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  1. So my net setup stops the ball just fine, but being in the garage the balls will hit the concrete once stopped by the net and will bounce/roll toward the garage door given the slight back to front slope of the floor. Any ideas how how to stop that or help them stay at the base of the net?
  2. Looking for a liveview setup, prefer with remote. Shipped to east coast. LMK what you've got thanks.
  3. Specifically 50F, 54F, 58D, prefer the jet black color but open to others. Shipped to east coast. Would only be interested in shafted clubs if there are KBS 125 s+ or possibly 130x
  4. ive got a set of 10 JMX XLs avail
  5. 10 doz ordered for me, haven't played them at all so got 5 doz Black and 5 doz X.
  6. I use a 50/54/58. The 54 is an F with 14* and the 58 is a D with 12*. I think it's a great combination given the drastically different sole designs and allows me to really hit any shot out of any condition. It's also forced me to improve my short game; meaning I can now hit similar shots with either, using slightly different technique to account for the different grinds. I have considered going to more low/middle bounce options now that my new home course is quite firm, but I haven't really had any issues hitting shots, or full shots, with 14 degrees.
  7. Where do I sign up to receive emails?
  8. So the pricing is just to lower a single dozen to the price typically found in the 5-doz pack? Just want to make sure I'm seeing things correctly.
  9. Is there a typical black friday deal?
  10. Send to @J13 does great work at very good pricing, also pretty sure he plays the 410 so is very familiar
  11. Get a nice deal here - save on tax/shipping, and a few bucks per grip. All grips in original plastic, unopened etc. Will likely ship USPS. $130 shipped CONUS. Would entertain trades, but not really interested in any clubs. PM with questions.
  12. Can anyone provide details on measurement from an end of a TM Sim tip to a point on the graphics on a shaft that has not been tipped?
  13. I mean that literally air with higher humidity is less dense. 65 degrees with 75% RH is less dense than 65 degrees with 50% RH
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