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  1. Thought I'd check in and let you guys know the trip was a great success! My buddies enjoyed the courses. Appreciate all the advice! My course rankings: Grand Cypress New Course - I really enjoyed this entire complex but this course was just awesome. Great layout, great shape, just a fun day. Celebration - Liked it the last time I played and just as much this time! ChampionsGate CC - Although it was 50s, windy and rainy that day. Enjoyed the front nine better than the back but very nice new course. Waldorf - Tough course but really very nice. Falcon's Fire - They were overseeding so the conditions weren't the best. I did really like this course though.
  2. Thank you for the help. Now I have to get to the range and play some more rounds in the cold so I'm not super rusty for the trip. Ha!
  3. Well, looks like we are set. Thanks for all the advice. Thought I'd post the booked times for the trip. Good thing on Thursday is the Celebration time is the first tee time and the Falcon's Fire is the first tee time after a morning shotgun so the course should be empty to finish before dark. Really looking forward to these 99 holes! Wednesday Waldorf 12:05pm Thursday Celebration 7:08am Thursday Falcon's Fire 1:06pm Friday Grand Cypress - North - 9 Holes 8:33am Friday Grand Cypress - New - 18 Holes 11:18am Saturday Championsgate CC 9:42am
  4. Thanks again all! Looks like we are changing some courses up due to some feedback from a friend of a friend in the area and this thread. Really appreciate the responses though.
  5. Plans keep changing but we are set to be there Tues-Sunday. Only doubling up one day. Wed - Grand Cypress New Course Thurs - Waldorf - after noon for lower rate Fri - Magnolia in the morning, Palm in the afternoon - The guys didn't want to drive much between rounds. I know these are close together. Neither course has been mentioned in this thread. Thoughts on these? Good, bad, good shape? Saturday - Championsgate resort course - I think it's the national course? this may change but a friend was told it was a good course, good shape. I would rather play one of the other courses but I picked all the others so.....
  6. Thanks!! This is awesome info. We are actually staying a little longer and only doubling up two days. We decided we wouldn't be able to handle that many rounds. Haha! I spoke to someone at Grand Cypress and they recommended the two Disney courses Magnolia and Palm. Said they were both in great shape and easy to play 36. Thoughts on those two? Prices aren't bad either. Also, the championsgate courses I saw were national and international (I think those were the names. What is the country club course? Thanks again!
  7. So, I was given my parents week at the Marriott Grande Vista for the first week of December. Wife and kids can't go so I'm thinking of taking friends and making a 5 day golf trip. A few questions: Weather? I looked it up, saw high is usually low 70s that time of year so don't think it will be a problem. Can we get in two rounds per day with the shortened daylight (7am-5:30pm) and time for lunch or driving from course to course in between? Most important question: Any course recommendations? Since we aren't paying for the hotel we are not that worried about cost. Want to play some really nice courses. Maybe courses with 36 holes so we don't have to drive after the round. Can anyone get a foursome of 8-12 handicappers out on Bay Hill? LOL! Half kidding. Seriously though, any thoughts would be great! Thanks.
  8. 1) Evenings playing with my father when I was 13 years old 2) Playing with my 11 year old son now and watching him get his first par
  9. Best of luck this week Matt! I'm enjoying following along!
  10. That's awesome! Congrats on the great experience.
  11. Thanks for sharing! Good stuff. I'm glad to see Daly back on the course and seems to be in a good place personally. Pet peeve, when will people learn that it's so much better to turn the phone sideways when recording a video? Looks so much better.
  12. Great post and great job by the member hosting! I wish you the best of luck tomorrow and hope to watch you play on the big stage in the near future!
  13. 18th at my local course. 440, Par 4, dogleg right, approach shot is uphill. If I hit a straight drive I go into the driving range. If I hit something less than that I have about a 190-200 yard uphill approach shot to a small green surrounded by bunkers. I just never play this hole well. I have only parred it a few times and mostly bogey or double it. I birdied that focker today! Decided I would try to slice my driver around the corner and hit it perfect. Had 175 uphill left, plays about 190, hit a 6 iron to 6 feet and drained the putt. Birdied for the first time ever and I was so happy leaving the course even though I had a mediocre round overall.
  14. 42/41 = 84 Took a triple on a par 3. Ball in the water, knocked 3rd on, 3 putted like a jacka**. Pulled a drive deep into the woods on an easy par four and got a double. Sliced approach wedge into the water on a par 5 from a bad downhill and sidehill lie for a double. Other than those three shots I played pretty well.
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