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  1. Here you go. I like the darker color theme vs the Toulon. And, IMO, this insert is much better feeling than the newer ones.
  2. I thought I’d start an appreciation thread for the Indianapolis putter. Who all’s not afraid to speak about how their modernized Ug-le shaped, winged putter has helped their game? Anyone customized it? Mine (Slant-neck, non-SL, 33.75 inches) replaced a Spider Tour and my putting stats have not been better. And it goes with the current red and black themed bag! LOL
  3. This did...and I still can’t believe it. But the stats don’t lie. I’m down 1.2 strokes per from the fall. All due to this winged menace.
  4. Errant drives and elevation changes seem to plague me. Not my irons. They are what I rely on the most. Ping ISI BeNi with Z-Z65 shafts. Love everything about them.
  5. Yup. Bringing these back out for this year, and sold darn near everything else. BeNi’s. I love everything about them!
  6. Wait...isn’t the M.O.I. a measurement of something’s resistance to twisting...at impact? May or may not be harder to square up, but it’s what happens at impact that counts.
  7. I have both BeCu, and BeNi. The ones I posted above are my BeNi set. I did the black paint fill. Stole the look from Ping WRX. Looks great on the BeNi.
  8. One-Off or T-issue Taylor made TP Collection Berwick with L-neck. 365g. 68 lie + loft of 4 degrees. Length is 34 inches, but I grip down an inch on the SS+ grip. Weights give it a small amount of toe-hang.
  9. I’m gonna use this set this year. I prefer the looks of the BeCu version, but the BeNi feel better. I love everything about them!
  10. Got it on the 17th. I have it, and it is awesome. Still the only one I have ever seen (wouldn’t kill me if there was another out there). Great balance. I love unique sticks!
  11. Thanks. I was thinking the same, but wanted to ask here. It will arrive today, so I will get a better look at it.
  12. Like the title thread says. Ive searched for info and couldn’t find anything. Has anyone seen a Berwick with a plumber’s neck? I have only seen them with a double bend shaft. I just purchased this one, and was curious. WRX seems the best place to ask. Thanks ahead of time.
  13. Like the topic says... I love my Spider Tour, but am thinking about getting rid of the white line down the middle, replacing it with a high gloss black. Anyone do this yet? Did you stick with it or go back to white? Thanks for the input.
  14. It is face-balanced and 1 shaft offset. The shaft is a single bend slant-joint hosel. Don’t know what all that’s supposed to mean...LOL. But ai do know that the shaft flows into the head. What I mean is that the shaft lines up perfectly with the top line/face. It’s an additional alignment aid. I will try to get a pic of it.
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