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  1. Are the TM carry numbers similar to what you experience on course?
  2. Maxfli Tour X is best ball I have played when on sale. BOGO deal last year was unreal. Wish I had ordered more. Since their deals have either gone away or are considerably more $ now, I went with Snell during black friday for the 2021 season.
  3. The dude is in surgery, they haven't taken a blood panel or gotten it back yet. If the LAPD says the are not, it doesn't mean they will not. Semantics maybe but words mean things.
  4. TMZ typically has very credible sports reporting, actually
  5. Wife texted me the news and I immediately thought to myself.....he looked high out of his mind on Sunday. Hope he wasn't driving while intoxicated again.
  6. Are you using a national brand or local?
  7. Is it me or is the new 58 degree 35.5? Aren't they measured from the middle of the sole?
  8. I'm only speculating here, but I would expect a lot of variance in demo sets. Different boxes, maybe non-final graphics. Not 10/10 for fit and finish. Really tough to tell. Best way may be to hit balls side by side with one you know to be real. I suspect you'd be able to hear and feel if there is a start difference.
  9. Is there a logo on the top of the cardboard box? Most TM clubs I've gotten right from them have the company logo - demo sets may not, I guess. The other thing that struck me, they spelled TaylorMade as two words on the label. Most of their corporate literature has it as one word. Don't know if that's normal or usual, but stuck out to me.
  10. The same guys who care about this topic, repeatedly posted, created it, and/or will create more in the future wrt brooks, or bryson, or preed are very likely the same guys who watch Bravo with their wives.
  11. Most good players hit from the inside and it's difficult to hit a slice from there. Very easy to hit a hook from the same slot.
  12. If you get good enough, only then will realize how trash you actually are at golf. Once I got to scratch I really began to understand how dogsh*t I really was, and still am.
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