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  1. Folks - looking for some quality indoor putting and/or chipping turf to lay in my utility room. It currently has 1950s tile that I would like to cover with carpet, and I might as well cover it with some golf turf. It doesn't necessarily have to be green (not sure wife will be thrilled with green). The space is approximately 12'x40', or about 500 square feet. The space it's perfectly rectangle, and there are some built-ins, so I would have to cut some areas out. I don't think I'm looking for a full-professional install. I'd be doing it myself, but am not opposed to some sort of sub-
  2. I've hit them all and Srixon 785 has been the softest
  3. I've tried them all, and powerbeats pro are the best for golf. Can play 54 holes without having to recharge the case, just leave it in my bag and they are always good to go. The buds them self can easily last 36 holes without a charge. They are 10x better than my airpods in pretty much everyway.
  4. They would post testing numbers, but if you asked what the tipping/measurements were for the testers they tried to get you to PM them and they paypal them $40 for a consultation. LMAO.
  5. Can anyone comment on the nike golf cardigan, specifically on the material? I like the look but am concerned what if I wore one while carrying it would fray quicky due to dual shoulder straps.
  6. My favorite is when a NPOR can't be right because the guy says there's a tree/bush/whatever in the way of his swing.
  7. Ditto on 2019 masters, on patio of my club overlooking lake, nice cigar, watching on my phone.
  8. Any updates? How has the Carbon been treating you? Considering it vs the Hoofer lite and SM 2.5 as you were.
  9. Can anyone share thoughts on what speeds with colored sticks generally equate to for actual club head speed? IE if I want to hit real life CHS fo 130, what do I need to work towards for the sticks?
  10. https://www.travismathew.com/Cuater/Golf-Shoes/Spiked/THE-LEGEND/p/4MR214_1WHT_
  11. Anyone share comments on starting this off being relatively high-speed already? Meaning 115-118mph driver speed already. Thanks.
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