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  1. they were pulled from another set of titleist irons. .355 tip size. standard length on the shafts and the grips are just your standard golf pride grips, not oversized or undersized. wish I could give you better details but the golf pride website literally lists them as "standard" size.
  2. Feel free to mix a set of shafts with the heads. The 6.0's are 1 time pulls and the 6.5's are 2 time pulls. All shafts are standard length and .355 tips. All heads are factory loft and lie. The heads only have 18 holes on them and zero range sessions. Not looking for any trades at this time. Feel free to make an offer in my DM's! Thanks!! Shipping CONUS ONLY! (seeing questions about the heads and "discoloration" on them, they're still wet from giving them a bath, will happily provide additional pics if asked) Project X 6.0 Shafts 3-9 iron length: $150 shipped Project X 6.5 Shafts 4-9 iron length: $150 shipped Titleist T100s 3 Iron Head Only: $150 Shipped Titleist T100 4-9 Iron Head Only: $800 Shipped if you want the 3-9 I'll do $900 shipped
  3. im a 3 handicap who switched from blades to the T100's and its amazing. I dont know if that counts or not but for me, taking that part of my ego out of the game, is very freeing.
  4. Looking to sell. Not interested in trade ins. Prices listed include shipping. Shipping only to lower 48 states. Would entertain serious offers only if you're looking to negotiate pricing. DM me if interested. Thanks for looking! Bettinardi Studio Stock #3 with a black finish. Plays 34" and has the Super Stroke GTR Tour grip on it. Original Head cover. I am the original owner. $230 SOLD Titleist T100 Irons 4-9. Standard Loft, Lie and Length. Project X 6.5 Iron Shafts. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Ribbed Grips (installed a month ago). $800 $725 SOLD
  5. Would rather sell to the good people here than list them on Ebay. Not looking for trades. Pricing includes Shipping! DM me with interest and offers. Scotty Cameron Select Newport w/ extra weight set and wrench. Plays 33.5". Original Grip. Headcover included. Shipping to lower 48 only. $275 Shipped ———— Sold KBS $ Taper 130 Shafts. 4- 9. One time pulls from Titleist T100s. Golf Pride grips in good shape. Standard Length. $175 Shipped
  6. I am looking to unload some Titleist 718 MB heads (5-P) and some Titleist 716 CB heads (3 & 4). They are listed as 3 separate offerings but I am willing to bundle. I am not interested in trades. DM me if interested or would like to make offers. Thanks! Titleist 718 MB Heads 5-P. Standard Loft and Lie. $300 Shipped. Lower 48 Only. (SOLD) Titleist 716 CB Head 3. Standard Loft and Lie. $75 Shipped. Lower 48 Only. Titleist 716 CB Head 4. Standard Loft and Lie. $75 Shipped. Lower 48 Only.
  7. get any offers on the 5.5? I have one ordered but its not arriving until August and im getting sick of waiting... what will it take?
  8. Looking to help these beauties find a new home. Titleist 716 TMB 3 iron 130x C Taper, standard length, loft and lie - sold Titleist 716 TMB 4 iron 130x C Taper, standard length, loft and lie - Sold Titleist 716 MB 5-P 130x C Taper, standard length, loft and lie - Sold * not really interested in trades. Shipping is to lower 48 only. PM me if interested or have questions! Thanks for browsing!
  9. standard length. Looking to unload these shafts. $200 shipped only acceptable trade is Project X 6.5 3-PW iron shafts. (This is preferred actually)
  10. Seems to be intermittent and I just put a new battery in it. It’s in really nice shape and hasn’t been abused at all.
  11. Well I would hope whomever bought the Bushnell was doing so with the notion that they would be able to tinker with it if they wanted. That’s why I was trying to be as upfront as possible.
  12. Leupold GX-1 Range Finder and carry case. $90 shipped - SOLD Bushnell Tour V2 and carry case. This one has been finicky. Worked fine for 16 holes the other day then wouldn’t turn on. Maybe a loose wire but I’m not comfortable taking it apart. Just wanted to give full disclosure. $75 shipped (or PM OBO) No trades please
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