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  1. Gotta love the know-it-alls on the range. But nothing beats getting paired with a guy with a $2,500 bag who tops it 15 yards on the first tee
  2. Nope you did the right thing, guy had no business making comments like that.
  3. Yes and I have fine will lower launching shafts in the past, diamana white, D+, speeders, etc I also like DG S300 irons, but just ordered a set w x100 . If im too wild with the PX i could always cut it down. thx
  4. I have 2 shafts im trying in it (possibly a third), trying to get some opinions on which to use for a tournament in a couple weeks, hit the range today and here are the results. Driver swing speed 115mph Mitsubishi Diamana 70X D+ - The shaft from my old M2, plays 45 inches. Played pretty stable in the SIM at range today, carry about 280, didnt feel very solid, felt like spin was almost too low, kind of a knuckle ball effect, but straight and misses not off line much at all. Shaft has a cheap adaper on it, has never felt like the nice 'thud' for some reason. Fujikur
  5. well a 63 year old man hitting it 265 yards off the tee just beat Bryson in the first round. his distance argument has officially been put to bed
  6. He's all over the course today and could finish over par. Not sure his method is going to work in every major. you need the right balance of power and precision at Augusta. eventually the wild swings will catch up to you
  7. He's a Cinderella boy at Augusta 230 yd 7 iron
  8. When I was 18 years old I was 6'1, 147 pounds. Same weight as Tiger when he arrived on tour. The guys at my course used to call me the Sandhill crane. I was carrying the ball over 300 in the year 2003 with a 983K driver. I packed on a lot of muscle in college and got up to 175, im now 190. I do not hit it any farther than I did at 18. I'm 36 now. Maybe there is a reason for that, like swing issues
  9. You are a legend for trying this but i think Im going to take the opposite approach and add small loft and length changes and go from there. Even with swinging 120 with driver i don't think I would be able to get enough launch with a driver less than 7.5 or so, I would probably be hitting it knee high to a grasshopper . I'm 6'1, 190, 5 hcp and ive been in the gym a lot lately. But Bryson is on a whole different level which is why to my knowledge i dont see any other pros making dramatic changes to their body or clubs. Anything more than X-flex would make me uncomfortable, I tried a TX driver a
  10. you are correct, I played that way for 20 years without realized how bad this fault was. My takeaway felt fine, whip it to the inside, lift, use that lag on the way down and sent it out there 300 with mixed results. Played well some days, actually qualified for some events, but attributed my poor rounds to short game or mental woes but it turns out I was swinging incorrectly the whole time
  11. Bringing this post back up again because of all the helpful material and videos here. I thought I could get away with my inside takeaway but it looks like Im going to have to make this change. My game is so inconsistent with the inside roll. I also discovered i am losing distance because of the face being wide open and adding loft. Starting now I will not be playing on the course for at least two months. Range sessions every weekend until I basically have a new swing. Going back to my old irons which are very forgiving (Ping Eye 2) to help with this. Despite being a 5 hcp, I
  12. the course and conditions are a factor yes, but to me its the quality of play these days. We are told golf is not a game of "perfect" but these guys have nearly perfected the golf swing with modern day instruction, equipment and fitness. Back in 2006 US Open at Winged Foot, the winning score was over par in normal conditions. I highly doubt the winner this year will be over par, and it goes to show how much the game and quality of play as evolved thanks mostly to video analysis etc
  13. If you are a 30 year old multi-sport athlete only driving the ball 200 yards, I would blame the instructors. There has to be something seriously wrong. how about some video?
  14. Im 6'1 and i can see where you are coming from. being tall, its easy for the arms/hands to take over the swing. I personally use a 45.5 driver and its perfect for me
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