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  1. 1. City, State? - Dothan, AL 2. Handicap? 3.1 3. How would the Apex Utility Wood fit into your bag? between the 3 wood and 4 iron (ive been searching for years!!) 4. Why do you want to test the Callaway Apex Utility Wood? (ive been searching for years!!) 5. Do you agree to take high quality photos, write an in-depth review, and be part of an on-going testing thread? of course!
  2. Tough to beat the G400 series...I still play one (LST) because the numbers I get are almost identical to the new clubs (all brands) for me. I updated to a Ventus (thanks Golfwrx giveaway) and Im perfectly content.
  3. what if you are not a gambler but want to play in some of the better rounds? Wont get in to details but a personal decision not to wager, but always afraid of the response when I join a group and say - no im not betting.
  4. im a fan of the GP Tour Wraps - even if they are "fake". the feel and durability are amazing
  5. Who would've thought that PXG is now perfectly in line with the other companies, and even lower that some, with their equipment. (no - not a fan of their stuff, just an observation)
  6. based on the article on the front page - appears to be black and gold/bronze.
  7. G400 LST here w/ Ventus Blue. Head to head with all the new stuff with out without the same shafts, the 400 still is just as long with slightly better dispersion. Im not paying $600 for 1 extra yard and wider dispersion....
  8. 1. Must subscribe to Club Champion's YouTube channel HERE 2. Search for your local Club Champion location HERE 3. What Club Champion location would you get fit at? Birmingham, AL 4. Have you been fit for clubs before? No 5. What part of your bag could use a fitting? Irons/Wedges
  9. I agree - that looks like a bear.
  10. Can you post a picture? a local team here has a weird looking panther thing they call a panther...
  11. Portable E-Stim.... Its not a new technology, just a new delivery. I dont think this will be approved for use during play.
  12. Am I crazy for reading this like he is being hypocritical about his competitiveness? The ones he compares himself to want to beat everyone else in everything they do.... In golf that's Tiger and Jack. I can see that in the majors, but if you were really THAT competitive, it wouldn't matter what the event was - you would do everything you could to win. Tiger has 82 and Jack has 73, so they cared about EVERY event they played. He seems to want to pick and choose when he is competitive...which is the opposite of the ultimate competitor.
  13. What about the 13deg tour spoon's that TM made in several iterations right before the SLDR?
  14. 1. Join SuperStroke Nation HERE - check 2. Did you join SuperStroke Nation? - check 3. What SuperStroke Traxion club grips do you want to win? - Soft Wrap TC 4. What SuperStroke Traxion putter grip do you want to win? - Traxion Pistol GT
  15. oh yeah... that was a dumb question. Thanks for not flaming on me!
  16. Are they still playing the Monday Qualifier at Windyke?
  17. 2 of the shafts in rotation for my 3 wood are the original graffaloy blue and a ProForce V2 (black and gold). The other is a ventus black. They all have roughly the same performance with the same head for me.
  18. I carry mostly and had a titleist 14-way. I didnt mind it, but I didn't like the fact of "sharing" spots when I would put orange whip, alignment stick, golf locker (not all at one time) in. A well draped towel usually takes care of the bag chatter for me. I use a hoofer now and probably will never change....
  19. Several of the Ping contract guys are still playing the G400 (Louis, Harris English, Corey Conners). Many of hte 425 converts still have a 400 fwy too. https://ping.com/en-us/pros/pga-tour
  20. but do you actually press the club directly down into the green/ground, or more pull the wedge's bottom edge so it rocks upward?
  21. You didnt get any responses? I was curious what the current situation in Memphis was.....
  22. I tell Grellar to go get that for me, but yell at Teddy if he doesn't get the water off the club face before I use it again.
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