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  1. Do you know if Fedex have a gps tracking system in the vans, if so and the driver was over the 20mph speed limit this could be used in a disiplinary hearing against the driver.
  2. 4 sets of adams a tour black, 3 sets of tm miura 2005 tp, 4 sets of tm 2004 tp cb.
  3. [quote name='THanson' timestamp='1318626458' post='3673641'] Speeder 757 would be a good choice. They can be found for pretty reasonable prices now too. [/quote] That`s the shaft I played when I was using the 904hb and a speeder 869 in the 3 wood.
  4. 6 weeks for a custom set of TM MB`s, x100 plus 1/2, so not that strange.
  5. TM hook up.Any tour pros from the UK have a hook up with the TM tour van. I`m looking for a set of TM 2011 mb`s with x100 and 1/2 inch over. TM is stating August before the order can be completed and I don`t really want to wait till then so this is my last hope. PM me if anyone can help, thanks.
  6. Is he nuts!!!!Don`t know were he gets his pricing from, possibly Mars!!Scotty
  7. My 6 iron swing speed is 93 and I was fitted for x100 so I would think no problem going to the 6.5.
  8. Thanks, now for the problem of finding one.
  9. Hybrid shaft.I have a 7a3 and 8a2, what would the corresponding shaft in a hybrid be?
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