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  1. currently it's "WEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" Seriously, after sit up, i'm just swinging easy and going for the ride. It relaxes me and counters my life long battle with tension in my swing. Been hitting a lot more straight and consistent lately with very few FAT misses.
  2. 919T was a little longer for me. And gave me more confidence coming from a players iron compared to the MP20. The feel, its nice, but it is not the same as the MP20 when flushed. To me it almost feels like the face/ Cavity "bends" around the ball or springy. If that makes sense. Probably in my head. But 25 rounds with mines and no complaints. No need to search for more in the 921.
  3. I don't know if this means anything. But the Tour B X is the first sleeve of balls that has lasted me many rounds. Like i haven't scuffed one up or i haven't lost one. I cant say i have shot the lowest scores, but the "not losing one" really stands out to me. What does that mean? because i seem to lose TP5's like its nobody's business. Also my swing speed is below the recommended number. But this ball feels perfectly fine to me.
  4. I have to travel to thousand oaks to work on putting and chipping. Sucks. That was the focal point of my improvement this year. smh
  5. North is great. I paid out of towner fee and wasn't mad. But if you can get a hold of a resident card, i think Torrey might be one of the best bang for the buck ever! It is a 2021 US OPEN site for christ sake!
  6. Rustic, Sand Canyon, Tierra Rejada, Los Robles, rancho park are my preferred rotation. With Sand Canyon (previously robinson ranch) being the hidden gem.
  7. I just played my first "Tour" venue course in Torrey Pines North. In my head i was more intimidated than it actually was overall. But one thing stood out. The greens. I mean they were faster than anything i have played and FIRM! you can hear the ball hit the green on the hole over from the tee box. Our whole group was thrown for a loop the front 9. Also the greens and pin placements made for some tricky reads for a 10 HDCP group. I have heard on Tournament days the greens are really fast. If they are faster than i experienced, i just would hate life. lol Going back to play Torrey South in 2
  8. I wanted another P790 as my backup set, and for longer tracks i play (i want the added distance) BUT THESE P770 WILL NOW BE IN MY BULLSEYE FOR THE HOLIDAYS!
  9. Best clubs I have ever owned. I was intimidated with all this “they are close to blades not as forgiving” talk. But for me coming from Nike VPC’s and P790 taylor makes they were a cake walk to hit. Great turf interaction. just get the right shaft for you in them. I believe that’s a big part of it. For me it was the notorious modus 120. Easiest iron shaft I have ever played.
  10. Pretty fun. As I’m a career car industry guy. with that said. I’m gonna go for Mizuno/Porsche. Both: classic Design (MP = 911) Cult following. Has a distinct “feel”. Almost praised and worshipped by those who own them. And once you get one you seem to stick with owning them forever.
  11. jpx919 Tour. I took some of the bounce out (stronger lofts), and was concerned. But after my first round, no issues at all. Best clubs i have owned.
  12. I am trying to get down to one ball in my bag. Then one ball in my garage. It's going to be a process. I have a huge stash of nike rzn tour and platinum black and about 6 of them stay in my ball as back ups.
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