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  1. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. I played the g400max, with really good results, and the g410+ as well. I hit the pxg proto a little further, but more importantly more consistent and straighter! Didn't think I would ever say that about another driver coming from ping drivers!
  2. (1) 12.5g and (3) 2.5g. but pxg did tell me some of the first protos had a 15g instead if the 12.5
  3. Correct me if I am wrong. Didn't you use to play a pxg proto driver? If so, how would you compare it to the zx5? Thanks
  4. Just curious if anyone can recommend a low launch/ low spin driver shaft, but in the 50 gram range. Feel more comfortable with that weight of shaft. Naturally a high launch hitter, but when I drop the loft down on my driver setting I hit too many bad fades. I have my best strikes on my driver setting at 10.5(standard). Thanks!
  5. Just curious. You all are saying the rogue white is more like a blueboard, so then how would a tensei raw blue compare to the rogue white? Since it is suppose to be close to the blueboard. similar as well? Thanks
  6. Question. I just recently started trying a couple of different counterbalanced shafts in my driver, with stock standard grips. For some reason the standard size grips on the counterbalanced shafts feel larger? Is that because most, if not all, counterbalanced shafts are bulkier in the handle, or no taper in the handle? I always play standard size grips, but feel I could almost get away with undersized grips on these shafts(also have slightly smaller hands). Or is it just me. Thanks!
  7. Just got in a aldila rogue white to try in my proto+. Anyone try this shaft in the proto? Now, if this stupid snow in Oklahoma would hurry up and melt! I really don't know how you all that live up north and northeast US do it in winter! God bless you all!
  8. I also have a ping tour shaft for my g400 max, and I personally like the tour green better. Much better "feel" to me.
  9. The tour green is such a great shaft! I played it initially in a titleist 915, before I got the g400 max, play it, and a speeder evolution ii as well. Like you my g400 max and my g410+ were better than the g425 when I demoed it against them.
  10. A few years back I played the g400 max with a speeder evolution II 661 s. Had some of my longest drives of my life with it, and awesome dispersion. I went to a g410+, and switched adapters to play the speeder in the 410, but never had the same luck with it in the 410 as I did in the g400 Max. Currently messing with a pxg proto now, But still have the Max. My g400 max and titleist 910 D2 are 2 drivers I will never get rid of.
  11. Is that because the sft weight is slightly more(3gms), or just positioned further down in the heal?
  12. Do you think the g410+ would play the same as the g425 sft, if you put say a 20gm weight in the heal?
  13. Any one try the tensei raw orange 55 or hzrdus smoke black in the proto? Currently have a hzrdus smoke black 5.5 in a g410+ I played last year. hit it pretty good, but not great. still experimenting with the different weights, and wondering if a counterbalance shaft is better in the proto head. I have a rogue white 60s on the way to try. would also like to try a tensei raw orange or blue. Now if only the temperature will rise and melt all this stupid snow! Hate Winter!!
  14. 2nd swing actually has good deals on used clubs? Everything I have seen used from them is just as expensive as new!
  15. I ordered four weights about 3 weeks ago, I live in Oklahoma, and it took almost 2 weeks to get them. I ordered them online on a Sunday evening, and they didn't ship out till that Friday! To me, that's insane. That is something that should ship out within 1-2 days top!
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