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  1. All of your clubs need refinishing badly! Do not hesitate. Then post pics when they are finished.
  2. Golfworks has a 471/2" drill for $17.99. Do not try to carve around the pin. You will just make a mess of it.
  3. I suggest you post this in the clubmaking section. Howard Jones would be an excellent source to make suggestions for you.
  4. GOLFWORKS have an excellent line of epoxies. If you only do a few clubs at a time, HARDMAN are also excellent.
  5. Neat to see the SPALDING STORY. They were proud that they're the only ones to cut thru insert screws! YUCK
  6. Excellent step by step process deejaid. Original poster should able to do it. There are some very good vids on You Tube that may also help.
  7. Make shims out of aluminum cans. Also check Golfworks. They used to carry various adapters for this purpose.
  8. This is an easy repair. Soleplate is loose and should be reset. Reuse the shaft and you are ready to go. Lots of people on this site can fix it.
  9. Stixman very interesting method to repair a cracked head. Where do you get the West System Epoxy?
  10. Hi stixman, no problem squeezing epoxy into a neck crack. What is your method of epoxying a crack in the head?
  11. Neck cracks are repairable. When a crack goes down into the head it is toast. It would be a fun project to refinish the club and hang it on a wall.
  12. The insert is in decent shape. I suggest removing the ugly screw. I doubt that it was original. Clean the screw holes then fill them with black epoxy. You may want to replace all of the dowels.You can either put wood dowels where the screws were or leave them blank. I would not replace the screw holes with dowels. The insert and soleplate need to be removed and reset. The hard part of this project will be rescoring the face lines.
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