pitching Wedge 46.00° 35.75" 0.11" 64.38° D2 RH/LH D5 5. Puma light blue polo size medium. Overall in good condition with some very light pilling in one area as shown in the picture. $17 shipped. $OLD 6. Puma white/grey polo size medium. Good condition. $17 shipped. Take both 5 and 6 for $OLD 7. Project X 6.0 pulls with Tour Velvet ribbed grips installed in good condition. 5 iron shaft measures 37.25". 8 shafts / 3-pw. $OLD 8. KBS Tour 6.5 pulls with GP full cord grips installed logo down. 9 shafts / 2-pw. The 2 iron shaft is longer as shown in the pic. 5 iron shaft measures just over 37". $OLD
  6. So the G30 was the first time ping came out with an LS version. I credit the g25 with turning around my confidence with driver, but it spun like crazy and that's right when Trackman and "get fit!" were becoming a thing. I don't think that there has been any ball speed gains since g30, however the Max is the first non LS version that spins relatively low for a lot of guys. So you get the most forgiving head in a low spin package which to me is huge. The other thing is the contrast in face color, the Max is a dark silver instead of being the same black as the crown. Totally personal preference but for me that's an upgrade as it's easier to see face angle, really just a confidence thing. I'm almost done testing my 10.5 LS against a 9 Max with the max making the bag, played the LS last year. I'm making the exact same switch from the G30 LS 10.5 to the 9 Max. Just got fitted last week and waiting for the Max to arrive to test it on the course. Fingers crossed it gets in tomorrow before my round.
  7. Great condition, great hybrid, I just can't hit them!Hey guys, up for sale is a Titleist 909H 19* with KBS Tour 6.5 shaft. It's still in great shape, I haven't bagged it for more than 2 or 3 weeks. I had a great honeymoon with this club but eventually started into the snap hooks again like every other hybrid I've had. Not near as bad as past hybrids I've played, but more snappy then I want in a hybrid. I tried to set this thing up so that it was "unhookable" if you will, and I was killing it at first but have been forced to take it out of my bag so that I won't even consider hitting it in my round! I'd like to find it a better home and have someone get some use out of this great club. I do also have the original Diamana "for Titleist" Blueboard 80 gram stiff shaft that I had pulled from it if someone wants that with it. Never even put a hit on it with this shaft in it, one time pull. Comes with headcover too guys. I now notice I didn't get a picture of the crown but I assure you there are ZERO skymarks on this thing. I also apologize for the mediocre pics but all I have is my phone right now so it has to do. (Camera is broken) I'll go for $130 shipped or $140 if the buyer wants the Blueboard shaft tossed in with it. PM me with any questions
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