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  1. Decided to keep driver. Always skeptical when I read these things, but I've literally hit 14 balls with this driver. Torn between this or my G425. I have more confidence with the Ping, but I bomb the SIM farther. Price is firm. SIM2 Max 10.5* with stiff Tensei AV Raw Blue. Standard length. Includes wrench (not pictured). $425 shipped Head $375 Shaft $75 Complete set of 14 Arccos Smart Caddie sensors. Brand new. Came with a recent purchase, but I have no desire to use them. The box says not for resale, so please let me know if I'm breaking any r
  2. Probably going to regret selling this, but here we go. Played for half a season. Still in great shape as you can see in pictures. A few light brush marks on the bottom that are hard to capture. Face and top are clean. Standard length 45 1/4". Has a 12g weight in the rear, which is standard with the Tour 65 shaft. Total head weight is 202g on my digital scale. Includes a wrench, which isn't pictured. $old
  3. 1. City, State? Milwaukee, WI 2. Handicap? 8 3. Current putter? Studio Select Newport 2 4. What Bettinardi Studio Stock putter do you want to test? SS28 (RH 34”) 5. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Yes! 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes!
  4. Interested in the shaft if someone wants the head.
  5. Also looking for a code if anyone has one. Please pm me. Thanks!
  6. Purchased new from GG a couple of weeks ago. Used for 36 holes. Perfect condition. Nice putter but sticking with my Scotty. $old
  7. Every year I buy a new 3 wood thinking I'm going to attack long par 5's in two and then it sits in my bag all summer largely unused. Great condition. A few light brush marks, but basically new. It's only seen a little range time and maybe half a dozen balls on the course. Stiff Alta shaft. Standard length. Not really sure I want to sell because I'll probably end up spending more over the winter to replace it only to repeat this again next fall. Pretty firm at $old.
  8. I might be jumping the gun on this, but I have a couple drivers en route and want to move this in the meantime. Purchased from another member on here a month or so ago. Very good condition as can be seen in pics. A few light brush marks on the sole. Absolutely nothing on the face or top. Standard Ping length at 45.25". Stock Tour Velvet 360 grip. Headcover and wrench (not pictured) are included. Really nice driver, but I've been playing Ping for a long time and want to try something different. Not overly interested in trades. Would maybe consider a SIM Max 9*. Prefer not to split t
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