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  1. Stilll gaming EPIC SZ... Have a couple of shafts... considering giving the Mavrik a try ... but current driver works pretty darn good... (PXG gang was at our club and I difinitely would not switch from EPIC SZ to a PGX - though I enjoyed sampling some different shafts that the fitter had)
  2. +1 on request for close-up pics of faces... (obviously we are trying to determine the condition)
  3. Kind of a dumb question, but i can't tell from the picture. What finish is on that Vokey wedge? It appears to be "Tour Chrome", not "Steel Grey"... can you confirm the finish color... Thanks
  4. Silly question: Does the Callaway 816 adapter work with Epic SubZero? (ie: is is the same adapter and/or 100% compatible?)
  5. Apparently it is raining nice putters in So Cal! :) I'll send you a pm with a couple of questions on the MA/66 and the Notchback... Luckily I don't have the 009 fever :)
  6. I am tempted by the Lajosi - but I have 10+ high end putters... need to do some selling :(
  7. I have seen this putter in person and it is very nice. In fact one of the locals that plays with us really ought to step up and buy it since he putts better with this putter than any of his various Camerons with plumbers necks. :)
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