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  1. Any of the following colors please DM me Orange Peel Bubble Gum Peel Out Purple Sublime Lime
  2. On the market are immaculate set of Titliest 718 AP2 6-PW Tour-V stiff irons Pured by Golf Spec. These are combo'd with Titleist 718 AP3 4&5 iron NSPro 880 AMC stiff irons. Believed to be assembled direct from Titleist Tour Van. These were gamed less than 10 rounds then carefully stored away. Priced at $725. Willing to hear reasonable offers. I am best reachable via [email protected]
  3. Think I'll be able to save my money after catching a glimpse of this release. Cool if you are looking for these sorts of things though.
  4. Sheesh! Thats all I need to see, wonder how they feel. Just have to wait and see.
  5. Excited to hear your review, these look great! Weather is starting to turn, will need gear soon.
  6. Irons remind me of epons. Wonder if anyone on the tour are gaming these. . .
  7. Looks as tho oddessy and Bettinardi had a beautiful baby! Needless to say this man can flat out roll the rock.
  8. Wondering if you'd be open to trades? Have a combo set of 718 AP2's with Pured KBS Tour-V shafts P-6 combo'd with 4&5 AP3 Nippon 880 AMC stiff shafts.
  9. Hmmm alternates between newport and del mar which is toe heavy. Pretty wild when you think of how different they are.
  10. Sporting the TS3 whereas a lot of pros have moved on to the TSI series. Bag looks sharp!
  11. Interesting to see the mix in Lucas's bag. Got to see this man play in person and boy he is a PLAYER.
  12. Tommy's bag looks fire! Also like what he did with his wedges, representing England.
  13. If it ain't broke don't fix it huh DJ? Awesome looking set, irons are wicked.
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