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  1. have the 40" if anyone interested
  2. Looking for one with stock grip. LMK what youve got
  3. Probably sell mine if anyone is interested
  4. Got mine delivered today. Definitely weird. I suspect there will be a lot on the BST because people ordered the wrong length. I don't think the +6 inches will work across the board. I went with a 40 but probably should have the 39. Lie angle is also off for me. I've never used anything but a traditional putter so it feels super foreign. Ball position will have to change. Grip change. Posture change. I did get some good rolls after just a few putts though.
  5. I have 10 or so of the JMX XL if anyone is looking
  6. FEDEX is dog s***. I specifically asked evnroll to ship via UPS....but they didnt/wouldnt.
  7. I may not directly check the thread - best way to reach me with questions is via pm. 1) EVNROLL ER1.2 34" standard grip. Tiny nick on rear edge but otherwise in great shape. Shaft cut hole in the end of grip but doesn't bother me so haven't replaced. Comes with stock headcover - missing the marker. $230 obo 2) EVNROLL ER1TS 34" gravity grip. Fantastic condition, no nicks to speak of. Comes with stock headcover - non-marker version. $230 obo. $400 for the pair
  8. How do you know the groove you found was a correct and appropriate fix, and not a band-aid to cover a swing fault(s)? Pretty easy to cover up swing errors on the range with other errors.
  9. Euro Tour James Du Preez is 6'9" and looks like he's swinging about 60% when he's piping it 350. He isn't winning tournaments, but eventually someone that size will be. Similar to Zdeno Chara in hockey etc
  10. Anyone have aftermarket weights they aren't using and are willing to give up?
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