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  1. Evening folks, Just started getting into ball markers and divot tools. Picked up my first 2 scotty cameron tools this week. Please show me your collections. Particularly Tyson Lamb and Scotty Cameron items
  2. Morning from the UK! Ive recently got really interested in the artisan/unique ball marker and bag tag area of accessories. I love the unique CNC stamped ball markers and the Tyson Lamb markers. Show me what youve got whether you just collect or actually use them on the course. Feel free to show your other cool bits (Pitch mark repairers etc) as well !
  3. Ok thanks guys, Anybody know any shops from UK that i can get some from at a decent price? Cheers
  4. Hi guys Just came accross this website, i live in Uk so Jordans are harder to get hold of, but they have every style i like? http://www.airjordanproshop.com/air-jordans-c-31.html Is it fake? What do you think! :)
  5. Haha, saw this on the forum on the other forum from the other side of the pond! :P Nice to see a fellow GM'er here!
  6. @ RJD [url="http://www.lefthandedgolf.co.uk/product_details/product_details.asp?prod_id=2398"]http://www.lefthandedgolf.co.uk/product_details/product_details.asp?prod_id=2398[/url] For us, they have gone from £480 to £350 so its a bargain here!!!
  7. Well i have booked an appointment with my pro for friday so.... I was reffering to the weight and feel btw, Thanks
  8. Hi, Looking for a little help! I am going to get my putter shortened... Can u get 2 inch removed without it making a large difference???! Maybe 1.5" My putter is a 35" cleveland vp2 milled Thanks!
  9. http://www.snaintongolf.co.uk/product/5855/mizuno-mp-68-forged-irons-clearance I know they are due to be replaced but this is a stunning deal!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I am looking at getting a cheap GPS system for UK. I have been looking at these 2 which i can get for under £120 http://www.goplanetgolfgps.co.uk/go-planet-mars-100-golf-gps/go-planet-golf-gps-mars-100 http://www.golf-plus.co.uk/product_caddylite.php I have heard very good things about the Go planet but i was wondering if anybody here has used either of these??? Thanks ! :)
  11. This is a sweet looking putter, and atm my putting is crap.... i could use a new flatstick to help!!!
  12. I cannot aford these clubs as a junior, so i would love to be able to try these wedges!!!
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