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  1. Thanks. I was thinking the same, but wanted to ask here. It will arrive today, so I will get a better look at it.
  2. Like the title thread says. Ive searched for info and couldn’t find anything. Has anyone seen a Berwick with a plumber’s neck? I have only seen them with a double bend shaft. I just purchased this one, and was curious. WRX seems the best place to ask. Thanks ahead of time.
  3. Like the topic says... I love my Spider Tour, but am thinking about getting rid of the white line down the middle, replacing it with a high gloss black. Anyone do this yet? Did you stick with it or go back to white? Thanks for the input.
  4. It is face-balanced and 1 shaft offset. The shaft is a single bend slant-joint hosel. Don’t know what all that’s supposed to mean...LOL. But ai do know that the shaft flows into the head. What I mean is that the shaft lines up perfectly with the top line/face. It’s an additional alignment aid. I will try to get a pic of it.
  5. Just received this beauty. I’ve always wanted one after getting to borrow one for a couple rounds. Hwy 101 #7 and in minty stock condition! IMO, best feel+roll from their line.
  6. Honestly, your choice of ball has a lot to do with this as well.
  7. Title says it all. What small modifications or adjustments have you made that made a huge impact, or changed your opinion of a putter? MY STORY: I acquired a two-ball fang awhile ago. Never used a two-ball anything before, so I figured I’d start to practice a few with it...as a backup. I loved how it sat & framed the ball. Very easy to align. But there was something missing, and felt like I was always struggling to find the middle of the face. So I put it in the basement. Then the COVID situation hit... I got to looking at it some more and remembered a few people had a line all the
  8. ????what cw1209 says. I made the switch from the SS grips. Ive been left hand low for a long time. Give the Golf Pride Tour Only Green a look. Fantastic grip at a great price point...and it will last. I really like the one on mine.
  9. Firmly in my bag. I love everything about them. I have played so many sets the last 5 years with these staying in my basement. Felt like I was chasing my tail. I’ve had enough of the rat-race. Put these back in, and I’m at peace with it. Mine are shafted with ZZ65 Cushins, and they produce as good of a feel as any of them. Others have commented about lasers...and that’s what these want to do. Best quality about the playability of these irons is the trajectory control...probably has something to do with the zz65’s in them. I realize they are not for everyone too. If they are not your s
  10. Firmly in my bag. ZZ65 cushins. I love everything about them.
  11. As said by others earlier, the advances in drivers, fairways, and Hybrids are easy to defend. Irons...it gets a little murkier. I still game these circa 1997 beauties. And they are going nowhere. I’m sure there are comparable irons out there that are “recent”. But I see no reason to switch them so I can attach a different yardage to the number on the sole. These, for me, are everything I could want in my scoring clubs. Consistency, workability (both vertically and left/right), and forgiveness. Last round was 73 for them. When my game is off, more times than not, it’s off the tee or a p
  12. Jaygolf37

    Ping putters

    This putter is more responsible for my improving handicap than anything purchased or worked on in the last 5 years. I love everything about this slate version. My misses are misreads...and that is an awesome level of comfort with a putter.
  13. That is exactly why I went with the Vault 2.0. I was dead set on getting a Sigma Series Tyne or Odyssey 7, or Ardmore, etc. The milled face, for me, meant far greater distance control and feel. The Sigma series almost felt mushy.
  14. I have no idea, other than to run to closest Ping dealer. Mine is not adjustable. I was fit for it when I purchased it.
  15. Congrats, man. I love mine. My misses are misreads...it’s a cool feeling.
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