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  1. Yeah, there are two different chinese numerals on the sticker.
  2. The driver was ordered through my club, directly from adams. No ebay here.
  3. I have a Adams Speedline F11 10.5 degree driver, with a Matrix Xcon 6.1 stiff shaft, which I bought new. While regripping it recently, I discovered a label at the top of the shaft that says "NIKE CLUB". What do you guys think of this? Was it a nike shaft that was sold to adams? Why would Adams put a Nike shaft into a driver? Here's a picture.
  4. My Odyssey white hot #9. It was the first club that was purchased for me. It's gone through at least 5 grips and two shafts, although the face has fallen appart i'll never get rid of it.
  5. Never was fond of mp 37s. The soles were not the right fit for my swing.
  6. 25 dollars for my bobby grace fat lady swings
  7. I would like to see more upper and lower body turn and less swaying. Feel like you are turning your right pocket.
  8. I played and sold two sets. very solid.
  9. very cool! what torneys has stratton played in lately?
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