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  1. yea but its basically a regular or even ladies flex and it feels so weird that way it was cut and kicks. im just a lifelong DG guy- ill eat the $200 experiment and put my X100s back in
  2. whoops, ok thanks. the PW was totally my fault.
  3. Order Summary NIPPON NS PROMODUS3 TOUR 120 .355 IR SH - S FLEX 38 #8 #NP0001 S 38 1 x $37.00 $37.00 Merchandise Total $37.00 Shipping $7.99 Sales Tax $3.38 Total $48.37
  4. I checked the scratched- label shafts (9I-4I) last night and the step begins about one inch above the hozzle. also the bottom label (where it says "nippon shaft, s flex" has blue lettering. Looking on the internet I could not find any Nippons with red label and blue label at the bottom. Maybe these are an older model?
  5. It appears whoever did the PW just cut down a longer iron shaft, gripped and glued it and called it a day. the other clubs ( the scratched label ones, 4I-9I) appear to be hard stepped somehow and feel very stiff and low kick point. I was told all the shafts are S flex. Its clear that both builders had no clue how to install these. Its partly my fault for chasing feel over performance- and now these shafts are going in the trash
  6. thanks- the one with the scratched label in my pic appears to be at least 4 inches from end of grip. trying to figure out what caused this
  7. Either way, it looks like this whole operation is going to be a huge L and $180 down the drain. I wouldnt feel comfortable reselling the modus shafts in this state. I'll also still have to reinstall the original shafts (x100) in my irons for at least $100 but at least i'll know what i'm playing lol
  8. ok ill check when I get home- at work now. thank you!
  9. The heads are Ping I210. The PW is a 120 Stiff flex (ordered from golf works). The rest of the shafts (the ones with labels scratched away) are also 120 Stiff (bought them off a guy). There is such a big difference in the feel between the PW and the rest of the set its crazy. The scratched-label ones feel too stiff, hit clunky and kick way down the shaft. feel terrible. The PW kicks very high and feels much better. Im also concerned the scratched-label ones are fakes because of how awful they feel.
  10. Those grips are brand new and i dont know how to do grips- is there another way to tell? im checking the step patterns now
  11. Can someone help me identify what happened here? PW and 9I. I got them done at two different stores (long story) and the different location of the labels indicate one may have been hard-stepped or tip trimmed? I see Nippon only recommends to butt trim only. Also the PW (the one with the label closer the grip) feels much smoother in the handle than the 9I. thanks
  12. Purple Ice 3 wood shaft since 2003. (85 X) nothing beats it
  13. I prefer a 52 over a 50. the 50 seems like a lot of loft in a wedge design to me.
  14. Good to hear! Have u considered just adding weight to the driver and 2 iron to get them up to your spec? You probabaly want the same grips (or something similar) on all your clubs. Not sure what driver you have but weights are on ebay for less than $10
  15. I am not at the point of making full swing with the after - still taking it 50% like DC suggested. I have not had much time to golf since our lesson but when i do- I go back to my old swing (the youtube video i posted above) to post a score that isn't horrible (usually around 84). What are the problems with the after?
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